Sometimes there are more important things than family on The Walking Dead: World Beyond. In “Family is a Four Letter Word,” Hope (Alexa Mansour) and Iris (Aliyah Royale) are reunited but at odds on how to save their father. Felix (Nico Tortorella) confronts Huck/Jennifer (Annet Mahendru) for the first time since she abandoned them. 

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Iris and Hope are reunited, but the happy moment doesn’t last long. Hope expresses her fear that their dad, Leo (Joe Holt) will cause too much trouble if Iris and Felix don’t return with them. Felix and Will (Jelani Alladin) are coming back from patrol and see Hope and Huck, aka Jennifer. Felix tells Will to stay out of sight. There’s basically nothing Jennifer can do to make things up to the group. Felix makes it clear that he can’t trust her. 

Elton (Nicolas Cantu) sees Hope arrive and he hides. The last time Elton saw Hope, she revealed that she shot his mother the night the sky fell. Elton hasn’t had much time to come to terms with how he feels about Hope. He decides to take a walk to avoid any unnecessary confrontations. 

Percy (Ted Sutherland) sees them too. He also watches Indira’s people take any guns and lock them up in the armory. He appears to be thinking of a revenge plan.


Silas (Hal Cumpston) goes through his first empty gathering. It’s exactly as the others said. They play loud rock music and as the walkers approach the gate, explosions go off. On this particular night, the crew is tasked with capturing one empty. Silas really isn’t into it. Dennis (Maximilian Osinski) yells at him for being in his own world and throws a water bottle at Silas. Silas drops the bottle and Dennis sees the cut on his hand.

Dennis stitches up Silas’s hand. Silas tries to ask questions about what kind of people come to the stadium, but Dennis avoids the question. Silas sees a map on the wall, pinpointing the research facility and takes it. 

Iris and Felix also express their belief that the CRM is responsible for the destruction of Omaha and Campus Colony. Jennifer doesn’t believe it. There’s no good reason for the CRM to kill thousands of people. Iris can’t prove it and refuses to go anywhere with Jennifer. 

Hope gets upset asking if Iris even wants to see their dad. Iris wants to see her dad, but it would be stupid to go into the research facility without a way out. Felix agrees. Jennifer reveals that they have Silas. She arranged for Silas to go to the maintenance facility and that he’s well taken care of. She asks them to go with her and they will see that she’s trying to help them. Iris asks to talk to Hope alone instead.


Iris wants to find a way to save her dad on The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Aliyah Royale as Iris – The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 2, Episode 4 – Photo Credit: Chip Jackson/AMC

Silas packs his things and sneaks out of the maintenance facility with the map to the research facility. He doesn’t get far before the rest of the crew catches him. Grady (Kellen Joseph Quinn), Webb (Jesse Gallegos), and Tiga (Ry Chase) say they aren’t going to tell Dennis, but he does have to learn to be loyal.

Elton finds a shed in the woods with a bunch of medical supplies hidden inside. All of the supplies have the CRM symbol on them. Asha (Madelyn Kientz) follows Elton and says the supplies are for her. It’s all part of a secret side deal that Indira (Anna Khaja) made with the CRM. 

Jennifer decides to take a walk to stay out of the way and Felix follows her. Meanwhile Iris and Hope talk about their dad, his research and what life at the research facility is like. Hope reveals that their dad has a girlfriend. Iris asks Hope to stay with her until they can get their dad out of the research facility. Hope thinks if Iris goes with her, they will have time to plan their escape. Iris thinks they would be prisoners. Their home is gone and they are all they have. Iris still refuses to go with Hope. 


Jennifer tries to tell Felix that Will is dead. She explains that it was a recon mission gone bad. That just upsets Felix more than the actual truth. An empty walks up and Jennifer attempts to get rid of it. Felix hits her in the back, knocking her to the ground. He grabs the empty and holds it over her face, saying no one would find her. Felix tosses the empty to the side and says he won’t kill her on this night. He just wants her to know what it feels like when he does kill her. He kills the empty and walks away.

The maintenance crew throws Silas into a room. They tell him to kill anything that moves and hand him a bat. The place looks like a storage facility for carnival decorations. Empties trickle out of hiding, so Silas goes to town on them, smashing in their heads. He opens his stitches as he does so. More empties come out, but they are tied to the pillars. 

