The big reveal in last week’s The Walking Dead episode confirmed that … well … Lance Hornsby (Josh Hamilton) is creepy! In “The Lucky Ones,” Lance accompanies Governor Pamela Milton (Laila Robins) on a tour of Alexandria, Oceanside, and a reluctant Hilltop. And Eugene comes to terms with who Stephanie really is.

I don’t know what Lance is up to, but he hit Eugene with a hard truth. Lance was using Eugene to find out more information about Alexandria and other communities. He somehow found out about Stephanie and convinced his co-conspirator, Shera (Chelle Ramos) to pretend to be Stephanie and learn as much as she can about Eugene. She did and then she disappeared; only to turn up at the end of the episode to kick Eugene in the gut … literally. So, what is Lance up to?  

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Last week, after finding out that Stephanie is actually Shera, Eugene was visited by Max (Margot Bingham) who claims to be the real Stephanie. She found radio parts in the dumpster and put them together. Max enjoyed talking to Eugene and actually considered leaving the Commonwealth for him. 

If you recall, Stephanie set up the meeting with Eugene to meet in the railyard. But when he got there, the Commonwealth military was there instead. Mercer (Michael James Shaw) found out about the radio and told Max that he is investigating a communication breach. He knew all about the meeting at the railyard. Luckily, no one recognized Max’s voice. Then Eugene showed up at the Commonwealth with imposter Stephanie. This made Max sad that he just accepted that Shera was Stephanie. 

Since Max works in the Governor Milton’s office, she knows that Lance has plans for Alexandria, but she doesn’t know what those are. Eugene gets upset to learn that there is no Stephanie at all. Just Max and Shera. He runs away before Max can continue her explanation. 


Lance accompanies Pamela on a tour of Alexandria and Oceanside. She thinks the communities are too far from the Commonwealth to continue supporting. She says if the visit doesn’t go well, then she is pulling out of Lance’s agreement. Pamela will allow these people to stay in the Commonwealth until their repairs are complete, but they need to make their own repairs. 

First stop is Alexandria. Aaron (Ross Marquand) gives Pamela, Lance and Mercer a tour of the place. They are impressed with the industrial advancements. Mercer is impressed that Daryl (Norman Reedus) was actually one of the leaders. Turns out that Pamlea knew Deanna. They crossed paths in philanthropy circles. Daryl holds Deanna in high regards because she gave them something to fight for. Pamela is surprised that the community has fallen before. She asks how Deanna died. Aaron admits she was bitten and turned. There’s a breach in the community. Pamela watches Daryl kill a walker and says she’s seen enough. 


Ezekiel receives some good news on The Walking Dead

Khary Payton as Ezekiel, Ian Anthony Dale as Tomi – The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 12 – Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC

Tomi (Ian Anthony Dale) gives Ezekiel (Khary Peyton) some good news. He is scheduled for surgery the next day to remove his tumor. Ezekiel is also surprised to find out his medical debt is paid in full. Jerry (Cooper Andrews) is more excited than Ezekiel. Ezekiel asks how it happened. Jerry says it doesn’t matter. He deserves some luck. 

Pamela goes to Oceanside next to meet with Rachel (Avianna Mynhier). She is disappointed to find out that Rachel is standing with Maggie (Lauren Cohan). Rachel says Oceanside renewed their protection pact with Hilltop. If Maggie partners with the Commonwealth, they will to. Pamela decides to make a detour to Hilltop to talk to Maggie. Lance doesn’t like and tries to blame Aaron. Aaron won’t be blamed for Lance’s disappointment though.

On the way to Hilltop, the caravan is stopped by a woman in distress. She is trying to hold on to a horse while fighting walkers. The horse gets loose and runs away, leaving the woman to fight. The woman is Maggie. She’s happy to see Aaron and Daryl, but questions why they trust Pamela. Daryl says he actually doesn’t … yet. They both explain that the people from the Commonwealth have kept their word. And the arrangement isn’t permanent. They can leave once Alexandria is fixed. They both agree that Maggie could use some help as well. 


Lance asks Maggie to go hunting with them. Once in the woods, the group splits up and Maggie ends up with Pamela. Pamela pitches why Maggie should partner with them. Pamela states that everything cost something. Her cost is sleep. She has so much to worry about with the Commonwealth that she wasn’t sure if she should visit Alexandria and Oceanside. But they need each other because they are stronger together. And together they can take back the world. Pamela says there is a natural order to things that needs to be restored in order to provide a future for their kids. And she’s offering Maggie the same protection pact that Hilltop has with Oceanside. 

Carol (Melissa McBride) visits Ezekiel, who is still in disbelief of his recent luck. He tells her about the surgery and that is debt is paid in full. Carol’s reaction is enough for Ezekiel to realize she had something to do with it. Carol admits that Lance owed her a favor. And besides, she didn’t do anything that Pamela wouldn’t do for her idiot son. Ezekiel gets upset because so many other sick people are suffering while waiting for treatment. Why does Carol think he’s special? She says lesser men have gotten more and did nothing with it. She says Ezekiel is not a lesser man.

