• The Watchers trailer tells the unsettling tale of strangers trapped in an Irish forest by terrifying unseen creatures.
  • Dakota Fanning stars in the film debut of Ishana Shyamalan, the daughter of thriller master M. Night Shyamalan.
  • The Watchers is just one entry in a year of creative output from the Shyamalan clan.

Sometimes creepy runs in the family. But that’s not always a terrible thing. Case in point, The Shyamalan Clan, who are bringing us some big scares this year, including The Watchers from 23-year-old Ishana Shyamalan.

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Caged Birds… and People

The trailer for The Watchers starts with a classically deadpan Dakota Fanning watching her pet parrot in its cage (not the last we’ll see) and telling her pet that she’s going out and to “try not to die”. Underscored by Sinead O’Connor’s “Never Get Old” (which truly does never get old) we see the young woman put on a wig and hit the bars. It’s unclear what she’s up to, but it doesn’t look healthy.

The next thing we know she and her bird are stranded in a creepy Irish forest where very creepy things immediately begin to happen. After running from an unseen, though not unheard, terror, the woman stumbles on a house in the woods and is told that she has five seconds to get inside before the door is sealed.

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What follows is the revelation that Ms. Fanning’s character has just joined several other strangers trapped in the house, which is itself a kind of cage created by the creatures who come every night to watch them. Creatures who see all while remaining unseen themselves. Which is maybe okay, because we’re told that anyone who does manage to peep them always dies.

A Debut

The Watchers is the debut film of Ishana Shyamalan, the 23-year-old daughter of M. Night Shyamalan. She also adapted the screenplay from the novel by A.M. Shine. Shyamalan’s previous directorial work has been on the small screen with six episodes of The Servant. Along with Fanning, the film stars Georgina Campbell (Barbarian, Suspicion), Oliver Finnegan (Creeped Out, Outlander), and the always-striking Olwen Fouéré who has recently brought her specific Irish intensity to roles in Halo and The Tourist.

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Summer of Shyamalan

The director’s famous father, M. Night Shyamalan, is a busy man these days. Along with producing The Watchers, he has his own thriller dropping this summer with Trap starring Josh Hartnett and featuring another one of his daughters, singer-songwriter Saleka Shyamalan. That’s a lot of Shyamalan content. So much in fact, that Warner Brothers has been holding events to promote the films calling the combined effort “The Summer of Shyamalan”.

The Watchers creeps into theatres on June 14. Are you into the Summer of Shyamalan? Tell us all about it in the comments.

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