The Walking Dead: World Beyond is off and running. In “The Tyger and the Lamb,” Silas (Hal Cumpston) remembers why he was sent to the Campus Colony. And Hope’s (Alexa Mansour) plan hits a major obstacle.

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This episode delves into Silas’ past. It starts out with Silas sitting in an ambulance with bloody, shaking hands. A message from his grandparents plays over the scene. It was a message they left for Silas on his sixth birthday. They beam with pride over their grandson, as the police arrest him. It’s clear that Silas beat someone up, but doesn’t reveal who he was fighting or the end result.

Silas was sent to live with his uncle at the Campus Colony. They meet with Felix (Nico Tortorella) about going to school at Monument High or working. He chooses to work. Felix is a little apprehensive about Silas, but his uncle insists that he’s a good kid. The kids at Monument High are relentless, calling Silas a monster. Except for Iris (Aliyah Royale). She’s very nice to him and confides in him about her dad leaving. The first time they met, she dropped a piece of paper. The paper had a drawing of a tiger and a lamb. And a story that Iris wrote. Silas kept that story. 

Hope goes rogue to save the group on The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Alexa Mansour as Hope – The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 1, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Macall Polay/AMC

The Endlings, Iris , Hope, Silas and Elton (Nicolas Cantu) are in the Blaze of Gory. It’s an airfield, full of empties. Someone lit a bunch of tires to attract the empties way from communities. On the other side is a clearer path to New York. Elton had an idea to turn on a tornado siren to attract the empties to clear a path for them through the air field. Iris scratched that idea, because it would mean leaving someone behind. After everyone went to sleep, Hope left the group for the siren.

Hope wakes everyone up via walkie to let them know what she’s done. Iris is scared and wants to be with her, but Hope insists that she wait for the siren. Hope is in a building that is a straight shot to the exit. She tells Iris to come to that building and wait in the office for the siren. Iris wants her to wait for them, but Hope says she can move faster alone. 

Throughout the episode, Silas is hesitant to fight the empties. Not because he’s afraid of them, but because he’s afraid of himself. Iris says it’s okay and Silas offers to carry the luggage so the others can fight. His memories distract him a couple of times, but they make it to the office and Iris tries to console him. They rummage through the office for food and supplies and instead they find Felix and Huck (Annet Mahendru).

In the meantime, Hope’s flashlight goes out when she gets the actual building with the siren on top. There is one empty in the building so she has to hide from it. She attempts to get out and the empty finds her. The empty gets stuck in the window of a door, giving Hope a chance to run to the roof. She goes straight to the siren, grabs the handle and the handle breaks off. 


Felix is ready to take everyone back to the Campus Colony, but they won’t tell him where Hope is. He is really confused. Why would Hope leave a trail to find them and then go turn on the sirens to get away from them? Silas says it has something to do with past mistakes not following them. Huck looks at him suspiciously, accusing him of running away from his past mistakes. Silas runs away from her icy stare and Iris follows him. He says he doesn’t belong there, but Iris doesn’t believe that. She doesn’t care about his past mistakes, but he says she should be.  

Hope radios in that she found the siren but the crank broke. Iris let’s Felix talk to her. He wants to know where she is but she tells him to trust her and follow the plan. Iris gets back on the radio and Hope makes her promise not to come back for her if she doesn’t make it to the exit. Iris says that won’t happen because she will make it. No goodbyes.

They prepare to leave. Huck gives everyone a mask to help them breath through the smoky areas. Silas is afraid that he can’t make it. Elton and Iris say he can. Hope gets the siren going and everyone heads for the door. They run and Silas carries the bags. The empties walk to the siren, clearing the path for the Endlings. There are still some stragglers on the path, but Felix and Huck take care of them. 

Felix and Huck stay to protect the kids on The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Nico Tortorella as Felix, Annet Mahendru as Huck – The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 1, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Macall Polay/AMC

Hope leaves the building via fire escape and twists her ankle on the way down. Everyone runs as we hear Iris read her story, The Tyger and the Lamb. Silas ends up ahead of everyone and turns to watch.

As Hope runs, empties following her and walk through some tar. She takes a lighter and throws it at the tar, burning the trapped empties.  A couple of empties jump out and grab he. She tries to fight back and attempts to kick them back, but falls backward instead, hitting her head. The empties get really close to Hope and Iris shows up to push them back. She stabs one in the head and the other attacks her. Hope stands up and kills the empty before it can bite Iris. 

Elton and Iris help Hope walk to the exit. An empty hits a fence with tires stacked against it and it starts to fall. Silas drops the bags and holds the fence while everyone runs through. Elton wants his bag so he runs back and grabs all of the bags. The fence falls as he runs back through. 


They go to a lake and clean up. Felix decides they are going to Omaha and from there they can catch a transport back to Campus Colony. None of the kids want to go back. They all say they are where they are supposed to be. Felix can go back or he can help them find Dr. Bennett. Either way they are going. Huck tells Felix that they have to go to keep everyone safe. 

Hope tells Iris the truth about how their mother died. She feels responsible because she scared the pregnant lady and made her shoot the gun. Iris is upset. She knew Hope was keeping something from her. Hope didn’t want anything to change between them so that’s why she never said anything. She apologizes and Iris forgives her.

Felix tries to talk the sisters into going to Omaha again because it’s safe and their dad would want them safe. He says their plan is a mistake and they are going to see it soon. He just hopes it doesn’t take one of them getting hurt first. Iris and Hope aren’t really giving him an option though. They are going to New York and he has to go with them. Hope says she sorry for dragging him into it, but she’s glad he’s there. 

The group heads out for New York. Hope wants to know why Elton ran back for his luggage. He says he went back for his mother’s manuscript. He wants to finish it for her. Silas cut his hand on the fence and Iris wraps it up for him. He shares a blanket with her as they walk together. 

Elizabeth reminds her soldier why they do what they do on The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Julia Ormond as Elizabeth – The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 1, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Antony Platt/AMC

Sergeant Major Barca (Al Calderon) visits Elizabeth (Julia Ormond) at home. He was with her at Campus Colony and feels bad about what they did. She reminds him that they neutralized a threat. He says it didn’t seem like a threat. Elizabeth reminds him that they have the luxuries of the old world by turning on everything in her apartment. She says they have energy, water, schools, courts, economy and much more. They are the last light of hope for a population of over 200,000 people. Those people were going to be a threat, but Barca doesn’t believe that. Elizabeth tells him to stand down while she makes him some soup.

While they eat, two guards show up. Elizabeth is sending Barca to the CRM Health and Welfare complex until he’s fit to serve. Barca doesn’t think he will ever be ready to serve again. Meaning he can’t ever leave the complex. He asks if she ever thinks about how many people they have killed. She replies that they are the light of the world. Barca says its a lie and Elizabeth tells the guards to take him. After they leave, Elizabeth turns on everything in her apartment againand starts to cry. 

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I like the story, but I’m more interested in what the CRM are up to. I know it will all come together when the kids get to New York, but how long is that going to take.

We are getting bits and pieces of Silas’ story, but not getting to see how it connects. If they had said what happened to the man Silas fought or who it was, I’d be more satisfied with this episode.

This is the type of storytelling that Scott Gimple did in The Walking Dead seasons six, seven and eight that made it almost unbearable to watch. Slow and steady doesn’t always make for a good story. Hopefully The Walking Dead: World Beyond will pick up soon. 

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