And things just keep getting worse for our friends on The Walking Dead. In “Hunted,” Maggie (Lauren Cohan) seeks safety after the attack at Arbor Hills, while Carol (Melissa McBride) gets a win for Alexandria. 

Maggie led the group to a supply depot in Arbor Hills only to encounter the reapers. Now the entire group is split up and in more danger than ever. Meanwhile, the residents at Alexandria continue to rebuild, but Carol has other concerns. 

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It’s utter chaos at Arbor HIlls. The Reapers are killing people left and right. all Maggie can do is stand there and watch her people die and get taken. Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Dog team up while Maggie narrowly escapes. 

Back at Alexandria, Magna (Nadia Hilker) is on guard duty when she sees Carol and Kelly (Angel Theory) enter the gates. She catches up with Kelly to make sure she’s okay, but Kelly is still concerned about Connie (Lauren Ridloff). The rest of Alexandria are putting the walls back up. Aaron (Ross Marquand) sees Carol and confronts her about her whereabouts that morning. Carol wants to get their horses back, but Aaron really needs her help in the community. Aaron doesn’t think the horses can be caught, but Carol thinks Alexandria needs the horses more than they need her.

Judith (Cailey Fleming), Gracie (Anabelle Holloway), RJ (Antony Azor), and Hershel (Kien Michael Spiller) play cards and talk about their parents. They’re almost used to the idea of their parents leaving for long periods of time. They know the things their parents say when they leave is to make the parents feel better about leaving. The kids are certain their parents will always come back. 


Maggie walks to a shopping center and the Reapers follow her. She quickly finds a way in and makes her way upstairs. She is attacked by a walker and a reaper but throws them both down the stairs. Maggie hears someone else coming and takes off. 

Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) has a knife in his leg. He sits alone in the woods and pulls the knife out. He sees someone running from him and follows the Reaper. Both of them are limping. 

Maggie finds Alden (Callan McAuliffe) and they are immediately attacked by Reapers. Both of them are trying to fight off a Reaper, when Negan comes from behind and knocks a Reaper off of Maggie. They hear Alden scream and Maggie throws a knife at the Reaper on top of him. The Reaper throws a smoke bomb and they both disappear.

Alden is hurt pretty bad. Negan thinks they should leave him behind, but Maggie won’t do that. He tries to argue, saying the Reapers are looking for them, but he doesn’t have a better plan. Maggie’s plan is to get the food back to Alexandria. She wants to another supply house and wait for the others. Negan thinks the others are dead. He says he’s on Maggie’s side, so Maggie tells him to help her with Alden. They pick up Alden and leave.

Maggie finds a place to stop and rest. She looks at her map and sees the next supply house is ten miles away. They hear a woman scream and find Maggie’s friend Agatha (Laurie Fortier) fighting off walkers. She’s with Duncan (Marcus Lewis), but Duncan is fading fast. Alden and Negan kill the rest of the walkers as Maggie tends to Duncan. Duncan asks Maggie to get Agatha home safely and dies. 


Rosita, Carol, Kelly, and Magna search for lost horses on The Walking Dead

Christian Serratos as Rosita Espinosa, Nadia Hilker as Magna, Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier, Angel Theory as Kelly – The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC

Rosita (Christian Serratos) is foraging when Carol, Kelly, and Magna approach her. She joins them in searching for the horses. They find one, but scare him away. They keep going, giving Rosita a chance to talk to Carol. She tells her about a dream she had. Abraham was trying to tell her something and just when Rosita is about hear what he’s saying, he gets shot in the head. She’s pretty sure he was trying to tell her something about Alexandria. 

Carol and her group find the horse, but it’s dead in the woods. Kelly is upset and starts crying. Carol wants to keep looking for the rest of the horse, but Rosita says they need to go home. They can always look the next day. Carol doesn’t want to give up and tries to keep going. Magna stops her and hugs Carol. Carol hugs her back and decides to go home.

