The Bennetts get more answers than they wanted on The Walking Dead: World Beyond. In “Blood and Lies,” Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) and the CRM investigate Leo (Joe Holt) and his family after they discover the missing vial.

Last week, Felix (Nico Tortorella) and Huck/Jennifer (Annett Mahendru)caused a blackout to investigate Lyla’s (Natalie Gold) secret lab. Felix stole a vial of a green substance from a secret storage container. The scary thing is that there’s a lot of vials and containers with the same substance in storage. 

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Lyla’s research is to find a way to slow down the reanimation process when someone dies. In order to do that, she has to kill people. And she does that with the same test tubes that Felix found last week. Her latest test subject was once Elizabeth’s (Julia Ormond) assistant. Now he’s dead. In an expected turn of events, Lt. Frank Newton (Robert Palmer Watkins) takes Lyla into custody after killing her test subject. 

Leo tests the vial that Felix stole and finds that the substance is chlorine. The CRM used it to kill the residents of Omaha and Campus Colony. However, Hope (Alexa Mansour) points out chlorine is supposed to be clear. This substance is green. They have to hide the vial until Leo can find the time to properly test the substance. 


Jadis is out for blood on The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Annet Mahendru as Huck, Pollyanna McIntosh as Jadis – The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 2, Episode 7 – Photo Credit: Steve Swisher/AMC

Jadis visits with Silas (Hal Cumpston), wondering how he ended up at the research facility. Silas says he got lost and was afraid to ask for help. He thought he would get into trouble. She knows Silas is new and works at the call station. She is amused that he compares the call station to living in a junkyard. 

Dennis (Maximilian Osinski) arrives and isn’t too happy to see Jadis. She asks Dennis if he thinks Silas would make a good soldier. Dennis avoids the question so Jadis asks if it’s likely that Silas got lost. Dennis believes he would and backs Silas’s story. Jadis asks again if Silas would make a good soldier and Dennis thinks he would. Jadis agrees and lets them go. 

Hope hides it in a speaker in the bunker where the kids hang out. She runs into Mason (Will Meyers) and they awkwardly talk about hanging out later. Meanwhile Lyla frantically asks Leo to return the vial. He tries to act like he doesn’t know what she’s talking about but Lyla isn’t buying it. She says the CRM is coming for Leo and if he wants his family to be safe, he will tell her where the vial is. Before Leo can answer, the CRM arrives to take him in for questioning. 

Iris (Aliyah Royale) is at Percy’s (Ted Sutherland) room when they hear Felix yelling outside. He demands to know where the CRM is taking Leo and insists that they take him too. Newton grabs Felix to take him into custody as well. Iris meets them as they walk out of the courtyard and Felix tells her to find Hope. 


Iris and Percy split up to look for Hope and Jennifer. Iris finds Hope in their apartment with Lyla. Lyla says she needs the vial back to save Leo’s life. They want to know what Lyla is up to so she takes them to her secret lab. 

Lyla explains her research, saying most of her test subjects were already bitten when they came to her. She turns on a camera to watch an empty chase a rat. She says eventually the rat will get tired, but the dead won’t. No one is safe as long as the dead are walking.

Lyla developed an intra cerebral injection of algae derived chemical extracts that could delay reanimation. She needed more test subjects to test it on. The CRM planned to kill Omaha and Campus Colony anyway, so this was a chance to test her formula in the field. She didn’t like the mission and her colleague Dr. Abbott threatened to tell the Civic Republic about what the CRM is up to. The Civic Republic doesn’t know what their military does outside of their walls. Now Dr. Abbot is the empty chasing the rat. 

Iris asks why thousands of people needed to die. Lyla asked that same question and they told her never to ask again. Iris thinks Lyla could have stopped it. Lyla knows if she tried she would have died too. She wants to do something to help humanity. Giving her vial will save their father. She told the CRM that she misplaced a vial during the blackout. If they give it to her, they won’t do anything to Leo and they get to stay alive.

Hope tells Lyla where the vial is. Lyla thanks Hope and leaves to retrieve it. She tells the girls to wait a couple of minutes before leaving, so they aren’t seen together. Iris isn’t happy that Hope gave in, but Hope argues that they need to keep their dad safe. Meanwhile, Abbott caught the rat.


