The world just got a little scarier on The Walking Dead: World Beyond. In “Shadow Puppets,” Iris’ (Aliyah Royale) trusting nature puts everyone in danger when a stranger asks for the group’s help.

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Iris tells the story of the world before it ended. People lived normal lives. The world changed when the dead started walking. Love was replaced by hunger. All of the technology that they relied on didn’t work. It couldn’t save them. Those born right before, the end of the world was their beginning.

A stranger infiltrates the Endlings on The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Ted Sutherland as Percy – The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 1, Episode 6 – Photo Credit: AMC

Some guy walks up on the Endlings camp with a stick in his hand and threatens the kids. Of course Hope (Alexa Mansour) is threatening him back with her words while Silas (Hal Cumpston) stands in front of everyone with his wrench. Iris tries talking to the guy, as Elton (Nicolas Cantu) shouts at the guy to leave them alone. Felix (Nico Tortorella) wasn’t around when the guy showed up but he’s the one who stops him from hurting anyone.

The guy’s name is Percy (Ted Sutherland). Iris offers him some food. He tells them his story while he eats. Felix reinforces their borders when Silas tells him that he’s ready for the guy to leave. Iris and Elton like hearing Percy’s stories. He says he was traveling with a couple of guys and they stole his stuff. He then starts talking about the different places he’s been and Hope catches the guy in a lie. Percy covers his lie, but Silas questions why he would lie in the first place. He seems sketchy, but for some reason, he’s able to talk the group into trusting him

Percy apparently has a car. Iris offers to get his car back if he drives them to their destination. Hope voices her concerns and reminds them that Huck (Annet Mahendru) is still out there. Elton starts coming up with a strategy, but Percy isn’t sure that he can trust them. Felix backs up Iris, saying if they wanted his car, they would just take it. He already told them where it was. He says they will find his car the next morning.


Elton leaves a message for Huck and the group leaves to find Percy’s truck. Along the way, Hope asks Elton about his mom’s book. Elton wants to pass on the book for prosperity and Hope offers to help. Iris chats with Percy as they walk. She has a lot of questions and reveals a lot about the Campus Colony. She even tells Percy the purpose of their journey. Silas seems jealous and tells Felix he doesn’t understand why they are helping Percy. 

They arrive at a nearby town and Felix takes the lead. He sees some curtains move but then hears a truck approaching. A large military vehicle pulls out of an alley. Percy gives Felix a weird look and says that’s his truck. While everyone watches for the people who took the truck, Silas says they shouldn’t try to take the truck. A storm is approaching so they have to move fast. Felix and Percy approach the truck and find a dead guy inside.

Percy gets in and finds the truck inoperable. The others follow, putting everyone in danger. Percy finds a knife and says he’s going after his keys. Iris follows because she said she’d help. Felix stops her and says he’ll go. Elton and Hope follow to be lookouts for Felix. They leave Iris and Silas to watch their bags. 

Iris's trust in a stranger puts her in a dangerous situation on The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Aliyah Royale as Iris, Ted Sutherland as Percy – The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 1, Episode 6 – Photo Credit: AMC

Felix finds a door that’s not boarded up and before he goes in he hears a gunshot. Percy is just inside the door and they decide to split up to find Percy’s stuff. Iris gets anxious and decides to go in and find them. Silas says he won’t stop her, but Hope will. He suggests that Iris go in the back door. As soon as she gets inside, she finds Percy and an empty. 

Hope complains about the change in plans. Elton talks about meeting her dad and he encouraged Elton to finish her mom’s book. Hope tells him to focus instead of talking. I’m pretty sure she was about to tell him about killing his mom, but then had second thoughts.

Felix searches the place by himself and finds an empty, while Percy and Iris head upstairs. They go into a closed door and find a lit cigarette in an ashtray. There are clothes on a chair, so Percy searches the pockets and finds his keys. He and Iris quickly leave, but Percy finds his bags in another room. He gives the keys to Iris and tells her to start the car. She rushes down a flight of stairs and then hears a gunshot. Everyone heard it. Silas gets concerned and walks to the corner of the building to watch. 