On their way back, Rosita hears running. They run to an open field and see four horses running together. There’s a dairy farm nearby where they can pin the horses. The ladies attempt to lasso the horses, but the horses won’t stop long enough to be caught. Kelly tells everyone to lower their ropes and the horses stop running. She says they aren’t running from them and they want to come home. Carol slow walks to the horse and it stops to allow her to pet him. The rest of the ladies join her.

Gabriel finds the man’s shoes and hears him praying. His name is Nicholls (Hans Christopher) and is badly injured. Nicholls asks Gabriel to pray for him. Gabriel reminds the guy that he tried to kill Gabriel’s friends. Even though they were trying to kill him too. Nicholls says prayer is the lease he deserves as Gabriel’s enemy. Gabriel doesn’t move and Nicholls points out that Gabriel is supposed to be a man of God. Gabriel says God isn’t here anymore and kills Nicholls.


Maggie, Alden, Agatha and Negan trek through the woods with walkers following them. Negan doesn’t like Maggie’s plan and she tells him to leave if he wants to. Negan tries to tell her that a lot changed while she was gone, but she won’t accept that he was accepted by Alexandria. He will never be one of them so he should stop pretending. 

Alden asks Maggie if she’s okay. This couldn’t have been what she was expecting. Maggie says nothing surprises her anymore. Except maybe the fact that Alden is raising a kid now. Alden starts to talk about what to do with his son if he doesn’t make it, but Maggie stops him. She says they will start rebuilding Hilltop when they return. 

Negan finds a burnt walker tied to a tree with a board above his head that says “Judas.” The walkers catch up and surround the group. Maggie tries to help Alden, but Agatha gets caught and bit. Maggie tries to help her. Negan has to pull Maggie away from Agatha while the walkers devour her. 

Carol’s group proudly return with the horses. Magna asks Carol to stop giving Kelly false hope about Connie. She thinks Carol can’t accept that Connie could be dead and what that means for Carol. Magna needs her family to heal and Kelly looks up to Carol. Magna thinks Carol is just making things worse for Kelly.

Carol takes her horse to a garage and slashes it’s throat. Aaron finds her and helps her keep the blood from getting everywhere. Carol cries as the horse dies, but it was for a good cause. The meat was fed to the community. Judith gets a plate for RJ, Gracie and Hershel. Hershel has eaten horse before and tells them to take small bites and chew fast. He says it’s not that bad. 

Rosita takes Coco to see the horses. She sees Carol washing the blood off of her hands. Magna sits alone eating the meat when Kelly joins her. Kelly hugs Magna before leaving with Carol. 


Maggie and Alden talk about the future on The Walking Dead

Callan McAuliffe as Alden, Lauren Cohan as Maggie Greene – The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC

Negan, Alden and Maggie find an old church and stop to rest. Negan gives Maggie a look and she knows what he’s thinking. Maggie says no, but Alden knows too. He says Negan is right. He’s just slowing them down and things can only get worse when the Reapers catch up. Maggie doesn’t want to leave Alden behind. Alden says he left Negan and the Saviors to join Maggie because he trusts her to do the right thing. No matter what the cost. 

Maggie says Adam needs a father. But Alden can’t make it back in his condition. He’s choosing to stay behind. Maggie keeps saying no. Alden says that if they fail, then everything Maggie is working for will die with them. Then what happens to Adam?  Negan points out that the sun is going down and she needs to make a decision. Maggie thinks this is easy for Negan to be reckless with someone’s life. But now, he doesn’t get to decide who lives and dies. Maggie blames Negan for all of this happening, because he destroyed everything they built. But Maggie still has to decide.

Maggie gives Alden the food from her bag and a knife. Negan moves a pew close to the door so Alden can block it after they leave. As she walks out the door, Maggie says Alden better be there when she returns. He says she better come back. Alden closes the door and puts the barricade in place. He winces in pain.  Maggie and Negan leave but Negan has to kill a walker that’s been lingering outside. Maggie watches him with caution.

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