Maggie and Pamela talk about their leadership styles. Maggie says she leads the way Deanna and Georgie taught her. The communities they built are fair. Pamela says the Commonwealth is fair. Maggie questions why {Pamela drives a nicer car and lives in a nicer house than others. Pamela says it’s because she has more responsibilities. She gives her people something to look up to. Maggie wants her people to see her actions, not what she has that they don’t. They are interrupted by a couple of walkers. Maggie kills the one behind Pamela with a knife. And Pamela kills the one behind Maggie with a gun. 


Maggie considers the Commonwealth's proposal on The Walking Dead

Lauren Cohan as Maggie Rhee – The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 12 – Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC

Rosita finds Eugene sulking about his Stephanie situation. He asks if she regrets coming to the Commonwealth. She likes that they are all together and everyone is safe, so it works for now. She does miss the freedom they had at Alexandria. But they will return to Alexandria soon and get their choices back. Rosita makes Eugene spill his guts out about Stephanie. He says that Stephanie broke up with him. She wasn’t who he thought she was. Rosita consoles him, saying he can do better. His person is out there, and he will find her. 

Maggie returns to Hilltop with the Commonwealth caravan. Diana (Kerry Cahill), Lydia (Cassady McClincy) and Elijah (Okea Eme-Akwari) greet her, and they are all excited that the Commonwealth is there to help. Lydia runs to talk to Daryl and mentions that things are bad. She asks when is she supposed to know to walk away. 

Lance interrupts, asking Maggie if he can distribute food and supplies to her community. Maggie allows it and Daryl helps. Hershel (Kien Michael Spiller) helps too after playing around with Mercer. Mercer thinks Hershel is a great kid. Daryl says he’s stronger than most kids. Mercer wonders why Maggie wants to stay. Daryl answers that Hilltop is a special place. Not all places are as lucky as the Commonwealth. Mercer says the Commonwealth isn’t perfect and tells Daryl not to get too comfortable. 


Ezekiel is about to go in for surgery. Jerry promises to have ice cream and pizza when he wakes up. Ezekiel tells Jerry not to put pineapple on the pizza because “pineapple on pizza doesn’t make sense.” The orderly comes in to take Ezekiel, saying he’s only eating Jell-o for a while. 

Lance sits with Maggie to try and change her mind. She knows he has a stake in the partnerships and asks what that is. Lance tries to paint a picture of the world before the apocalypse for Maggie. He wants to get back to that and it starts with Alexandria, Hilltop and Oceanside. They are interrupted by yelling and gunshots. Walkers broke through the Hilltop’s security traps. Maggie, Elijah, Lydia and Diane head into the woods, while the Commonwealth soldier kill the walkers in the courtyard. Mercer joins Maggie’s group and takes the opportunity to use his knives to kill walkers. Eventually the Commonwealth soldiers catch up and shoot the rest of the walkers. 

When they return, Diane is excited about the possibility of having the Commonwealth around to help them. Maggie watches Mercer call for his soldiers to get in formation, including Daryl. While that is going on, Pamela emerges with Lance. Maggie joins them and says everyone is okay. She also declines their offer because everything costs something. 


Max is the real Stephanie on The Walking Dead

Margot Bingham as Max – The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 12 – Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC

Eugene pays a visit to Max. He brings her raspberry ice cream to say he’s sorry for how he reacted. He says he let Lance get in his head and calls him a snake. Eugene says he was upset for letting an imposter into his heart and his home. He even let her read his manuscript. That last part really hurts Stephanie because they talked about the book he wanted to write. 

Max doesn’t understand how he didn’t know that Shera wasn’t Stephanie. Eugene says he’s wired differently. He’s used to being rejected by women. He even wondered if the connection he had to “Stephanie” wasn’t all in his head. So when he got to the Commonwealth and Shera didn’t push him away, he believed it was real. 

Eugene says he never meant to hurt Max and wants to make it up to her. At first Max is unsure, but then asks to read his novel. Unfortunately he already burned it. They start talking about the storyline for his book. Max smiles saying their conversation felt like old times.


The Commonwealth caravan packs up to leave. Daryl gives Maggie a jar of candy from Judith. Diane informs Maggie that she and a group of others are going with the Commonwealth and says Maggie should come with them. Maggie tells her to be careful of who they trust. Diane says they also have to know when to ask for help. It doesn’t have to be this hard. Diane says she can’t do this anymore. 

Lance checks in with Pamela and says his efforts to bring Maggie in is not over. They still have Alexandria. Pamela understands why Lance would want to expand their community. Someone has to run things and she knows how ambitious he is. She allows Lance to continue trying with Maggie, but only if his job at the Commonwealth doesn’t suffer. The Commonwealth always comes first.

Out of frustration, Lance goes the woods and shoots a gun into the air. He draws out a group of walkers and starts killing them. Aaron walks upon him to make sure he’s okay. Lance says he’s A plus. Aaron asks about Pamela’s decision about Alexandria. Lance says Pamela is on board and they are bringing in more people. He tells Aaron to get ready.  They are going to remake the world. 

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