The Walking Dead: World Beyond comes to an end in an interesting way. In “The Last Light,” the Bennetts make their last stand against Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) and the Civic Republic Military.

Last week, Jennifer, aka Huck (Annet Mahendru) found the stockpile of chlorine gas that the CRM planned to use to kill the residents of Portland. She reached out to anyone who was listening and that turned out to be Hope (Alexa Mansour). Hope still has the explosives they initially planned to use to blow up the research facility.

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Two months ago … Hope and Iris (Aliyah Royale) left the Campus Colony with Elton (Nicolas Cantu) and Silas (Hal Cumpston) , not knowing what they were getting themselves into. They agreed to avoid any empties instead of killing them. Now they are killing every empty they see as they walk to the callout station.

After Huck found the CRM’s gas supply, Hope agreed to bring the C-4 to the callout station. After they blow it up, Iris says they plan to go to Portland to warn them about the CRM. Percy (Ted Sutherland) was supposed to go with Iris, but he’s dead. She gets sad when she thinks about Percy. 

Jadis is confident that she will prevail and find the scientists. The CRM is preparing to leave for Portland within a hour. Jadis orders all communications jammed so the scientists can’t radio for help. That will interfere with the communications as well, but she doesn’t think it will affect their plans. Jadis gets a report about the C-4 that the Bennetts used. She realizes that they all plan to blow up the gas at the call out station. She asks her assistant to get her helicopter ready. 

The kids arrive at the call out station. Silas quickly gives Dennis (Maximilian Osinski) the antibiotics. Huck takes the C-4. She tells the kids to get going so they are far enough away from the blast zone … at least 3 miles. Hope asks Huck to come with them, but she says she’s going to expose the military. Silas decides to stay with Dennis and Huck to help them get to the Civic Republic. The others say goodbye. Elton says they found each other once and they will again. 


Leo faces the CRM on The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Joe Holt as Leo – The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 2, Episode 10 – Photo Credit: Steve Swisher/AMC

The CRM put spikes in the road to stop the scientists from escaping. Leo  (Joe Holt) led the group in two trucks. Everyone but five of them were able to get to safety. Felix (Nico Tortorella) meets up with them and Lt. Newton (Robert Palmer Watkins) shortly after him. Newton tries reason with the scientist but they ultimately end up in a shoot out.

Will (Jelani Alladin) shows up to help Felix and Joe. He suggests they split up the CRM will help to defeat them. Felix decides to make a run for it, knowing Newton will follow him. And that’s exactly what happens. Will and Joe fight off the other soldiers. One of the CRM soldiers broke off from the rest of the group and followed the unarmed scientists. Will steps out from behind a tree and the soldier immediately start shooting. Joe comes from behind and kills the soldier. 

Newton and Felix face off as empties surround them. Felix is standing in front of a gate with a group of empties behind it. Newton wants to fight hand to hand as he holds two knives. Felix doesn’t have any weapons. Felix opens the gate so the empties surround Newton.Newton fights off the empties easily and Felix finds a CRM staff to fight with. The two fight each other and empties at the same time. Newton lunges at Felix and Felix stabs him in the stomach. He slices Newtons lower abdomen open so his guts spill out. Newton falls to the ground and the empties pile on top of him. 


Huck says CRM jammed the comms and it’s affecting the remote detonator. They need something that isn’t digital. Huck and Dennis know of emergency weapons stashed about three miles away. There might be something there they can use. Silas offers to go on the search, but he doesn’t know where the house is. Huck sends Dennis with him. 

Jadis arrives at the call station. She finds Jennifer inside of a warehouse and they fight. They are pretty evenly matched, but still uses their CRM weapons to fight. As they fight, Jadis accuses Huck of being a murderer just like her. They used Huck’s reports about Omaha and Campus Colony to take them out on Monument Day. 

We also learn that Jadis used Rick to get into the Civic Republic. She told them that he was an B, but he’s really an A. The A group are the ones sent to the Research Facility for testing. Jadis says she owed him more than to put him in the A group. She explains the people are a resource. They lock weapons, but Jadis pulls a knife and stabs Huck in the side.

Huck falls to the ground. Jadis asks if she wants to end it quickly. All Huck wants is for Jadis to tell her about a watch that belonged to her dad. Elizabeth (Julia Ormond) used to say the watch brought her and Huck back together. This time it won’t. This time it will bring Huck back together with her dad.

Jadis looks at Huck’s arm and realizes her watch is missing. She runs outside and gathers her team. They quickly leave the call out station. Huck used her analog watch to set a timer on the gas containers. 


Huck makes the ultimate sacrifice on The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Annet Mahendru as Huck – The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 2, Episode 10 – Photo Credit: Steve Swisher/AMC

The kids aren’t far enough away from the outpost. There are several empties in their way, so they can’t move much faster. A CRM truck approaches. Indira (Anna Khaja) jumps up on top of the truck and tells them to get clear. They duck for cover and Indira uses the machine gun mounted on top to kill the empties. 

