School is in session on The Walking Dead: World Beyond. In “The Wrong End of a Telescope,” the group takes shelter in an abandoned high school where Felix (Nico Tortorella) and Huck (Annet Mahendru) work on convincing the group to turn back home. 

The Walking Dead: World Beyond is giving us bits and pieces of the Civic Republic. And the effect the CRM has on the lives of these young kids. Iris and Hope are the most affected. Their dad is working at a research facility for the CRM. But things are getting bad, according to his messages. That’s why they set out to find him.

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The Endlings continue their journey to New York. Felix continues to try and convince them they aren’t ready for the world beyond Campus Colony. Along the way they talk about the Civic Republic. There is a place called the Hidden City, but Iris (Aliyah Royale) thinks there is more than one location. Elton (Nicolas Cantu) thinks the Civic Republic are smart to keep their location hidden because of all of the resources they have. Hope (Alexa Mansour) thinks it’s shady, but Huck and Felix defend the Civic Republic even though they don’t know much about them. 

Felix tells Huck that they have enough food and water to get to Omaha. And there is a storm coming. They decide to work on Elton and Hope to try and convince the group to turn around. They find an abandoned high school in the middle of nowhere. Huck and Felix do a quick search for empties. They decided to split up into three groups to look for supplies and food. Hope and Huck, Felix and Elton, and Iris and Silas (Hal Cumpston). Hope wants to pair up with Iris so they can talk, but Iris doesn’t want to talk right now. Felix tells Silas to keep his radio on. 


Huck wants to know why Hope changed her mind about going home. Hope doesn’t give much of an answer, because she knows Huck is trying to convince her to turn around. Hope tries to talk about Huck’s dad, and there’s not much to say. It makes Hope think about her own dad.

In flashbacks we learn Hope had a strained relationship with her father, Dr. Leo Bennett (Joe Holt). She seems to think that he believes she is a failure compared to Iris. Dr. Bennett and his wife, Kari, adopted Iris and Hope. They actually shared a crib when they were babies, so they’ve always looked out for one another. Dr. Bennett thinks they are both exceptional. 

Dr. Bennett jumped at the chance to work at a Civic Republic research facility. Hope thought it was because of her behavior and promised to be good. He said he wasn’t leaving because of her and promised to return. He told her about the FAX machine and how he would send her messages while he was gone. Hope cried while he held her, promising her everything would be OK.


Felix and Elton look for things to hold water. Elton takes pictures along the way, and Felix asks him questions about why he’s on the journey. They find a trail of blood in the hallway. Elton assumes it’s from an Empty, but there’s no way to be sure about that. Felix tries to contact Silas, but there’s no answer. After they leave the hallway, an Empty crawls to the hall and something drags it back. 

They keep walking through the hall and hear an Empty inside a locker. It makes Elton think of a time when he was in a crate or something. He starts to panic, so Felix leads him someplace safe. Felix uses the opportunity to point out that they aren’t ready for the world beyond. He shows Elton a tattoo that he has to remind him of the people he lost. He doesn’t want to lose anyone else and asks Elton to help him convince the others. 


Silas and Iris are in the gymnasium. It’s decorated for a dance, and Iris loves it. There is an Empty at the other door, but he can’t get in. Iris finds paint brushes, but doesn’t think those would be useful. Silas takes them anyway. They decide to go to the teachers’ lounge but get trapped by a warped door. They try to radio Felix, but there’s no answer. The batteries in the radio are bad.

Silas finds a couple of cans of soda. Iris says she’s never had soda in a can before. She realizes how good she had it back at university, but she didn’t enjoy it. They are different now … after a few days. Silas remembers how others talked about him. It bothered him back at Campus Colony, but out in the wild he doesn’t hear them anymore. 

Silas plays her a song on his Walkman. It’s actually a waltz, something his grandmother liked. Silas reveals that his grandmother made him take dance classes when he was little. Hope makes him dance with her. They are actually really cute together. 

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Elton looks for supplies on The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Nicolas Cantu as Elton on The Walking Dead: World Beyond.

Hope and Huck run into a dog in the hallway. Huck grabs her gun, but Hope pulls her through a doorway, and they watch the dog. They think it’s protecting something. Huck thinks they can get past the dog. They walk slowly by while Huck keeps an eye on the dog. As soon as they pass and get to the next hallway, Huck closes a gate, and they run.

Hope confronts Huck about trying to get her to turn back. If she’d asked Hope a few days ago, they would have gone back with them. But now she thinks about her dad and how he was trying to protect her from something. She doesn’t know what and will ask him when she sees him. The next door they go through is the pantry. The girls start loading up food for the trip. 

Elton and Felix find Silas and Iris playing in the gym. They tell them that the door is broken. Felix says he will go around and get rid of the Empty for them. He warns them that there’s something roaming the halls, and it’s not friendly. 


Iris and Silas hear a dog trying to get through a vent. They have to push past the Empty to get away from it. They end up in the basement where they find janitorial supplies and a flare. There are a few empties in there with them. They find a door and run inside. It’s safe, but there is another door with a hole. The empties reach for them as they walk by. One of the empties breaks through. Iris finds another door, but it’s locked. 

Hope hears Iris talking and calls out to her. Huck tries to open the door from the other side. Silas starts getting weird, and Iris tries to help him stay grounded. He hears the voices saying, “His own mom testified against him,” and “He should be in jail for what he did.” 

Silas lunges at the Empty and starts beating on it. Iris hears Felix’s voice and yells for him to hurry. When they get the door open, Elton runs to Silas to stop him from beating on the Empty. Silas pushes him back really hard. Felix yells at Silas, and he stops. 


The whole thing freaks out Hope. She asks Iris if they are OK. Iris takes responsibility for not being present. She says they should have talked more about that night. 

Elton is a little beat up, but he’s more worried about Silas. He also thinks Felix may be right about turning back. He wonders if they can get back through the Blaze of Gory. Felix says there are other ways around. He is hoping to change everyone’s minds before they get to the Mississippi River. 

Iris checks on Silas. They are ready to go, but he tells her to leave him there because he hurt Elton. Iris assures him that what happened with Elton was an accident. He brings up what other people think of him again. He asks Iris if she thinks he killed his dad. Iris says it doesn’t matter. He saved them, and that’s what matters. They all meet up in the auditorium, and Elton wants a group picture. No one but Iris is smiling. 


A woman sits at a desk. There is a photo on the desk. It appears to be a picture of Dr. Bennett with a woman and two other men. The woman speaks into a recorder as she looks at her test subject. The research team has strapped an Empty to a metal slab and gagged him. He’s one of the men in the photo, known as Dr. Samuel Abbott from Portland. The woman in the picture is the one observing Dr. Abbott.

She says there was no response to psychological stimuli. They plan to draw Dr. Abbott’s necrotic plasma and brain fluid for testing, and compare it to the samples drawn prior to reanimation. There are several test subjects in the same room. All tied down and gagged. All dead. The woman asks for the next test subject as she eats a sandwich. The test subjects are As.

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