The Walking Dead: World Beyond got off to a slow start, but this season finale is intense. Not all is as it seems. 

In “The Deepest Cut,” with the group split up, Huck (Annet Mahendru) and Hope (Alexa Mansour) have to consider what’s best for the group and Elton (Nicolas Cantu) makes a startling discovery while looking for Silas (Hal Cumpston).

In “In This Life,” the truth comes to light about Huck’s mission and what really happened to Percy (Ted Sutherland). 

Two weeks ago, Iris (Aliyah Royale) found Tony (Scott Adsit) dead and Percy ran away. A drunk Silas was hiding in a bathroom stall and couldn’t remember what happened. He just remembers being angry. Everyone knows that Silas killed his father, so naturally they assumed that Silas killed Tony. Except for Elton and Iris. They believe Silas is a good guy and wouldn’t hurt Tony unless provoked. Not wanting to cause any trouble, Silas left the group and Elton followed him.

Also, we found out there is a connection between Huck and Col. Elizabeth Kublek (Julia Ormond). Huck jumped at the chance to search for the kids after they disappeared. She and Felix (Nico Tortorella) tried to convince the kids to turn back. Huck saw the trip as an opportunity for the kids to learn who they are and how to fight. Or so she says. Once they crossed the Mississippi River, Huck left to do recon of the area. But in actuality, she reported to Elizabeth … her mother. Never a dull moment in the Walking Dead: World Beyond

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Elizabeth meets with a secret operative on The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Julia Ormond as Elizabeth – The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Huck met with her mother at an abandoned cabin. Elizabeth expressed how important her mission is and tells her to speed things up. The group causes a problem, especially after meeting Percy and Tony. She tells Huck to take care of them or the CRM will. The asset must be isolated from the group so she will go with them willingly.

Huck sabotages the truck by running over a street sign to blow out the tire. The group walks to an abandoned house but encounter a group of barbed wire empties. Once they get to the house, Huck takes Iris with her to search for supplies. They talk about Hope and Huck’s friendship. Huck mentions that Hope trained with her so she could run away to Omaha. Huck enters a room and quickly backs out. She tells Iris that the room is full of dead bodies. 

Felix reveals that he was cut by the barbed wire and it’s pretty bad. He doesn’t say anything. They head out and find a town with a bus blocking the entrance. The girls jump over the blockade, but Felix can’t. He sprained his ankle trying to jump lightly on the injured foot. They take him back to the house and finally see his wound. One thing is clear, Felix can’t climb the mountains. It’s best that he stays where he is until his foot heals. 

Iris and Hope discuss what to do about Felix. Hope thinks they need consider other options, but Iris will not leave Felix behind. She can tell that Hope is thinking about leaving Felix behind. Iris says she wishes she had a map to figure out Hope and that triggers something in Hope’s mind. 


In flashbacks we meet Will Campbell (Jelani Alladin), Felix’s boyfriend. The two met when they were both sent to interview Huck. Will has college degrees in psychology, so he is able to read Felix well. Felix was hurt when Dr. Leo Bennett (Joe Holt) asked Felix to stay behind and watch the girls. He feels like he owes Leo is life and wants to protect him at all costs. He also has a hard time trusting people to do things for him. 

Will and Felix have dinner with the Bennetts before Leo leaves. Will reveals that he volunteered to go with Leo as his security detail. Felix is visibly upset. Will says he volunteered because he doesn’t Felix to worry about Leo. He says felix needs to put his trust in other people and let go.

The day that Leo and Will left, Iris and Felix were there to say goodbye. Hope was too angry that her dad was leaving so she stayed behind. Leo says he has to remember that anger is the soul’s attempt to avoid sadness. He tells Felix that you can’t run from the pain. It will sit patiently and wait for him to get too tired to run. Felix makes up with Will before they leave.


Elton is very upset about the news that his mother is truly dead, but he’s more mad at his mom for shooting Hope’s mom. He tears up the manuscript and the wind blows the pages away. While Elton gathers the pages, he spots blood on one page. He sees a blood trail and follows it to find Percy. Percy is surprised to see him but passes out before they can talk. 

Elton drags Percy to a field where he hallucinates that Percy is awake and talking to him. Basically Elton thinks Percy is on the brink of death and debates with imaginary Percy why Elton has to save him. Elton takes a look at Percy’s wound and finds that he’s been shot. He tries to wake up Percy to find out what happened. He dresses the wound and tries to stop the bleeding.

Four empties approach them. Elton tries to drag Percy away from the empties. Imaginary Percy tells Elton to leave because he’s already dying and it’s okay to run and save himself. Percy slows down time and tells Elton to sit next to him.  Elton starts to cry while Percy tells him that it’s time to be a part of the world.

Percy says it’s noble to try and save him, but he’s dying. He tells Elton to go out and save people who can change the world. He says Elton should go out into the world and fight for it. Elton cries, looks at his mom’s bead and stands up. He decides not to run and takes Silas’ wrench out of his bags. Elton runs towards the empties and disables three of them. He kills the fourth. 

