The Walking Dead final season is upon us. AMC released a teaser today on Twitter that gave fans the first look at an important character. Led by Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan), Team Family look like they’re ready for battle.

From the looks of it, Team Family might be fighting the storm-trooper looking people that Eugene (Josh McDermitt) and company encountered. And they are still in custody! Could this be a hostage situation? Maybe … maybe not. There are some serious looking faces though. 

Two things stick out. One – Mercer and his stormtrooper looking soldiers. Mercer is straight from the comics and is played by Michael James Shaw. He is the leader of the Commonwealth Military, which explains why he’s wearing red uniform. In the comics, he grows close to Princess, which could lead to more screen time for Paola Lopez. However, by the looks of the teaser, he’s kind of the enemy right now. And because he showed up in the teaser, we will definitely meet him sooner rather than later in the season. 

The Commonwealth is the place where the comics end. It’s a community much like the CRM. It’s located in Ohio in the comics, but Eugene encounters them in West Virginia in the TV show. The place is run by a lady named Pamela Milton and it has everything that we thought was gone: food, electricity, clean water, class system, government, etc. Comic book readers know this place well and the things that should occur. There’s no word on if Pamela has been cast yet.

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And the second thing that stick out is the reaper. The reapers are the people who destroyed Maggie’s latest home, forcing her to flee back to Alexandria. In a teaser released a few days before this on, there was a shot of the Reapers. There was a pretty good number of them so I think we should be scared. In this teaser, there is only one reaper and he’s pretty far from the camera. We don’t know much about them and I’m looking forward to watching Team Family destroy them. You can check out the latest teaser below.

TWD had a great run this past decade, but it’s not over yet. Part one of The Walking Dead final season premieres on AMC on Sunday August 22. 


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