The Walking Dead:World Beyond returns for its second and final season. In “Konsekans,” Elizabeth (Julia Ormond) tests Hope Hope (Alexa Mansour) one more time, while Iris (Aliyah Royale) and Felix (Nico Tortorella) learn more about the CRM.

At the end of season one, we found out that Huck (Annet Mahendru) is Elizabeth’s daughter and a part of the Civic Republic Military, CRM. She was sent on a mission to bring Hope to the Civic Republic to help get them back online. When Hope was six, she took a computer apart and put it back in working order. Her dad, Dr. Leo Bennett (Joe Holt) told that story to a colleague, Dr. Lyla Bellshaw (Natalie Gold). Obviously she told the powers that be and they sent for Hope.

Because Iris and Felix know about the CRM’s mission, Elizabeth wanted to kill them. Huck talked her out of it. Now Iris and Felix are trying to regroup and rethink their next move. Luckily they found Felix’s boyfriend Will (Jelani Alladin) who is in over his head with CRM as well. 

Elton (Nicolas Cantu) found Percy (Ted Sutherland) and then the truth about who shot Percy’s uncle. It was Huck, but they are confused as to why she would do that. The two went in search of Silas (Hal Cumpston) to let him know he’s not a killer. When they found him, the CRM found all three. Silas sacrificed himself so Elton and Percy could get away. The CRM took him into custody without any indication where they intended to take him..

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Season one started with Monument Day. The anniversary of when Campus Colony fell to empties. This season starts the day after Monument Day. Elizabeth delivered a speech at the Campus Colony about the unity between the Civic Republic, Omaha and Portland.

Now she stands far from Omaha’s borders as her CRM soldiers set explosives on the concrete wall. Helicopters fly by leading a horde, or a column of empties to the wall. Their plan is to let the column into Omaha and then lead it to Campus Colony. But Elizabeth doesn’t want Huck to know. 


Iris has a dream that she is fighting an empty and he grabs her hand. She pushes him against the wall and tears off his face. When she wakes up, she starts trying to decode the CRM’s journals. Hope left a key for her. Felix wakes up and reassures her that Hope is safe. It’s Hope’s birthday and Felix thinks Leo will do something special for her. They promise each other to get more sleep.

Elizabeth takes a detour to test Hope one last time. They land on a rooftop overlooking Albany, New York. Elizabeth tells Hope and Huck that a column of empties not only destroyed Omaha, but the Campus Colony as well. According to Elizabeth, they mobilized and tried to rescue survivors but a second column merged with the first and it was too much to handle. 

Huck and Hope are in shock. Elizabeth apologizes. She wants to know if Hope still believes in a future. And if she does, does she believe in working with people who want to create that future. Elizabeth doesn’t think Hope is ready. Hope is a genius, but she’s also rebellious and a strong-willed trouble maker. They want her to work with them, but she can’t take her to her father unless she knows that she is fully committed to being an asset for the future. 

Elizabeth sends Hope into what used to be Albany. She says she needs time to think about what she truly wants. She is given a radio, a gun, and a bag of supplies. Hope gets angry and walks away. Elizabeth warns her against going to look for her friends, saying she won’t make it out of the city. She says Hope can waste her life alone or she can fight for a future for others with others. Huck questions Elizabeth’s decision. She says Hope could die. Elizabeth agrees, but she hopes Hope will choose to join them instead. 


Iris and Felix find a new home with Will on The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Aliyah Royale as Iris, Nico Tortorella as Felix, Jelani Alladin as Will – The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 2, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Chip Jackson/AMC

Will tells Felix about when his suspicions about the CRM started. They lost communication with Omaha and Will got worried. He started asking questions so the CRM invited him to go with them to a relay station to find out what’s going on. The relay station was a three day trip. The CRM troops were only prepared for one day. Will and his friend knew it was a trap. They attacked the CRM troops, made the truck wreck and ran into the woods. The CRM shot Will’s friend before they got to the trees. 

Will heard helicopters a few days later and saw the CRM drop of shipping containers. The containers were filled with equipment from Campus Colony and Omaha. The CRM called it a salvage mission. A few days later, Will found the people who he’s with now.

He’s staying in a colony called the Perimeter. Will takes them to meet the leader, Indira (Anna Khaja). She lets them keep their knives but they have to give up their guns. Indira also asks them one question. What do they live for? Felix lives for Will and Iris. Iris lives for Hope.

