The group is separate and danger lurks everywhere on The Wheel of Time. In “A Place of Safety, ” Lan (Daniel Henney) races to get Moiraine (Rosamund Pike) to safety. Perrin (Marcus Rutherford) and Egwene (Madeleine Madden) meet a group of interesting people, while Mat (Barney Harris) and Rand (Josha Stradowski) encounter another dark servant. 

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The night the trollocs invaded Nynaeve’s (Zoë Robins) village, they dragged her to the woods. She witnessed one of the trollocs kill an injured trolloc and eat it. Nynaeve got up and ran to the sacred pool. The trolloc followed her to the pool where Nynaeve tricked the trolloc and killed it. 

She caught up to Moiraine  and Lan. Lan tells her that the Dark One is after her friends. He left them behind to protect Moiraine He asks Nynaeve to help Moiraine. Lan tries to disarm Moiraine and he has to knock her out to stop her from killing him.

Mat and Rand walk through the mountains and find a township. They go to the inn and order food. While there they meet a gleeman who steals their money. They have to work for a room at the inn. The barmaid, Dayna (Naana Agyei Ampadu) gives the work, but Mat isn’t into it.

Egwene and Perrin encounter a pack of wolves. While they rest they decide to go to the White Tower. Perrin knows Rand would go there becasue he thinks Egwene would go there too.  The wolves chase them towards a set of tracks. The wolves watch as the duo tries to find who made the tracks. 

Lan tied Nynaeve to a tree while he nurses Moiraine. He carefully gives Nynaeve a drink of water. Nynaeve will only help if Moiraine takes her to her friends. Or Moiraine will die. Lan releases her and Nynaeve gathers herbs while he watches her. He wants to know how she found them. Nynaeve doesn’t answer. She mixes medicine and puts it on Moiraine’s wound. She says the poison in Moiraine’s system is like nothing she’s seen before. Lan leaves, making Nynaeve nervous to be alone with Moiraine. 

Egwene and Perrin come upon a foggy area. Perrin is afraid something bad will happen to Egwene and offers to go in first. Egwene knows this is about Laila and says it’s not his fault. They will go in together. They encounter a group of people who ask if they know the song. A young man steps forward to tell them the answer.  Their leaders are Ila (Maria Doyle Kennedy) and Raen (Narinder Samra).They take Perrin and Egwene to their village to feed them and provide warmth. 

They are the Tuatha’an, the Traveling people. The young man’s name is Aram (Daryl McCormack). He teases them saying they are the ones who steal people’s gold and children. He asks if they’ve heard of the tinkers. Ila says their fires are open to all for as long as they need them. 

Dayna tells Rand that he’s cut enough wood. She takes him to a room where they can sleep. She assumes the two men are together, but Rand says he could do better if he wanted a man. He shares a drink with her to thank her. 

Lan races against time to save Moiraine

Daniel Henney as Lan Mondragoran in The Wheel of Time. Image: Amazon Prime

Lan rides to a cliff and looks around. Nynaeve checks Moiraine’s wound. Lan returns and says he found what he was looking for and asks if Moiraine can ride.Nynaeve says the medicine will work for a few hours but she’s not sure beyond that. Moiraine opens her eyes for a moment.

Later that night, Mat goes the gates of the town where a dead man lies in a cage. The gleeman, who’s name is Thom Merrilin (Alexandre Willaume) won’t let Mat distrub the body. He’s there to bury it. Mat says he needs money to get home. He has a family to take care of. Thom allows him to take what he wants off the body but Mat has to help bury the corpse.

Rand and Dayna keep talking. She tries to kiss him and he pulls away from her. She thinks she tried too hard and reminded him of Egwene. Rand is scared that she knows who Egwene is. He tries to get his sword, but Dayna is closer. She’s waiting for Mat because she needs him too. Rand turns and starts banging on the door.

Mat and Thom bury the corpse. Mat says now that they are acquaintances he asks for his money back. Thom gives back the purse. He tells Mat to take care before leaving. 

Mat keeps pushing. Dayna says the door is too heavy and he can’t break through. Rand keeps pushing and eventually breaks down the door. He runs to the bar and sees Mat. They both run from Dayna.  She runs through a shortcut through town to catch up with the two.

Dayna sees the five prospective Dragons in her dreams. She wants to take Mat and Rand to the dark one so people will remember her name. Rand asks if she’d let the Dark One kill them. Dayna says the Dark One doesn’t want to kill them. She says the Aes Sedai want to kill them. The dark one want them to save the world. The wheel keeps turning and people keep getting hurt. The dragon has the chance to change everything and break the wheel to make it stop. She called one of the eyeless and it’s on it’s way. They can’t outrun a fade.

Thom throws a dagger at Dayna, killing her. He heard everything. They need to leave, but Rand says they won’t go with him. He’s going east and fast. They agree to go. Rand retrieves his sword. Daya’s blood gushes out and darkness swims through it.

Lan takes Moraine and Nynaeve to meet up with the Aes Sadei.  Liandrin (Kate Fleetwood) greets them. She says Moiraine is too late. The Aes Sedai are transporting a man sitting in a cage who claims to be the Dragon Reborn.

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