Dennis and Silas return to the call station. Silas admits he wasn’t lost. Dennis knows he went to find his friends. He backed up Silas’ story because he didn’t know what would happen if he didn’t. Silas asks what if the CRM isn’t what Dennis thinks it is. He also apologized for messing up. Dennis says he’s a good kid, but he has to let go.

Jennifer is with Jadis, who asks for her help interrogating Leo. Leo refuses to answer any questions until Felix is sitting next to him. Jadis says he has no right to ask for anything because he’s violated CRM rules 16 times. They ask him a lot of questions about Lyla. They assume that Leo was in love with Lyla but maybe not so much anymore. After the interrogation, Jennifer says Leo is lying. She thinks Lyla is covering for Leo because he took the vial. Jadis sends Newton to collect Lyla. 

Iris is annoyed with Hope and how she defends everyone in the research facility. Hope says they don’t have a choice but to trust Lyla. They start to leave, but the security cameras show CRM soldiers just outside the door. Iris and Hope run further into Lyla’s lab to hide from the CRM soldiers. They get dangerously close to the walkers locked up in the lab. Just before the soldiers find the sisters, they get word that Lyla was found.

Jadis continues questioning Leo, this time about working with Lyla. He says he isn’t working with her, but they are sure he’s covering for Lyla. Jadis informs him that it was Lyla who told Elizabeth about Hope’s abilities. Lyla arrives at the interrogation room with the missing vial in hand. When Jadis asks where she finds it, Lyla says Leo and his daughters stole it. She says they can’t hurt Leo because they need him. She admits what her research is and says they can further the research if Leo joins her team. Jadis offers Leo the job and he accepts, reluctantly.


Lyla updates Jennifer and Jadis on her research on The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Natalie Gold as Lyla, Annet Mahendru as Huck, Pollyanna McIntosh as Jadis – The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 2, Episode 7 – Photo Credit: Steve Swisher/AMC

Lyla told Jadis that her current test subject was going eight hours without reanimating. Jadis wants to see the progress. When they get to the lab, the test subject has already reanimated. Jadis is disappointed and says she is there to eliminate security threats. Since Lyla swapped sensitive research and passed on her current research to a better, more intelligent researcher with two pressure points, it’s time to eliminate her. Jadis and Huck lock Lyla in the room with the empty. Jadis says the rat will eventually get tired, but the dead won’t. She was obviously listening to Lyla talk to the Bennett sisters.

They watch Lyla die and Jadis wants to fill Jennifer in on the big secret operation. She says what comes next won’t be easy, but it will secure their futures. Jennifer earned their trust and her mother will be pleased to find out that Jennifer hasn’t changed. 

Jennifer returns to her quarters where Percy is waiting for her. He has a gun in his hand. Percy heard guards talking about the interrogation of Dr. Bennett. He knows Jennifer was the one asking the questions. Jennifer goes after her gun, but Percy gets it first. Jennifer tells Percy to kill her, but he doesn’t. So she tells him about the secret operation. She says there’s nothing they can do to stop it.


Leo returns home and tells the others about the deal he made with Jadis. He’s supposed to start the following Monday, giving them two days to figure something out. If they are going to leave, they have to do it over the weekend. Felix says they have to get word to Silas. Percy returns and Iris is afraid he killed Huck/Jennifer. Instead he tells them about the CRM’s plan to wipe out Portland soon. Felix suggests they destroy the gas and the research facility with it. They have to save all of the researchers first though and their research. 

Jennifer is actually at the call station to see Dennis. She says everything they did was all for nothing. Jennifer tells Dennis about the CRM’s plan. She says there’s no way to warn Portland about the attack. Dennis is upset.

Iris and Percy return to his apartment. They talk about their plan to take down the facility.  Iris asks if Percy was going to kill Huck. He wanted to but he also wanted to see Iris again. She’s the only thing keeping him from killing Huck. Iris smiles and kisses Percy. She says she doesn’t want to leave his bed and he tells her not to go. 

Hope meets up with Mason. They talk about how they feel about the research facility. Mason says it feels like a prison sometimes and then laughs about what his dad would think. He reveals that his dad is Major General Beale.

Jennifer says goodnight to Dennis and Silas watches them. When Huck sees Silas, she approaches him and says they have some things to talk about. 

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