Last week the unspeakable happened on The Walking Dead: World Beyond. In “The Sky is a Graveyard,” the group is divided on what to do with Silas (Hal Cumpston) after Iris (Aliyah Royale) found Tony (Scott Adsit) dead. By appearances, one would think that Silas killed him. Silas’ bloody wrench was next to Tony’s body and Silas himself was drunk and hiding in a bathroom stall. There was also a trail of blood leading to a broken window. It looks like Percy (Ted Sutherland) was injured and ran away. Now he’s nowhere to be found.

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Silas is tied up on a playground while the group discusses what just happened. Iris and Elton (Nicolas Cantu) don’t believe that Silas killed Tony. Huck (Annet Mahendru) and Hope (Alexa Mansour) think it’s possible because of Silas’s past. Felix (Nico Tortorella) just wants to make the best decision for everyone. He tried to find Percy but hit a dead end at a river.

There is no real motive for Silas to kill Tony, but Huck thinks there is one. She empties his backpack and reveals several of Iris’ drawings. Hope thinks Silas likes Iris and wasn’t happy about how close she was to Percy.

Felix and Huck discuss how they are going to keep everyone safe if they take Silas with them. Elton overhears their conversation and lets Silas know that they might leave him behind. He says Silas is violent only when he needs to defend himself or others. He wouldn’t hurt anyone without just cause. Elton tells Silas to believe in himself. He plans to find proof that Silas wasn’t involved in Tony’s murder.

Huck buries Tony when Hope joins her. Hope is upset about Tony and feels stupid because she barely knew him. She’s certain that Silas killed him and doesn’t want to forgive him for it. Huck reminds her to stay focused on how to serve the greater good. It’s not about right or wrong, it’s about doing what’s best for everyone, even if it hurts. She wants to find her dad so every decision should be about getting there. 

Elton is ready to fight for Silas on The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Nicolas Cantu as Elton, Hal Cumpston as Silas – The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 1, Episode 8

Felix checks on Silas, who is only worried about Iris. Felix is concerned for Iris as well and he let’s Silas know that he has to make the best decision for her and Hope. So anything that Silas can remember will help. Silas says he can’t remember anything. He black out, like his dad used to do. And he doesn’t want to be anything like his dad. Felix knows about his dad and knows Silas was never convicted. But he has to think of everyone’s safety. 

Iris distracts herself by looking over the codes, but she is reminded that nothing makes sense. She says Silas didn’t do it. Hope disagrees. They are so close to finding their dad and can’t let anything stand in the way. Iris wants to believe Silas. Hope wonders if Silas was protecting Iris. Iris says that would be worse because then he let her live in a lie.

Felix found Elton by the river and brought him back. He tells Hope to keep an eye on Elton. Elton says he tried to follow Percy’s trail to look for evidence to exonerate Silas, but didn’t find anything. Hope says Silas is a lost cause, but Elton doesn’t believe that. Silas is family. Even if Silas is guilty, he deserves their help. Hope asks if he would let Silas get away with murder. Elton says it’s not something you get away with, it’s something you will have to live with though. She says they have to focus on the greater good and what’s best for everyone. Elton says it’s best for everyone to stay together.


Silas was an only child. Growing up, his dad was fun. He even introduced Silas to rock music. But then something changed. As Silas got older, his dad got meaner. Silas remembers seeing his mom fixing her face and crying. He also remembers the night his dad turned on him. The family were eating dinner and his dad tried to talk to Silas. Silas had his headphones on and couldn’t hear a word. His dad got mad and pushed Silas’ face into his plate.

The day Silas fought back, his dad was yelling at him about eating too much. He grabbed Silas by the throat, threw him up against the wall, hurting Silas’ head and began choking his son. Silas grabbed a picture frame and smashed it over his dad’s head, cutting his face. Then he took the frame and pushed it into his dad’s stomach, stabbing him with the corner. Silas jumped on top of his dad and began beating his face in. 

