The Dark is gathering strength on The Wheel of Time. In “Damane” Ishamael (Fares Fares) sets his plans in motion as Lanfear, aka Selene (Natasha O’Keeffe), pursues Rand (Josha Stradowski) and Moiraine (Rosamund Pike).


All eyes are on Falme as High Lady Suroth (Karima McAdams) returns with the newly sworn Loial (Hammed Animashaun) and Ingtar (Gregg Chilingirian). But High Lord Turak (Daniel Francis) is not happy with her. He doesn’t approve of the attack on Atuan’s Mill because it’s too far from Falme. He punishes High Lady Suroth by cutting off her fingernails and barring her from the court’s council until she is presentable. The guards take High Lady Suroth away. Ishamael stays behind to present High Lord Turak with a gift. Padan Fain (Johann Myers) sets a box in front of the High Lord and inside is the Horn of Valere. High Lord Turak says with the horn, the whole world will be theirs.

Later, High Lady Suroth blames him for her punishment, but she also needs him to kill High Lord Turak and take over. Ishamael says that will plunge them into a civil war. Suroth reminds him that he needs her army to win his war. He reminds her of why she turned to the dark and she apologizes. Ishamael assures her that they will in the Last Battle with the Dragon on their side. He also says he has a gift for her.

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Rand and Moiraine continue to run away from Lanfear. Moiraine comes up with an idea to throw her off their trail. They appear to run away on horseback, but Lanfear is right behind them. Moiraine pays the horse owner to run her horses on the road to the White Tower while she and Rand go back to Cairhien. Unfortunately, Lanfear catches the owner and sews her mouth shut.

Rand is confused, so Moiraine has to explain that he didn’t defeat the Dark One at the Eye of the World. That man was actually the Dark One’s strongest lieutenant and the leader of the Forsaken, Ishamael. He released Lanfear and if he releases the other Forsaken, they will not win the Last Battle.

Moiraine and Rand cannot go to sleep. Lanfear was famous for two things: her cruelty and mastering the world of dreams. Moiraine says Lanfear can hurt Rand just as badly in the dream world as she can in the real world. They return to Cairhien and Rand meets Lady Anvaere (Lindsey Duncan), again and her son Barthanes (Will Tudor). Barthanes is preparing for his wedding to the queen, which he fully expects Moiraine to attend. 


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Perrin (Marcus Rutherford) decides to leave Elyas (Gary Beadle) and the wolfpack behind, despite Elyas’ protests. He wants to find  Loial and Ingtar. He heads back toward Atuan’s Mill and discovers that the White Cloaks have taken over the town. They chased out the Seanchan, but made things worse for the townspeople. Perrin meets Dain Bornhald (Jay Duffy), who saves him from an Aiel girl in a cage. Shortly after, he discovers Bornhald is a white cloak, traveling with Eamon Valda (Abdul Salis).

Valda is very interested in questioning the Aiel girl. Perrin decides to release the girl so she escapes Valda’s “questioning.” But the Bornhald catches them before they can run. Perrin and the girl, Aviendha (Ayoola Smart) have to fight their way out of Atuan’s Mill. They kill the White Cloaks they encounter except one … Bornhald. Perrin spares his life.  

Aviendha is from the Nine Valleys sept of the Tarrdad Aiel. They live in the Waste, but she calls it the Threefold Land. A shaping stone to make them, a testing ground to prove their worth and a punishment for the sin. She came to this realm to find their chief of chiefs. Now she will go where Perrin goes because he saved her life.

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Verin (Meera Syal) arrives in Tar Valon and immediately starts asking about Egwene (Madeleine Madden) and Nynaeve (Zoë Robins). However, Liandrin (Kate Fleetwood) took Egwene, Nynaeve and Elayne (Ceara Coveney) through the Waste to Falme. Nynaeve realizes she was being recruited for the Dark One. She vows never to turn to the dark, but Liandrin says even Nynaeve has a price. 

Verin discovers the girls are gone and asks Sheriam (Rima Te Wiata) about them. Sheriam checks her sign out book and discovers that the girls accompanied Elayne to Caemlyn. Upon further investigation, Verin discovers that Sheriam’s entry, approving the girls trip, was made by compulsion. That means the Dark Ajah is real. Her next step is to find out which sisters left the Tower recently and to find out where they went.


