The Whisperers are a growing threat on The Walking Dead.  In “Bonds,” Carol (Melissa McBride) takes matters into her own hands to stop them.  But Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) may be a few steps ahead of her. 

First the Whisperers send waves of walkers to attack Alexandria, then the Hilltop. I’m sure Oceanside is seeing some action as well. They chopped down a tree that fell into the Hilltop community, damaging their wall.  And last week, Alpha (Samantha Morton) ordered Gamma (Thora Birch) to contaminate Alexandria’s water supply. Clearly she’s trying to run everyone off and take over their lands. And the sad thing is, everyone is letting her because she supposedly has a nuclear weapon that she’s not afraid to use.  

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Carol wakes up one day and just decides to take a walk in the woods.  Daryl (Norman Reedus) sees her leave and runs to catch up with her. Carol says she’s going out to look for Negan, no big deal. So she won’t mind if Daryl joins her, right?  

Daryl knows Carol better than that and asks what she’s really up to.  Carol says she’s looking for Alpha’s walker horde. They moved the horde from the quarry near their Northern border. Alpha is using the horde as a weapon against the communities.  If they can find it, they can destroy it.  

Negan is still missing.  He allowed himself to be captured by Beta (Ryan Hurst). They blindfold Negan and take him to their camp.  Negan talks the entire way there. At one point, Beta pulls out his knives and holds them to Negan neck so he will shut up. Negan says he was held captive by the Whisperers enemy.  He has information on them that he wants to share. Beta allows him to live because Alpha may want to hear what Negan has to say. 

Eugene continues the Hilltop upgrades on The Walking Dead

Josh McDermitt as Dr. Eugene Porter – The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 6 – Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC

Eugene (Josh McDermitt) works on upgrading Hilltops radio transmitter.  He hears Rosita (Christian Serratos) calling Hilltop and answers. She’s happy that he answered and asks how he’s doing. He says he’s keeping busy with the radio upgrades and engineering the wall. Rosita asks when he’s coming home, but Eugene hasn’t even thought about it.  

Rosita is sick with a stomach bug but reassures Eugene that she is feeling better.  She also tells him that Coco isn’t sick, which eases Eugene’s mind. Something on the transmitter pops and starts smoking.  Eugene has to end the transmission so the whole radio doesn’t implode but promises to call her back.  

It’s Siddiq’s (Avi Nash)  day to watch Coco.  He’s at the clinic with the baby while Dante (Juan Javier Cardenas) sees a few patients with the same stomach bug as Rosita.  Neither doctor is too concerned, but Siddiq offers to see some people to help out.  Dante says he’s got everything under control, because he’s amazing. Dante tells Siddiq to spend the day with his daughter. 


They set up near a clearing in the woods and wait.  While they wait, Carol asks how Hilltop is. Daryl says Ezekiel (Khary Peyton) sends his regards.  She asks how Connie (Lauren Ridloff) is doing and Daryl tries to divert the question. He says they are just friends, but Carol thinks otherwise. She encourages Daryl to pursue a relationship with Connie because, one, there aren’t many good people out there like Connie. And two, he can’t just hang out with Dog all the time.  

Daryl sees movement in the clearing. The Whisperers are collecting guardians and they lead them into the clearing.  Daryl and Carol debate on whether or not to move closer and follow them. Daryl says anything they do will affect the communities, so they have to tell the council. Plus they need backup.  Carol says she and he should be enough to get the job done.  

Daryl knows Carol will follow the Whisperers with or without him.  He also knows she hiding something else. He agrees to go with her, but they have to do this right. They can’t kill any walkers and must avoid being seen at all costs since they will be crossing the border. Carol agrees and they head out.

Beta doesn't trust Negan on The Walking Dead

Ryan Hurst as Beta – The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 6 – Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC

Beta makes it known that he does not trust Negan, but Alpha is intrigued. She tells Beta to test him and then they will decide. Beta doesn’t like the idea. Alpha mentions that this isn’t the first time he’s questioned her judgment. She asks if it’s time for Beta to become the Alpha.  He kneels in front of Alpha and says ‘never.’ 

Beta takes Negan out to a clearing. Negan ask him if there’s something more going between Beta and Alpha.  Beta tells him to respect the Alpha. He makes Negan dig a whole. Beta hands Negan a small knife so he can kill the pig.  After they take the meat from the pig, Negan helps them to bury the carcass. The Whisperers gather to feast on the pig and Negan is excited.  Beta stops him, saying only those who deserve to walk among them can eat.  Negan says he earned his right to a piece of bacon. He throws Negan to the side. Negan stands up and sees Alpha watching. He accepts what Beta says and sits on a tree stump. The Whisperer sitting next to him hands him a piece of bacon.