Learn more about Silas' backstory on The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Hal Cumpston as Silas- The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 1, Episode 8

Later, Silas woke up sitting on the floor and his head was bleeding. He looked around and found his dad laying on the floor. Silas didn’t remember beating him up until he saw his face. His dad was actually scared and mad at Silas for what happened. 

A neighbor knocked on the door and Silas answered. She knows about the abuse and threatened to call the police if she couldn’t talk to his mom. Silas says his mom is at work and he’s fine. The neighbor offered to let Silas come home with her but he refused. While he talked to the neighbor, his dad got up and walked away. 

Silas heard him rustling around upstairs. He found in him the bedroom and started apologizing. When his dad turned to look at Silas, he was dead. He reanimated and attacked Silas. Silas ran to his room and locked the door. He turned on a cassette tape so he didn’t have to hear the empty knocking on the door. When the tape stopped, Silas didn’t hear the empty at the door. 


Present – An empty approaches the playground and sees Elton. She pushes the fence down and climbs towards him. Silas tries to stand up, but eventually accepts that she will bite him. He looks up at the stars and closes his eyes. 

Flashback – Silas gets up and goes to the door. He hears his mother walk into the house and scream. Silas runs downstairs to save her. He pulls his dad off of her and his dad turns on Silas. Silas grabs his head and bangs it on the floor, killing his dad’s corpse. Silas looks at his mom and she’s scared of him. 

Present – Silas looks down and Hope is standing above him. She killed the empty. Hope lets him know that she thinks he killed Tony, whether he meant to or not. And she saved him from the empty because enough people have died already.

Elton makes a difficult decision on The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Alexa Mansour as Hope, Nicolas Cantu as Elton- The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 1, Episode 8

Elton and Iris try to sleep, but they can’t. Iris tells him about something Hope used to say. She said the stars in the sky are actually dead and it’s a graveyard up there. Elton corrects her saying the stars are very much alive. That makes Iris feel better. 

Elton says he’s been living under the assumption that the adults have the authority to decide what happens to Silas. Iris is more their leader than Felix or Huck. If he can get Felix to side with them, then Silas can stay with them. 

The next morning, Iris visits Silas. She asks why he kept her drawings. He says they were too beautiful to throw away. She asks if he killed anyone. She told him once they wouldn’t leave him and asked him to help her keep her promise. Hope calls for her and she turns to leave.

Silas stops her and removes his arms from the ropes. He got loose the night before but wanted to talk to Iris. He wants to tell her what she wants to hear, but he only remembers being angry. It’s happened before and he thinks there’s something wrong with him. Silas thanks her for believing in him and for wanting him to be a hero. He admits that he’s a killer. He killed his dad, and says he killed Tony and Percy. Silas says he’s sorry that she met him, but he’s glad he got to know her. And he’ll never forget her. Iris returns to the group to let them know that Silas left. 


Huck is worried that Silas will return, but Felix doesn’t think so. All he wanted was a fresh start. Elton packs his bags and tells Hope that he’s going to join Silas. He says Silas needs supplies and support. Otherwise he will go through the rest of his life thinking no one believes in him.  

Hope is upset that he’s leaving. She doesn’t want to leave, asking what about their family. Elton reminds her that Silas is family. Elton hugs her and says everything happens the way it’s supposed to. He thinks he’s supposed to find Silas, his mother and sister too. 

Hope stops him and tells him the truth about his mother and sister. She apologizes saying she thought she was protecting him. Hope gives him the bead, hoping one day he will forgive her. Elton is very upset by the news and walks away from the group. Silas is in a daze as he walks away too.


Elizabeth (Julia Ormond) waits for someone at an undisclosed location on the east side of the Mississippi. She’s late, but they expected that. Elizabeth’s guard asks if there’s an easier way, but they know there isn’t. Elizabeth says she is on the ground, watching and listening and becoming someone else. She knows it’s dangerous and she could be killed, they both could. She’s risking everything because there’s no easier way.

Huck walks in and reports why she’s late. The asset is safe and Huck is okay.. Elizabeth tells her to clean up and they will debrief. She hands Huck a watch, it belonged to Huck’s dad. Huck is Elizabeth’s daughter!

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