Times are hard on The Walking Dead. In “One More,” Aaron (Ross Marquand) and Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) search for food and find someone who tests their faith in humanity. Robert Patrick guest stars in this week’s The Walking Dead episode.

The Whisperers destroyed Alexandria’s food supply and now the community is desperate for food. Last week, Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Carol (Melissa McBride) couldn’t find any deer in the area, but were able to catch a couple of fish.  

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Maggie (Lauren Cohan) gave the group a map of “unsearched structures for possible food sources.” Aaron and Gabriel volunteered to search, but they aren’t having any luck. They encounter a lot of walkers in the tall grass, but it’s nothing they can’t handle. The duo searches a line of cars that have bullet holes in them. When they don’t find anything, Gabriel says “two more.”

The next location is a boarded up supermarket. These walkers are getting really juicy. The guys actually pull the skin off the arms of one walker. Gabriel climbed to the roof to get into the store, but didn’t find any food. Gabriel wants to search one more place, but Aaron says they’ve been searching for two weeks. He’s tired and he misses his daughter. Things are looking very bleak. Gabriel asks for one more.

They come upon a mud pit and a walker jumps out of nowhere and grabs Gabriel. Aaron kills the walker and picks Gabriel up off the ground. The map is covered in mud. Gabriel says there’s a water tower about an hour away, but Aaron doesn’t want to get lost now that the map is ruined. Gabriel agrees and says they will follow their tracks back. And then it starts raining. 

Aaron finds something unexpected on The Walking Dead

Ross Marquand as Aaron – The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 19 – Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC

After the rain stops, they find a warehouse, but it wasn’t on the map. The guys go inside and split up to search the place. No walkers in sight, but there is a pile of bibles. Gabriel hears Aaron scream in terror. He runs towards the screaming and finds Aaron killed a boar. Gabriel laughs at the way Aaron screamed. OH LAWD. After he finishes laughing, Gabriel says they have dinner and he found a bottle of whisky to go with it. 

Aaron continues looking around while Gabriel cooks. He finds a couple of stuffed animals for Gracie and Coco. They sit down to eat. Gabriel pours the whiskey, but only pours a tiny bit. Aaron questions this and Gabriel explains to him how the whiskey costs over $2000. He instructs Aaron how to appreciate the whiskey. Aaron understands, but says they had a rough day, so Gabriel fills up both their cups.


They play a game of poker and get so drunk, they start talking about God. Aaron asks what God would think of Gabriel drinking whiskey. Gabriel tells him about his mentor and the best lesson he learned. The mentor told him to just be with his people and talk to them. And he taught him about whiskey. Aaron says Gabriel needs to start preaching again and he will be made if he doesn’t. 

Aaron talks about when he was out searching for people and helping them; that felt right. They haven’t done that in a long time and they should go back to it. Gabriel doesn’t want to preach anymore and he doesn’t think they can go back to the way they were. The world changed. Aaron says despite what they went through with the Whisperers, that is not how most people are. Gabriel says evil people aren’t the exception to the rule, they are the rule. 

Aaron gets up to say he’s sober. He’s going to go to the roof and jump off. Gabriel offers to give him last rights, but Aaron will get back to him. Gabriel takes another drink as Aaron grabs a stick and attempts to hit something with it…but hits Gabriel in the leg instead.

Robert Patrick guest stars as Mays on The Walking Dead

Robert Patrick as Mays- The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 19 – Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC

The guys pass out and Aaron wakes up abruptly to go to the bathroom. Gabriel goes back to sleep and misses the car lights going by the window. The next morning, Aaron is missing. Gabriel looks for him, but someone in a raincoat finds Gabriel instead. The man’s name is Mays (Patrick). He asks what they were cooking and asks for a bite. 

Mays actually lives in the warehouse and he’s a little bothered that Aaron Gabriel ate his boar and drank his whiskey. Gabriel tries to find out where Aaron is, but Mays is pretty sure they are there to hurt him. I think finding Aaron’s metal hand didn’t help that thought.

Gabriel tries to intimidate Mays, saying they have a large community of fighters. Mays knows he’s bluffing because he saw the card game. He pulls out a gun and shoots at the next room. He tells Gabriel that his friend is in there. Gabriel jumps up but Mays makes him sit down. He opens the door to the next room and says it looks like Aaron is still breathing.

Mays asks Gabriel why he still wears the collar. He says maybe the same reason that Mays has a stack of bibles. He loves what it represents, basically. Mays says he liked the pages of the bible to wipe with when he used the bathroom. Mays asks Gabriel if it’s hard to preach about something he doesn’t believe in anymore. He heard Gabe’s conversation about how evil people are the rule now. Gabriel says he was drunk, but the man thinks there’s some truth to that. There’s nothing left inthe world but thieves and murderers. Gabriel believes there’s still some good in the world. 


Mays rolls Aaron out of the next room and sits him in front of Gabriel. He pulls out a handgun, puts on bullet in the chamber and tells them they have a choice. They can either point the gun at themselves or the man across from them and pull the trigger. Gabriel tries to reason with Mays, but Mays wants him to see that men are no good. 

Each time Gabriel or Aaron pick up the gun, they point it at themselves and pull the trigger. Each time, they are safe, but it’s nerve-racking! Mays is amused. He’s also interested in how Aaron lost his arm and Gabriel lost an eye. Aaron and Gabriel try to convince this guy that they are family, but Mays doesn’t’ have much faith in family.

Mays tells them about how he helped his brother and his family. One day he came home and found his brother stealing his food. So he handled it. And his brother taught him a valuable lesson. Gabriel says his brother didn’t teach Mays anything. He thinks Mays found it easier to accept that everyone is evil instead of accepting the fact that food mean more to his brother. 

Gabriel says Mays is so full of hate that he can’t see that he’s about to kill two innocent people. Mays won’t accept it and yells at Aaron to pick up the gun. When Aaron starts to point the gun at himself, Mays reminds him that Gracie is waiting for him. Aaron still puts the gun to his head, so Mays stops him. They both tell Mays that they can help him because that’s what they do. He can come home with them. 


Mays backs down, putting his gun down and emptying the handgun. He unties Aaron go and Gabriel walks up behind Mays. He hits Mays in the head with Aaron’s arm, killing him. Gabriel says they’re good but Aaron wonders if they are. Gabriel says they couldn’t take him back with them.

As they leave, Aaron begins to wonder where Mays was hiding. He heard everything they said. They find a trap door in the ceiling. The search and find two dead bodies and a man handcuffed to a pipe. The man is Mays’ twin brother and the bodies are those of the brother’s family. They uncuff him and offer to help him. Mays’ brother picks up a gun and points it at Gabriel. Gabriel says they will help him and he can go home with them. Mays’ twin looks at the dead bodies of his family and shoots himself in the head. 

On the bright side, they found a little food. Gabriel grabs a few things and they leave the warehouse. On the way home, they see a water tower. It’s the last place on their map. Aaron says “one more.”

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