Huck takes her last breath just before the explosion. Everyone sees the gas cloud in the distance. The kids run to the truck as Asha (Madelyn Kientz) jumps out to give them gas masks. An empty jumps out of nowhere and grabs Hope. Elton reaches across her and pushes her back, but the empty bites Elton’s arm.

The CRM spots Dennis’ truck. He tells Silas to shoot him in the head and then tell the CRM that he was a hostage. It’s the only way Silas lives. The CRM knows he’s a traitor and will kill him anyway. Silas doesn’t want to do it, but Dennis says he’s the only one who can get to the CR and tell them about the military. Silas reluctantly agrees and kills Dennis. 


The rest of the group made it to the underground mall where Indira and her people are staying. Elton lost a lot of blood but he’s alive. Will goes through Elton’s backpack and finds the insulin he stole from the CRM. Hope finds a book that Elton was writing. As they watch over Elton, Iris tells her dad that she wants to go to Portland with Indira’s people. He’s reluctant to let her go but she promises to return. Hope will stay with Leo to help continue their research. 

Jadis meets with Silas. He says Dennis tried to force him to be a part of something he didn’t want. He believes in the CRM. Jadis questions his loyalty to his friends, but he says they banished him from their group. She wants to believe him but she also realizes he will be an asset later on. Jadis plans to take him under her wing and watch his progress in the CRM personally. She says she sees something special in Silas. And she can’t wait until he sees it too.


Jadis cleans up the CRM on The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Pollyanna McIntosh as Jadis – The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 2, Episode 10 – Photo Credit: Steve Swisher/AMC

Elizabeth mourns Huck. Jadis says she tried to bring Huck in alive and unharmed but she gave them no choice. She also says they plan to get the scientist back, but Elizabeth isn’t so sure. The scientists know the CRM needs them and they know what the military was up ton. 

Elizabeth did what she did to ensure there would be a future for humanity. She took risks but thinks its was all for nothing. Jadis says civilization finds opportunities and calamity.  Strong people don’t break. They don’t let the weak get strong or let the strong become weak. Jadis says she took an opportunity. She saw the strongest person she ever met become entirely vulnerable and she used it. 

Jadis arrests Elizabeth, blaming her for what happened at the research facility and losing the scientist. She says everything happened because Elizabeth brought in the Bennetts and her daughter was a traitor. Jadis thinks Elizabeth brought her in to pin the blame on her. 

Jadis thinks she can usher in the new world better than Elizabeth. She doesn’t have any friends, family … she has ambition and the Republic. Elizabeth says people will through what she’s doing and Major General Beale will have Jadis’ head for arresting her. Jadis says Beale signed her arrest warrant. Elizabeth says Jadis won’t win, but Jadis says she already has. They are the last light of the world. She leads Elizabeth away. 


Iris says goodbye to her family and friends. Indira assures Leo that her people will take care of Iris. Iris gives Felix and Will their route in case they need to find her. Hope says they can still save the world. Iris says all of this didn’t change anything, it just showed them who they are. Iris starts to leave, but is stopped by Asha. Elton is awake. 

Life goes on. Elton says he thought he was going to die. He thought they were the last generation. The world is tough and those tough things left a mark on them in ways he didn’t expect. He knows there’s still a lot of good in the world though. And that gives him hope. Maybe there’s not beginning. Maybe there’s no end. It’s whatever they make it. There’s no way to predict if today is your last day. All they get to know is now. If they make a mark on the world or just change it entirely, life is about the little pieces of now that get them there.  All those moments put together is a life … and thats everything. 

As he talks, we see Hope helping Leo and the scientists. She develops Elton’s pictures that he took along their journey. Her yeast research is working. They test it on an empty and the decay is increasing.

Elizabeth sits in jail alone. Silas is a CRM solider. Will and Felix got married and they got a dog. Elton and Asha went with Iris to Portland. 

The last scene goes back to the day the four teenagers left. Elton says it’s time for them to see who they are. He opens the door and they step out of Campus colony to the World Beyond. 

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A woman enters a lab. She pulls out a laptop then takes several hard drives from a cabinet. She uploads all of the data and then starts to leave. She watches a video message from Dr. Edwin Jenner (Noah Emmerich). Dr. Jenner is the doctor that Rick and the gang met in The Walking Dead season one. He was the only one left in his CDC lab and blew it up, knowing that everyone was infected with this “zombie” virus. In the video he talks about needing fresher test subjects to get more accurate data.  He’s also excited about their work on the other side of that message.

A man approaches the woman asking if she is one of the scientist from that lab. She admits she used to work in that lab. She didn’t come back because she was afraid that someone would try to hurt her. The rest of her team were at a conference in Ohio. The Primrose Team. The man says if they come back, they will kill that them because they made things worse. He shoots her and leaves her body in the lab. She immediately reanimates and violently bangs on the door.

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