Iris and Hope discuss what to do with Felix on The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Aliyah Royale as Iris, Alexa Mansour as Hope – The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Iris tries to find a way to the facility by traveling on the highways. She won’t leave Felix behind, but he says she doesn’t need him anymore. He says she is more than capable and he believes in her. Huck and Hope walk in with plans to leave first thing in the morning. They promise to come back for him. Huck promises Felix that they will be okay. 

Felix hugs Huck and tells her that he loves her. Huck laughs but then thinks about the night before. When the group were fighting the barbed wired empties, she took her CRM spear and cut Felix’s leg, just above the ankle. Huck tells Felix that she loves him too. Iris gets angry and walks away.

Huck runs after Iris and tells her to take a hard look and she will find that her purpose is to find her dad. Felix is a danger to himself out there. If he stays, he’s safe and he lives. Iris doesn’t like it and walks away from Huck. 

Iris finds Hope alone in a room and asks about Huck. The question leads to an argument about Huck’s motives. Hope defends her friend saying she’s been there for Hope when Iris wasn’t. Huck doesn’t judge her like everyone else, including Iris. Things haven’t been the same since Hope told Iris about what really happened the Night the Sky Fell. Later that night, Hope wakes up Huck and says they should go without Iris.


The next morning, Elton finds a radio in Percy’s jacket. He starts calling out to Felix. There’s no answer, so Elton tries Morse Code. Meanwhile Hope and Huck walk near a bridge. Hope thanks Huck for always believing in her. She says she’s stronger than she’s ever been and it’s all thanks to Huck. Huck steps away. She pulls out her walkie and hears Elton on the other end. Elton says he found Percy, but he’s hurt. Huck asks for their location. Elton starts to tell her and Percy stops him. Huck is the person who shot him. 

Iris wakes up Felix and lets him know that Hope and Huck are gone. Huck and Hope continue their walk and it is revealed that Hope has an ulterior motive. The comment about needing a map to figure out Hope make her think to use a map to figure out the CRM code. After Hope figures it out, the message says, “Raft Embed Agent En Route to NY W/ Asset + Four. All Four Expendable.” Felix looks around and realizes his gun is missing. Hope has the gun. She reaches for it as she walks with Huck. 


A gunshot goes off. We see Will run and fall near a grave. He gets up and runs. An empty shows up with four CRM soldiers behind it. They kill the empty and run after Will. 


Dr. Leo Bennett is fine. He actually started a relationship with Dr. Lyla Bellshaw (Natalie Gold). He thinks of his girls often and tells Lyla about them. Leo and his wife Kari (Christina Marie Karis) adopted Iris and Hope when they were just babies. They originally wanted one baby but when they saw the two of them together, they couldn’t separate the girls. 

Leo tells Lyla about how smart the girls are, in particular Hope. Hope once took a part a computer to see how it works and then put it back together. She was just six years old. Her mind works in ways that you can’t learn in school. Lyla took this information and told the CRM leadership about Hope. That’s why Huck’s mission was to bring Hope back to the CRM.

Hope decodes a secret message on The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Alexa Mansour as Hope – The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Hope decoded one of the messages. The moment she asked Huck to leave everyone behind, she knew she was the asset. She went with Huck because she wanted to keep Iris and Felix save. She tells Huck to leave the others alone.

Huck talks around her reasoning for misleading Hope. She and her mother decided that Hope needed to see the world before she could see what they built. Huck taught her how to fight empties so she would be ready. The truth is Leo Bennett is perfectly safe in the CR.

The CR intercepted Leo’s messages to his girls. Huck sent the last two messages that made the girls think that their dad was in trouble. She thought Hope would try to save him on her own and ask Huck to go with her.  But the others joined the journey. She can’t let them see the CRM and thinks they would just get in Hope’s way of seeing the CRM’s purpose. So now they are expendable. 

Huck did everything to split up the group so no one got hurt, except for Tony and Percy. Hope realizes that Huck killed Tony and possibly Percy. Huck says it was all for the greater good. Hope doesn’t understand why she’s special and Huck says it’s people like Hope that will bring back the world. She also tells Hope not to run. The CR won’t hurt her, but they will find her. They always to. Huck radioed the CR and they are headed to a rendezvous point to take Hope away. 


Elton finds Silas after he starts a fire near a warehouse. He and Percy tell Silas what really happened to Tony. Percy saw Huck shoot Tony and he ran. Huck shot Percy in the shoulder. He thought they are were all in on it so he kept running. This means that Silas isn’t a monster. But now they are all worried about Iris and Hope. 

They look at a map and try to come up with a plan to catch up. Silas apologizes to Percy about Tony and how he treated him before. Percy is focused on finding the girls and Huck. He says Huck will pay for what she did. They hear trucks drive up and see the CRM. They saw the smoke. Percy says there’s a refueling station nearby. They were probably there and saw the smoke. 


Iris makes a splint for Felix’s foot. She tells Felix about how weird Hope has been acting and the fact that she doesn’t trust Huck. Felix defends Huck, but Iris thinks Huck is hiding something. She tells him about the room that Huck didn’t want her to see. They go to the room and find medical supplies and oxygen tanks. Huck lied. They could have patched up Felix’s leg properly and fixed the tire. They are both confused as to why Huck would lie. Iris wants to find them and ask her.