Once they are settled, Felix breaks down in Will’s arms. Later Will tells them that Indira and her people made a deal with the CRM. The CRM gives them supplies and in return the Perimeter keeps people away from the research facility. Other than that, the two communities leave each other alone. 

Iris finished decoding one of the journals, but it doesn’t tell her anything. She wants to scout the research facility so she can find a way to get Hope and her dad out immediately. Will says they have to think about the long game. They have to figure out how to get in, how to get Hope and Leo out, and what to do after. They have to think about their safety and the safety of the people in the Perimeter. 


Hope ends up at a school with a bunch of missing posters for someone named Candice and lots of writing on the wall. An empty grabs her and when she tries to get away, they both fall down a flight of stairs. Hope hits her head on the brick wall when she lands, making her head bleed. 

Hope starts having hallucinations. One minute she’s in Albany, the next minute she’s back at her home at Campus Colony. Both times she is dealing with empties. She also sees Elizabeth, asking her what she truly wants. Hope thinks she sees someone running around the city in a black hooded coat. She tries to follow the person with empties following her.

Elizabeth and Huck are still on the rooftop. The colonel compares Hope to Huck when she was a teenager. Huck agrees saying they were both hurt, angry and needed someone to look up to. Huck asks why Elizabeth didn’t tell her about Campus Colony. Elizabeth didn’t want Huck to lose sight of her mission. She also informs her daughter that they caught Silas. She sent soldiers to look for the others to keep them from interfering with Leo or Hope. 


Hope looks for a place to hide from the empties. She goes into the first open door she finds and looks around. There’s writing on the wall that is incoherent. The hooded person jumps out at her with a knife in hand. Hope pushes the individual off and finds another girl (Hannah Alline)under the hood. 

The girl looks like Candice from the missing posters. The girl says she wants what Hope has and they fight. Hope tries talking to the girl, calling her Candice, but Candice is crazed and making no sense. She says they have to feed. They continue to fight and it ends when Hope pushes Candice into a group of empties.

Hope ends up back at her home in Campus Colony. The empties are gone. Hope is all alone, thinking about her family and friends. She picks up a book and inside are messages from her father. In real life, Hope looks at that book and tries to figure out what she truly wants. Was Candice really there?


Huck is torn between helping Hope and listening to her mother on The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Annet Mahendru as Huck – The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 2, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Steve Swisher/AMC

Hope goes back to Elizabeth and Huck. She says she realized she didn’t want this world to be all there is. She asks to see her dad. Elizabeth tries to put things into perspective for Hope and hopes she makes her understand better. Huck knows Elizabeth was testing her too. She wanted to see if the others changed Huck. Elizabeth is glad to see that she was wrong. Huck also says she knows what to do about Silas. They can’t leave any loose ends.

They arrive at the research facility and Elizabeth informs Leo about Campus Colony. She als tells him that Hope is with her. Huck checks in on Hope, happy that she joined them. She says they have to be on the same page if Hope wants to see Iris and Felix again. Huck says she sent Felix and Iris to the Perimeter, but her mother can’t know. If the CRM finds out about that or the fact that Hope decoded their journal, she doesn’t know what will happen to them.

Hope thinks Huck is messing with her and threatens to tell Elizabeth everything. Huck says if she does, that will put a target on her, Iris, Felix and Leo. It’s the only way to keep her family safe. She says as long as they play by the rules, the CRM is a safe place. Hope takes that as a threat and she refuses to help the CRM create their future. She says CRM was just a ticket out of danger. Huck leaves Hope alone and wishes her Happy Birthday on her way out. 


Back to the night when Iris had her dream. Iris asks why the CRM would cover up the attack on the Campus Colony. The only reason she and Felix are not dead is because they left. They took a risk and that’s how they have to live now. Felix agrees and says they have to change how they play the game.

After Felix goes to bed, Iris sneaks out with a crossbow. She hears a radio and quickly hides from the CRM soldier in the woods. An empty walks up on the soldier and grabs him. They fight but before the soldier can kill the empty, Iris shoots him in the shoulder. The soldier kills the empty and Iris jumps out to attack him. They fight and Iris stabs the guy multiple times. 

As Hope walks to another part of the facility, Iris remembers there was a CRM helmet under the face of the empty in her dream. Hope is reunited with her father. Iris takes off the soldier’s helmet to look at the person under it. Iris says she knows empties didn’t kill Campus Colony. The CRM killed them. Iris stabs the solder one more time, killing him. 

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