Later that night, the group moves through the woods. Negan keeps talking, not really saying anything that Beta wants to hear.  Negan says he knows that Beta doesn’t like him, but he wants to be a Whisperer. Negan is going nowhere. Beta agrees, as the Whisperers trail off. Beta kills a guardian, making the rest turn towards him and Negan.  Beta says Nega is going nowhere and glides away. Negan pulls out the knife as the walkers surround him, but the knife is broken.


Siddiq goes to Rosita’s looking for Gabriel (Seth Gilliam), but he’s out with an overnight search party.  Rosita’s condition is worse. Siddiq tells her to go to the infirmary, but Rosita insists that she’s fine. She tries to sit up and realizes she’s not. Siddiq helps her up, carrying Rosita with one arm, and the baby with the other, they head to the infirmary.

When they get there, Dante is overwhelmed with patients.  Siddiq gets upset that Dante didn’t send for him. Whatever this bug is, it’s spreading.  Siddiq helps stabilize everyone and sits with Rosita. Coco is restless, so Siddiq rocks her in a rocking chair.  He closes his eyes and hears Alpha telling him to open them. When he opens his eyes, he is outside, at the windmill with Coco still in his arms.  

Carol and Daryl test their bonds on The Walking Dead

Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier, Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon; group – The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 6 – Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC

Daryl and Carol are on opposite ends of the clearing.  They see the herd, but it’s not moving from the clearing. Daryl signals to Carol that they need head back, but she wants to stay. Carol steps on a stick, making a loud enough noise to attract a couple of walkers.  The rest of the group follows them into the woods, including a couple of Whisperers. One of the walkers finds Daryl and attacks. He breaks the walker’s neck, slices open the stomach and rubs blood on his face. Two more walkers are nearby, but don’t see Daryl. One of the Whisperers is behind the tree where Daryl is hiding and watches.  He lets the walkers keep moving.

When Daryl catches up with Carol, she has a friend with her. Carol caught a Whisperer and bound him with a zip tie. She says she didn’t plan to catch one, but she did. It’s done. They can question him for information.  They leave the Whisperer’s land and head back to Alexandria.


Eugene tries to call Rosita back but she’s already in the infirmary.  He decides to reach out to the rest of the world and gets a reply. A woman, who won’t give her name, answers Eugene, excited that someone answered her calls.  He asks where she’s located, how long she’s been there, and how many people is she with. The woman says people are too dangerous for her to answer any of those questions.  They decide to talk about their lives prior to the end of the world instead. 

Eugene, going by the name Taterbug says he’s from Texas, but we already knew that.  The woman says she grew up in Strasburg, Pennsylvania. Eugene has actually been to Strasburg. They talk about an ice cream shop that they both loved. 

Eugene really wants to continue talking to this woman.She’s apprehensive because he could be a danger to her and vice versa.  Eugene gives her his real name and says they should continue talking to build trust between them. She agrees, but only if they keep the conversation between the two of them.  

Negan is ready to join the Whisperers on The Walking Dead

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan; single – The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 6 – Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC

The next morning, Beta tells Alpha that Negan was too weak to survive. But then Negan strolls into the camp asking for his skin suit. He carrying a stick covered in blood…it kind of looks like Lucille. Negan walks right up to Alpha and introduces himself. He says whether his reputation precedes him or not, he’s all in. he lays the stick at Alpha’s feet. Negan says whatever she wants and whatever he’s got, it’s hers. The entire camp surrounds them and watches.  Alpha moves in closer towards Negan’s face and shushes him. Negan just smiles back at her. 

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I was expecting a war, but instead I’m getting stories that set up tragedy, discovery, and treachery.  The illness that is spreading through Alexandria is obviously from contaminated water. It’s the only thing that the whole community shares and we saw Gamma bleeding walkers into the stream last week.  She also sent the walker waves and Carol is the only person who seems to want to do anything about it. Taking that Whisperer is going to cost them. She also killed a Whisperer that has just disappeared and no one seems to care. Carol is risking lives, but she’s the most determined to “Silence the Whisperers.”

Eugene found a satellite, but hasn’t really done anything with it. He has now discovered a new survivor. Who could this person be?  Friend? Foe? And the important question…will we get a chance to find out? Is this the same woman who called Hilltop at the end of Season 9?  

And will Negan tells Alpha everything he knows about the communities?  He may have lost a war to them, but he’s been watching and listening. He knows their strengths and weaknesses.  But I just don’t buy that he wants to wear a skin mask. He’s too pretty!

It looks like this war isn’t going to happen until the second half of The Walking Dead.  I have enjoyed the content so far. As much as the TWD writers like to drag out stories, they’ve actually done a good job of developing more characters like Rosita, Siddiq, Aaron, and others.  For once I feel like we’re really getting to know some of the characters the writers pushed on us last season. Which makes me think they are about to kill some of them off.  





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