The pieces are starting to fall into place on The Wheel of Time. In “Daes Dae’mar,” all eyes are on Falme as the Aes Sedai make moves to gain the upper hand before the Last Battle.  A lot happens in this episode. Let’s go!

20 years ago … Moiraine (Rosamund Pike) and Siuan (Sophie Okonedo) were celebrating the end of the war with the Aiel when Gitara Sedai (Hayley Mills) had her vision about the Dragon Reborn. In the visions, she saw the Dragon reborn. She also felt the pain of the birth. Gitara told Moiraine and Siuan specifically to find the Dragon Reborn and prepare the world to follow before she died at the exact same time that Rand’s mother died.


Moiraine comes face to face with Siuan, the Amyrlin Seat in Cairhien. Siuan is upset that Moiraine didn’t tell her that she was stilled or that she found the Dragon Reborn. She wants to meet Rand (Josha Stradowski) to see for herself. Elsewhere Lan (Daniel Henney) prepares Rand to meet the Amyrlin Seat. Rand is more annoyed than nervous.  When he meets the Amyrlin Seat, she is more interested to know if he can control his power. He can’t and that disappoints her. Rand figures out real quick that the Amyrlin Seat already made up her mind about him. She shields him. She plans to proclaim him as the Dragon Reborn to show that he is under the control of the Aes Sedai. 

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Moiraine faces Lan and blames him for messing up her plans for Rand. He in turn asks one question. Since being stilled, has Moiraine ever thought about killing herself. She gets angry and says the thought never crossed her mind. She only concerned with protecting Rand. Moiraine says Lan put them all in jeopardy by telling Siuan about the boy. Lan raises his voice and says she can’t do this by herself. She will need to trust someone at some point. If it’s not him, he thought she would trust Siuan. 

Moiraine checks on Rand and find him shielded by the Amyrlin Seat. She tells Siuan  to release Rand, but Siuan is disappointed with Moiraine. She says Moirain was supposed to find the Dragon Reborn and protect him. She can’t do that if she’s stilled. They have to change their plans and that includes declaring Rand the Dragon Reborn the next day. She has 14 sisters with her to show that he is under the Aes Sedai control and will prepare him for what’s to come.


Lanfear (Natasha O’Keeffe) takes Mat (Dónal Finn) to Falme as a gift for Ishamael (Fares Fares). Ishamael doesn’t toy with Mat but instead offers him tea. He says the tea will show Mat who he truely is. He will see his past lives and his true self from his soul. Mat drinks the tea and sees his mother. His mother tells Mat not to be like ‘him.’ Mat looks in a mirror and sees himself as a killer. He turns into his mother and someone hold him. He looks up to see his own face smiling back at him and screams.

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Ishamael returns and comforts Mat who is mumbling. The Forsaken One says they keep leaving these lives, trying again and again … for what? The Wheel turns and people hurt. Even with the freedom of death, they just come back again and again. All Ishamael wants is to close his eyes one day and never have to open them again. Mat asks how.

Nynaeve (Zoë Robins) and Elayne (Ceara Coveney) are getting familiar with the city. Nynaeve wants to storm the castle to rescue Egwene, but Elayne says they will do things her way now by first finding Loial (Hammed Animashaun). Nynaeve finds Loial and asks about Perrin (Marcus Rutherford). He confirms that Perrin escaped and immediately bows when he sees Elayne. Loial informs them that Egwene is being held in the kennels. No one but the Sul’dam can get near the place though. Seanchan soldiers walk by, so they have to part. Nynaeve promises they will get Loial out of Falme. 

The Wheel of Time Season 2 –
Xelia Mendes-Jones (Renna) CR: Jan Thijs/Prime Video. Copyright Amazon Content Services LLC and Sony Pictures Television LLC

Egwene (Madeleine Madden) continues her training with Renna (Xelia Mendes-Jones). The Sul’dam take their damanes to the desert to display their full power. This training exercise is more for the Sul’dam’s benefit than it is for the damane. They have to learn to use the damane’s power. Renna warns Egwene not to embarrass her. The damanes are powerful. When it’s Egwene’s turn, Renna encourages her to shine brighter than the others. She instructs her to create an explosion of air. When Egwene release her power, the explosion literally blows away the other Sul’dam. The impact is so powerful, the people in the city hear and feel it. 

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Verin (Meera Syal) asked the librarian Yasicca (Katie Leung) to find an Oiger map of Cairhien in the royal library. The other sisters watch her closely as they all gather in the courtyard near the Damodred home. Ihvon (Emmanuel Imani) states that he doesn’t trust Verin. He sees Verin’s warder Tomas (Heikko Deutschmann) walk away and volunteers to follow him. At first, Alanna (Priyanka Bose) says no, but Maksim (Taylor Napier) agrees with Ihvon and she agrees. Maksim is more worried about the whereabouts of Liandrin (Kate Fleetwood) who is nowhere to be found.

Perrin, Hopper and Aviendha (Ayoola Smart) come across two of Aviendha’s people. They have just buried one of their own. Aviendha uses sign language to talk to her people. They take off their packs and weapons and stand away from Perrin and Hopper. Without warning, the two Aiels start beating up Aviendha. Perrin starts to jump in, but they tell him to stay back. Later, Perrin asks Aviendha about the fight. She explains that the woman who was buried was killed because of her. She had to atone for it and make things right. The other Aiel stops and stares. There is water in the middle of the desert and they are all confused. On the other side of the water is Falme.