Liandrin opens the gates to Falme and delivers the girls to High Lady Suroth. She is fully aware what will happen to the girls. High Lady Suroth will collar them and control them. Liandrin is disgusted with how women who can channel are treated. Suroth says they believe that those not born with the ability to channel should have the same opportunity. They train girls, known as the Sul’dam to use the One Power and collar them to control them. Suroth hopes one day to collar Liandrin. Liandrin hopes to one day see Suroth kneel before her.

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Just before Liandrin goes back into the Waste, she wakes the girls and unties their bonds with the One Power. Nynaeve is still bound, so she can’t use her powers. Elayne can and she creates a diversion, giving them a chance to run. The Sul’dam go after the girls and are able to capture Egwene. 

Verin finds Liandrin who has proof she was in a village, looking for a man who can channel. Verin mentions that Egwene and Nynaeve are with Elayne in Caemlyn. Liandrin just happened to hear a rumor that a royal caravan was attacked near Caemlyn. She acts concerned, saying the girls are worth more than gold, but Verin knows Liandrin is lying. 


Anvaere asks Moiraine what kind of trouble she’s in, knowing Moiraine won’t tell her. All Moiraine says is that Rand needs protection and she’s not sure she can give it to him. And there’s a chance that Anvaere and Barthanes will get caught in the middle. Anvaere reminds Moiraine of some advice she gave her. She said if something is upsetting you, or making you afraid, ask yourself a simple question. Is it true? Does Moiraine know without any doubt that Rand needs her protection. That advice gives Moiraine an idea.

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Elayne and Nynaeve go into the city. High Lady Suroth sends her soldiers out to find them. Elayne wants to lay low, but Nynaeve is ready to run back to the gates to find Egwene. While they bicker, someone grabs them. He takes them to a safe place and is later revealed to be a warder for a Yellow Aes Sedai named Ryma (Nyokabi Gethaiga).


Lanfear visits Ishamael in his dreams while she waits for Rand to go to sleep. They talk about how Rand found out who Lanfear is. Whether or not Lanfear will betray Ishamael. And why their master woke him first. It’s because Ishamael actually believes in the dark. He believes the only way to stop the suffering is to break the wheel. 

Ishamael asks about Rand. Lanfear says Rand is softer than his predecessor. He takes no pride in his birthright and rejects his own power. Lanfear knows Ishamael has Egwene and Nynaeve. He plans to use them, Mat and Perrin against Rand to force him to join the Dark. He ask what Rand will do when he sees that his friends are lost. Lanfear says he will break. 

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Ishamael is awakened and summoned by High Lord Turak. Turak is suspicious of Ishamael, but the Horn of Valere puts Isamael in the High Lord’s favor. Turak says Ishamael can ask one thing of him. Ishamael asks that he receive High Lady Suroth’s gift in good faith. High Lady Suroth arrives before High Lord Turak, with Egwene. Suroth describes Egwene as a novice with more power than they’ve seen for a very long time. They collar Egwene to tame her. Suroth raises her hand and the one power is drawn from the collar, hurting Egwene and making her kneel. 


Moiraine tells Rand that they are staying in Cairhien. She says Rand and Lanfear spent a lot of time together. If Lanfear was going to hurt him, she would have done it by now. Moiraine wants to know what Lanfear wants with Rand. Rand thinks she wants to be with him. And he says some of what happened between them was real. 

Moiraine tells him more about Lanfear. Lanfear was in love with the Dragon Reborn and he loved her, before he met his wife. She turned to the dark after he broke her heart, swearing her allegiance to get the Dragon back. Moiraine asks Rand to go to sleep and let Lanfear enter his dreams. She asks him to pretend to be in love with her, but she won’t force him to do it. If he does, she will stay in the room. If he appears to be in pain, she will wake him up. Rand lays in bed and quickly falls asleep. In his dreams he is in the desert, tied to a wheel. Lanfear sits before him on a throne. She finally got him. 

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