The plan unfolds on The Walking Dead: World Beyond. In “Who Are You?,” the Bennetts are getting closer to finding out what the CRM is up to, with a little help from an inside source.

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When Leo (Joe Holt) first arrived at the Research Facility, he went on a scouting expedition with Lyla’s (Natalie Gold) group. They were tracking their dead test subjects in the woods. At one point, drops a handful of papers and Leo bends over to help her pick them up. 

Last week, Huck/Jennifer (Annet Mahendru) found transmission sheets from her mother’s office that proves the CRM purposefully destroyed the Omaha and Campus Colony communities. Huck took the transmissions sheets to Leo, asking for his help to try and figure out what the CRM is up to. Leo showed his gang, Iris (Aliyah Royale), Hope (Alexa Mansour), Felix (Nico Tortorella) and Percy (Ted Sutherland). He thinks the transmission sheets contain coded data indicated that CRM sent a biological weapon into Omaha and Campus Colony, killing everyone and then used the empties to cover it up.

This derailed their plans to meet up with Silas (Hal Cumpston), Elton (Nicolas Cantu) and Will (Jelani Alladin). The Bennetts don’t know that Silas was taken in by the CRM. They decide to stick around and help Huck investigate, but first they need some answers. Huck informs them that only Major General Beal could have authorized something so big. Before the alliance with Omaha and Portland, the Civic Republic kept their location secret to make sure everything within their boarders stayed balanced. They must think there’s a threat to that balance for them to do something on such a large scale. Iris asks where the secret city is, but Huck won’t say. Instead she gets upset that they are questioning her like she did something wrong.  Before she leaves, she tells the gang that whatever escape plan they had … it won’t work. Since they are staying, they have to send a message to Will and Elton.

Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) is at the Research Facility. The last time we saw Jadis, she loaded Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) into a helicopter and disappeared. In TWD: World Beyond, that was six years ago. She went on to be trained by Huck only to become a military cop. Jadis says Elizabeth (Julia Ormond) brought her in to perform a security audit. Last week she told Lyla that she was there indefinitely.

Lyla catches up with Leo and is preparing to give clothes donations. She knocks over a bag of clothes and Leo bends over to help her pick them up. It reminds him of when she dropped the papers in the woods. Those papers were transmission sheets like the ones Huck brought to him. Lyla is in on whatever the CRM is doing. 

The CRM supply truck arrives. As the soldiers unload the supplies, Dev( Abubakr Ali) finds Iris’ message. The message is coded so only Elton can read it. Everyone is anxious to find out that Iris and her crew won’t leave the research facility. Her note actually says she plans to burn it to the ground. 

Indira (Anna Khaja) informs her council of leaders about what Iris and Felix are planning. She wants to do what they can to help. They are all tired of living under the CRM’s rule. But Brody (Lee Spencer) wants to tell the CRM. He also moves for a vote of no confidence in Indira.  

Outside Will is upset that Felix didn’t stick to the plan. Elton says the situation is even worse and informs Will that Indira is sick. He says the supplies from the CRM are the only thing keeping her alive. Dev and Asha (Madelyn Kientz) inform Will and Elton that they can stay until Felix and Iris come for them. Will thanks them and says he’s going back into the Research Facility.

Leo asks Felix to break into Lyla’s lab while they have dinner. Felix recruits Huck, who refuses. He reminds her that she brought this problem to them and she doesn’t get to back out. Huck reluctantly helps, giving Felix a key card to get around the facility. She also tries to give herself access to Lyla’s lab but can’t get in. Felix suggests what they are looking for won’t be in Lyla’s known lab. If whatever she’s involved in was important enough, she would have put it in a secret location. Huck checks Lyla’s access and sees that she’s spending a lot of time in the sub-levels of the facility. 

On the way to the sub-levels, Huck tells Felix why she took on the mission to Omaha. She and her husband, Dennis (Maximilian Osinski) were conducting a training exercise. Something went wrong and Dennis had to make a tough call. Some people got hurt and to make matters worse, Dennis was drunk. Huck said she made the call so Dennis wouldn’t get into a lot of trouble. They used a camera to tape the exercise but it malfunctioned. The CRM planned to bring in a team to fix the tape so they could see what happened. Huck snuck into the tech room to destroy the tape. She forgot to clear the keycard logs though. 