The dead man by the truck gets up, but he’s not an empty. He picks up all of their bags and throws them in the truck. Iris goes back to check on Percy and his bags are still in the room. She looks inside and finds paper in the bags. The guy downstairs starts the truck and drives away. Silas runs after the truck, yelling at Hope that they’ve been robbed. 

Felix is still in the building looking for people and killing empties while Hope runs after the truck. Iris finds Percy and follows him out the window. She falls into a large trash can. Hope almost catches the truck but once Percy is inside, they speed up. Iris hears Hope call for help. She says she’s okay, but there are empties in the trash can.

Felix, and Silas show up at the trash can and they have to cut a chain to get to the trash can. There is one empty trying to stand up and go after Iris inside. Silas sees a group of empties coming toward them in the alley. Felix tells everyone to turn around and run. He gets inside the trash can and starts pulling empties off of Iris. An empty is about to bite Iris and someone stabs it in the head. It’s Percy. He helps her out of the trash can. His friend tells them all to get in the truck as more empties show up.

Silas and Felix are suspicious of their new friends on The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Hal Cumpston as Silas, Nico Tortorella as Felix – The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 1, Episode 6 – Photo Credit: AMC

The driver is Percy’s uncle Tony (Scott Adsit). Felix holds them at knifepoint while the group decides what to do with them. They conned them out of their gear, but they did come back and save them. Tony says that’s as good as it gets these days. Everyone goes back to the campsite. Iris is very quiet. So is Percy. Tony entertains Elton and Hope with magic tricks.

Tony raised Percy and taught him how to con people. He and Percy run this grift on people to get what they need, without hurting people. Iris scoffs at the hurting part of that statement and says they deserve medals. She walks away and Percy follows her. She’s mad at him for using her. And because she thought she had better instincts. Percy says she does have good instincts. 

Percy used this con before and everyone takes the keys and runs. Iris came back for him. She saw him as someone worth saving. That’s why he came back for her. He wanted to be that person worth saving. Now he has to prove that he can be more like Iris. 

Hope tells Elton that she wants to read his mom’s book. He says he’s the last person to see her and know her. Now Hope can get to know her too. She opens the book and stares at the photo of Elton’s mom.


Tony and Felix have a chat about what comes next. Tony said he will help them as Percy promised. He’s more interested in the interlocking circles on Felix’s jacket. Felix says it’s the emblem of the community they are from, but Tony knows it’s more than that. He shows Felix what’s behind the tape on the truck. It’s the interlocking circles. The truck belongs to the CRM.

Tony’s been watching the CRM and found their refueling station. He and Percy have a routine to avoid the CRM. He wants to know if they encounter the CRM, will Felix’s patch get them out of trouble. Felix says it can. Tony says they will pick up Huck and drive to where they want to go. 

Later that night Tony and Percy perform for the group. Silas still has reservations about the two men. Iris says she wishes she knew which part of Percy was a lie and which side was real. Hope says he’s like them. They all have parts they want people to see and parts they want to hide. 

Tony performs with shadow puppets. It’s a story about the end of the world that Iris tells in the beginning. People in a park, living a normal life. The one day the dead come and everything changes. The group watches intently. It ends with regrowth, renewal of life, and hope. Hope cries while Iris holds her hand. 


The doctor at the CRM research facility is named Dr. Lyla Bellshaw (Natalie Gold). She looks over a report written by Dr. Leo Bennett (Joe Holt), Iris and Hope’s dad. There is drawing of Hope and Iris with a note for him to hurry back. The doctor gets a phone call and she is immediately nervous. She says whatever she’s working on will be taken care of before ‘they arrive. And Dr. Bennett and his security detail will not be a problem. When she hangs up the phone, she says goodbye to Lt. Colonel. The phone call was from Elizabeth (Julia Ormond)

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