Iris and Felix patch up the tire and get ready to leave. The truck has a manual transmission which means it has a clutch. Felix can’t put any pressure on his  left foot so he won’t be able to drive. He teaches Iris how to drive the truck. She laughs because he sounds like her dad. Felix says Leo taught him how to drive. 

Iris is determined to keep her family together on The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Aliyah Royale as Iris – The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Lyla prepares to tells Leo about what she’s done. She says it’s all about the future. He’s about to be reunited with Hope. She told the CRM about Hope because she is one of the greatest minds. Lyla says she can live with him hating her if means the world can live. She leaves to meet him for dinner.  

Huck and Hope find shelter for the night, but it’s not long before Felix and Iris show up. At first Huck and Hope hide from them, but the Huck jumps out, acting surprised to see them. Iris lets her know that they found the supplies they needed to fix the tire and patch up Felix. The tension is high. Hope tries to help by defending Huck, but Felix and Iris are ready to attack. 

Huck asks for the keys so she can get Felix’s bags. She asks Huck to help her. Felix pulls his gun on her and demands to know what she’s up to. Huck drops the keys and puts a lantern on the floor. She tells Felix to take Iris and go. Hope backs her up and says Huck is CRM and they only want her. Walking away is the only way they live. Felix asks if she’s really CRM and Huck says yes. Huck grabs for the gun, knocking over the lantern and throwing Felix down the stairs. 


The CRM look around the warehouse for whoever started the fire. Elton, Silas and Percy search for a way out. Silas knows of a back way and they head for the gate. Percy’s wound opens up and he struggles to continue. He tells Elton and Silas to go on, but Elton won’t leave him behind. They walk through the gate and the CRM are getting closer to find them them. Silas closes the gate from the inside. He says he’s saving Elton so he can save the others. 

 Silas says he’ll be okay, no matter what happens. Getting him will slow them down. He tells Percy to protect Iris and no matter what Huck did, don’t be the monster. He tells Elton thank you for believing in him. Elton is his best friend. The CRM catches up and takes Silas into custody. 


Felix and Huck fight while Hope and Iris look for the gun.  The fire spreads as the fight goes on. Hope finds the gun. Felix and Huck fight into the backyard. Huck is about to stab Felix, but hesitate. A group of empties approach and Iris takes care of them. Hope removes the silencer from the gun. Huck says she’s sorry and is about to stab Felix when Hope shoots the gun.

Hope holds the gun to her head and tells Huck to get away from Felix. She tells Iris and Felix to leave. She says the CRM needs her to help their dad with his research so they aren’t going to hurt her. Turns out she’s smarter than she thought she was.  Felix gives her one last chance to leave with him and Iris. Hope says this is the only way. The CRM will keep looking for her.

Hope tells Iris that she left to protect her. They protect each other and they always will. She hugs her sister and says she will be okay. They all will. Huck tells Felix where to find shelter. He’s upset with her saying Hope is just a kid, but Huck says she’s not anymore. She lets Felix know that she thinks he’s great. But in this life, sometimes you have to do bad to do good. The sisters say goodbye.

Elizabeth arrives with armed CRM guards on The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Julia Ormond as Elizabeth – The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Lyla starts to tell Leo what she’s done and stops. Leo says he has something to tell her. He has suspicions about the CR. He questions Dr. Abbott leaving and Will left with the CRM and hasn’t returned. Leo thinks they are being lied to. He figured out a way to find out for sure, but he needs her help.

Percy and Elton continue walking. They aren’t sure where Huck took the others or how they will find them. Elton says they will figure it out. It won’t be easy, but they are a part of it now. He’s seen the impossible happen. that’s how he knows they will find the others and save them. They can do the impossible and make their lives count. not because they are the last generation, because they are the beginning. 

Huck and Hope arrive at the rendezvous point. Huck thought Hope would fight harder considering how it all went down. Hope says she’s thinking about the greater good and the bigger picture. Elizabeth arrives and Hope realizes she’s Huck’s mother.  Elizabeth asks Huck about the others. Huck says they aren’t a threat, but Elizabeth plans to take care of them anyway. Huck says she can handle it. She wants to see them return to Campus Colony. Elizabeth says there’s a lot of doubt about how Huck handled things. There are to be no loose ends. And they need to talk about the Campus Colony later. She walks Hope to the helicopter, saying she is pleased to have Hope with them. The Bennetts are going to accomplish great things together.


Felix and Iris walk through the woods. A storm is coming and they need shelter and food. Iris tells Felix what Hope said to her before she left. Hope told her that she’s not the real asset. She and Iris are both the asset together. The CR has no clue what Iris can do. That’s how they are going to beat the CRM. They think they need Hope to save the world, but Iris is going to save the world from them. Iris tells Felix that this is how they give their lives meaning. They are the future.

They hear someone walking nearby and prepare to fight.  It’s Will and he’s overwhelmed to see them alive. They don’t know what happened to Campus Colony. The others approach the group as Will says they have a lot to catch up on and Hope’s helicopter flies over. 

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