Grady, Webb, and Tiga return and are impressed that Silas killed so many empties in under two minutes. They explain that they set up the room as a training facility for them. They took out the empties’ teeth so no one could get injured. Webb says they all plan to go into the CRM one day and want to make sure they are sharp. Dennis knows about the room. Silas doesn’t like it and walks away from the group. 


Silas is put to the test on The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Hal Cumpston as Silas – The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 2, Episode 4 – Photo Credit: Steve Swisher/AMC

Felix notices someone leaving the armory. He goes to Will and sees bloody bandages. He knows the person he saw is Percy. Felix explains to Will that Percy is out for revenge on Huck. Percy could end up killing them all if he succeeds. 

Dennis catches Silas taking medical supplies and asks where he’s going. Silas admits he wants to find his friends to warn them about someone in the group. He mentions Huck by name, but Dennis doesn’t know that name. Instead he asks Silas to stay, saying he has an opportunity to be a part of something bigger. Webb is leaving for basic training and Dennis needs Silas to step up. They all get one strike there and Silas just used his.

Percy finds Jennifer in the woods and prepares to shoot her. Will sees him and risks his own life to save Jennifer. Felix runs out too, scared of what Jennifer will do. They stand between Percy and his target, so Percy abandons his plan and leaves. 


Will tells Jennifer that he’s hiding from the CRM because they want him dead. He says they want him dead because he got too close to the truth about Omaha. Jennifer realizes that if what they say is true, then her mother knew about it. Felix asks her if she’s really that naive to believe her mother isn’t capable of killing thousands of people. 

Jennifer doesn’t want to talk anymore and decides to leave. Felix contemplates keeping her there because he doesn’t want to risk Will being discovered. Jennifer promises not to say anything about Will. She says she’s the closest thing he has to a friend in the CR. 

Elton tells Asha about his mom and his sister, but not that Hope killed them. Asha puts things into another perspective for him. After the body decomposes, they become part of the Earth. He agrees, but doesn’t think anything happens with a person’s consciousness. Asha returns to the village, but suggests that Elton should talk to Hope.


Hope tries to convince Iris to leave with her on The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Alexa Mansour as Hope – The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 2, Episode 4 – Photo Credit: Chip Jackson/AMC

Hope says goodbye to Felix and Will. She’s a little upset with Iris that she didn’t tell her about Will and what happened to him. It changes everything for them all. She asks if Iris needs to tell her anything else. Iris looks at Jennifer and doesn’t say anything about Elton and Percy.

Iris says they will get Hope and their dad out of there. She asks Hope to tell their dad not to worry and that Iris is okay, but Hope isn’t sure she can. Elton returns in time to see Hope and Jennifer leave.

The next morning, Felix decides that they all need to leave, but Will says Huck will stay quiet. Felix mentions that Silas is at a calling out post. Will knows what that is and says he may have a way to get everyone out.

Percy checks in on Iris. He admits he wanted to kill Huck badly and Iris understands that he wants justice. They all want some kind of justice. She asks if he’s mad that Will stopped him. He’s not happy that Huck gets to walk around like she didn’t do anything, but he understands the danger for them all. Iris finally kisses Percy. He kisses her back but leaves before things go too far.


Elizabeth (Julia Ormond) addresses the CR and Portland about the tragedy of Omaha and Campus Colony. She reaffirms the CR’s devotion to the protection and survival of the Portland colony and tells them to stay strong.

Indira is worried that Elton will tell everyone about the medical supplies. Asha doesn’t think he will say anything because he thinks she’s the one who’s sick. Indira is the one who’s sick and is going through dialysis in the shed.

Dennis informs Webb that he’s going into training. He watches the crew congratulate Webb, including Silas.

Hope gets a package from Mason (Will Meyers). It’s a single Jenga tile. He asks for a rematch. 

Jennifer approaches Elizabeth after the broadcast and tries to ask about the Omaha survivors. Elizabeth stops her, reminding her that she just got everything back. She mentions that Jennifer made a horrendous error in judgement and she’d hate for anyone to think Jennifer didn’t learn her lesson.

Jennifer remembers cutting her face. She remembers letting a soldier knock her shoulder out of socket. She also remembers washing up on shore in Omaha. Jennifer starts to cry, realizing her mother is capable of anything. 

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