When they get to the sub-levels, they can’t get into Lyla’s secret lab. Huck suggests they cut the power and that will make the door easier to open. Felix offers to cut the power but he doesn’t know the campus as well as Huck does. She leaves him with a radio so they can get out before the power comes back on. 

Iris does not like Lyla at all. It doesn’t help that Lyla used to work for a big pharma company that tested on lab rats. Lyla justifies her work saying the testing was for the greater good. Iris lays into her for making excuses for sacrificing her humanity. Hope makes Iris leave the table while Leo tries to smooth things over with Lyla. He needs her to stay until Felix gets back.

Hope and Iris argue about the research facility. Hope says not everyone at the facility is bad, but Iris doesn’t care. Anyone who works there is the enemy. She tells Hope about the soldier she killed because he was the enemy. Iris says they need to be ready because the others outside of the facility are. Hope asks what the note said. Iris told them that they are going to find out what’s going on and then burn down the research facility. 

The power goes out and Felix walks into the lab. He finds frozen corpses with patches of skin missing. Next Felix finds test tubes with barcodes. Meanwhile, Huck hears everyone reporting in. She can’t reply to Felix or the other soldiers, so she leaves the generator and runs back to Felix. Felix also finds the biohazard tanks that the CRM used to take out Omaha. And there’s a lot more than they imagined. The power is restored 30 seconds ahead of schedule. Felix is trapped in the basement and he can’t get a hold of Huck.

Elton and Asha make plans to get Will into the research facility on The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Nicolas Cantu as Elton, Madelyn Kientz as Asha – The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 2, Episode 6 – Photo Credit: Steve Swisher/AMC

Will, Elton, Asha and Dev make plans to get Will into the Research facility. Will knows where the weak spots in security are. He promises to make sure that Indira’s needs won’t be affected. Dev and Will leave. Elton apologizes to Asha for telling her secret. Asha is ok with telling Will. She leaves to pray for their safety and Elton asks to go with her.

Lyla gets anxious and Leo tries to soothe her so she will stay until Felix gets back. She has something to tell Leo, but she also wants to show him something. Lyla takes Leo to a bench. She sits and tells him about her family. She had a husband and daughter who were both bitten. Instead of killing them, she tied them up and experimented on them to fix them. She carved their initials in a tree and says they are the reason she’s there doing research. She wants to cure the dead. 

Felix tries to open the door but he can’t. The room is at a freezing temperature as well. He tries to contact Huck, saying she can’t walk away from him. Huck eventually returns. She had to reprogram her card so she could open the door to get him out. Now she has to wipe the card access logs so she doesn’t get caught again. Felix took a test tube to take to Leo. Before they go their separate ways, Huck says she is with them, no matter what happens to her.

Huck meets up with Jadis for a drink. She tells Huck about the Scavengers and the culture they created. She says she lost her people because she made the wrong alliance. But she gave the CRM something very valuable. Jadis says it was her ticket to get into the Civic Republic.  She said she lost her purpose then, but found something new. Her purpose is to create a new era on this planet. It’s Huck’s purpose too. 

Elizabeth asked Jadis to keep an eye on Huck. Elizabeth is afraid that Huck’s mission changed her. Jennifer says her name is not Huck. She asks if she’s under investigation. Yes and no. Jadis just wants to prove that Jennifer is her old self and in return, she asks Jennifer to put in a good word for her. Jennifer says she already broke herself for the corp. She did everything she could to prove what she’s made of. Jadis says there’s always more.

Elton and Asha encounter a group of walkers in the woods. They take out their frustrations on the dead. Asha sets up the bodies. She and Elton put flowers in their eyes and kneel next to the bodies. Asha takes Elton’s hand and begins to pray.

Dev and Will get close to their entry point. Dev knows the place well because he used to wander off as a kid. Will tells him to head back. Dev hands him a gun that used to belong this his dad. As soon as he hands over the gun, Dev is shot in the head. The CRM are in the area and begin shooting at Will. 

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