Rand and Moiraine are taken to a cell in the palace. Leane Sedai (Jennifer Cheon Garcia) shields Rand from the One Power. Moiraine found out that Rand was leaving when Lan found him. She asks where he was going. He tells her that Ishamael has Egwene in Falme. He knows that the Forsaken want him to go there. They want everyone to know who he is before they kill him. But! If they need him in Falme, they wouldn’t like that he’s being held prisoner by the Amyrlin Seat. Rand enters the dream world to ask Lanfear for help. She already knows he’s being held captive and that Moiraine is with him. She plays with him, telling him to ask Moiraine to help. He plays back saying maybe he will, both of them knowing Lanfear will help him escape the Aes Sedai.  Immediately after, Lanfear shows up in Cairhien, setting the village on fire.

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Liandrin disappeared into the Damodred home to have tea with Anvaere (Lindsey Duncan) and Barthanes (Will Tudor). Anvaere thinks she’s waiting for Moiraine, but she’s not. She stares at Barthanes as he asks his mother to leave the room. He says he needs to speak with Liandrin on royal business. After she leaves, Liandrin reveals she is there to deliver an order from their master. The Dark One orders Barthanes to remove Moiraine from the board … immediately. And if his mother suspects anything, remove her too. Anvaere is in a secret room and hears everything. 

Later, Barthanes goes to a cell in the palace to kill Moiraine. He is led to an empty cell and Anvaere appears. She closes the cell door on him before he can get out. Barthanes says he only turned to the Dark One to raise their family status. He tries to tell his mother that Moiraine doesn’t care about her. She will leave and never give another thought about Anvaere. Anvaere says she knows that, but Moiraine understands two things. The difference between right and wrong. And how hard it is to do what is right. Barthanes begs her to not tell the Queen, but she already has. Anvaere leaves and soldiers arrive to guard the door.

The Wheel of Time Season 2 -Daniel Henney (Lan Mandragoran) CR: Jan Thijs/Prime Video. Copyright Amazon Content Services LLC and Sony Pictures Television LLC

Lan visits Logain (Álvaro Morte) in the hospital. He offers Logain a key to his cell if he answers a question. What does Logain see when he looks at Moiraine? He says he sees thousands of strands weaved around her, tied into a knot, but nothing is channeled through the strands. Lan starts to leave, but fails to give Logain the key. He says Logain will be taken to the Tower, where the Brown sisters will study him. 

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Nynaeve and Elayne track down a Sul’dam. Nynaeve stops the Sul’dam and shows her the cuff on her arm. Before the Sul’dam can say anything, Nynaeve puts the a’dam on her. Elayne then hits the Sul’dam over the head, knocking her out.

Renna comes to Egwene to wash her arms. She says she knows why Egwene fights back. It’s because no one told her why the Seanchan are there. The Seanchan Empress has one charge – to unite every person on the planet under the light. The Last Battle is coming and they can only fight if they stand together. Egwene quietly tells Renna that she will kill her. 

While Lanfear burns the city, Verin runs to Rand’s cell to replace Leane. As soon as Leane leaves, Verin lets go of her shield, releasing Rand. She leads them to the courtyard where Tomas is waiting. Verin says there is a waygate near the city. She gives them the Oiger map of the city to find it. Moiraine plans to go to Falme to Toman Head, where the Dragon Reborn is prophesied to reveal himself. They meet Lan in the courtyard and he leads them to the waygate.

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The Amrylin Seat and her trusted sisters link up to put out the fires around Cairhien by making it rain. Leane Sedai arrives to help, revealing Verin’s betrayal and Rand’s escape. The Amyrlin Seat says the boy must not be allowed to leave the city and leaves to find them.

Lan tells Moiraine that she is still connected to the One Power. He asks Rand to look at her with the One Power. Rand sees a knot tied around her. Lan says Rand has to cut it. Rand channels, creating a sword. The knot is located on Moiraine’s chest. He cuts the knot and Moiraine immediately feels the One Power. She thanks them both and Lan apologizes for taking so long to do his duty.

Lan and Rand watch Moiraine open the waygate. They don’t see the Amyrlin Seat walk up behind them and throw a shield on Rand. Siuan is angry, thinking that Moiraine lied to her about being stilled. She orders Moiraine to close the gate. Moiraine won’t do it, so Siuan forces her but using the oath Moiraine swore on the oathrod to obey the Amyrlin Seat. Moiraine closes the gate and is upset that Siuan would use her oath against her. 

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Lanfear arrives and tosses Siuan to the side, hurting her badly. Lan moves to defend Moiraine and he is also tossed to the side. Lanfer moves to attack Moiraine and Rand stops her. He says Lanfear won’t touch the Aes Sedai if she wants his help. Lanfear says he grows to be more like Lews every day. Lanfear opens the gate. Siuan watches from the ground, calling out to Moiraine. Lan also calls to Moiraine and the four of them enter the waygate.


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