warcraft new poster

by Stephanie Cookies

The first international TV spot for Warcraft the movie debuted this weekend giving us a few pieces of new footage. Check it out below:

I’m a Warcraft junkie so convincing me to get to theaters on opening day isn’t hard. I just need to know when tickets go on sale and I’m there. I’m sure I’m not the only one with this mindset however, I wonder how this will go over with the general public.

It’s a movie based off a video game, granted, it’s a property that grew so large over its more than 10 year life span that most people know it exists. Or at least, most people that have even a tangential relationship with video games. But movies based off video games have a horrible track record, I’m looking at you Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Hitman, Tomb Raider, Max Payne, Need for Speed.. need I go on? I can’t think of one movie that managed to shed the video game curse. Look, I love most of these bad movies but that’s because they are so terrible they are fun in their own unique way.

Two movies are looking to break this curse in 2016, Warcraft being one of them and Assassin’s Creed being the other. Both are pouring significant resources and tapping big names in an attempt to move video games out of joke movie status and into serious box office fare. Much in the same way Marvel did with their characters so many years ago. According to release dates, Warcraft is romancing the summer crowds while Assassin’s Creed has its eye on the holiday season.

Warcraft, in my humble opinion, has more of an uphill battle to break this curse. It does have the power of its fan base behind it but let’s be real here, relatively speaking that isn’t a large number compared with the general public. Warcraft needs to move out of the video game crowd and into the general consciousness. With the fantasy setting and gorgeous graphics, it should draw in the Lord of the Rings and possibly Harry Potter crowds. It may even tap in to the Star Wars crowd, but that is more of a stretch if you aren’t already a fan of the games. Based solely on the large advertising push this far ahead of release it certainly seems like Legendary and Universal are pushing for the big numbers. It looks like they are going for the general public and not relying solely on their beloved gamers. They need the people that will go see engineered dinos on a rampage and take a chance on the little known superheroes of the Marvel Universe. But Warcraft has magic instead of superheroes, swords instead of lightsabers, demons instead of dinosaurs. Only time will tell.

Warcraft hits theaters on June 10, 2016 so we have about 7 months to see how this all pans out. In the meantime there will be loads more posters, images, and trailers to enjoy. I can’t wait.

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