The Walking Dead final season continues. Part one left fans wondering who would live through the night. Leah (Lynn Collins) unleashed hell on Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and her herd of walkers. She fired up the ​​hwacha, or rocket launcher, confident that it would end the conflict. Meanwhile, a storm hit Alexandria, causing multiple breaches, flooding, and a fire. The residents are held up in one house fighting off walkers. 

In “No Other Way,” the night of terror continues in Alexandria and Meridian as Daryl (Norman Reddus) tries to find a peaceful way to resolve everything. 

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After launching the ​​hwacha, Maggie was able to find a safe place to get away from the rockets. She met up with Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Elijah (Okea Eme-Akwari), who is hurt pretty bad. She lead them to the infirmary to help Elijah and to hide. There is a secret room behind the supply shelves. Negan expresses his opinion that they should leave immediately, but Maggie won’t leave Gabriel (Seth Gilliam), Daryl, or the food behind. Carver (Alex Meraz) shows up, looking for Maggie.

Daylight finally comes to Alexandria as the storm rages on. Diane (Kerry Cahill) informs Rosita (Christian Serratos) that they can’t find Judith (Cailey Fleming) or Gracie (Annabelle Holloway). The girls are still in the basement. The water is rising. The door to the basement keeps the walkers out until they break through. 

Aaron (Ross Marquand) and Jerry (Cooper Andrews) left to put out the fire at the windmill. Carol (Melissa McBride) led a group to patch up any breaches in the fence. If the windmill falls, it will cause a huge breach and even more problems for the community. Magna (Nadia Hilker) and Connie (Lauren Ridloff) leave to find any more breaches, while the others head for the windmill. Aaron heads back to the house because he hears Gracie’s emergency whistle. 


Daryl gets away from the rockets but encounters several Reapers. He has to kill them to get away. Leah catches up to him and she is tired of losing people too. Gabriel makes his way to the roof of one of the buildings. First he finds the Reaper’s priest Mancea (Dikran Tulaine). Mancea knew Gabriel was watching him earlier. He says God told him. Gabriel is surprised that Mancea still hears God. Mancea offers to help Gabriel talk to God once again. Gabriel kills him instead. 

Carver finds Maggie and chases her down to a dead end hallway. Elijah comes out of a room behind Maggie. Negan appears behind Carver. The trio fight the Reaper, but he’s really tough. It takes a handful of sand and a bell for Negan to knock him down. Elijah wants revenge for his sister’s death. Maggie starts to kill Carver, but Daryl shows up to stop her. He knocks out the Reaper instead and says they need to use him to stop this conflict. Maggie agrees and promises Elijah that Carver will get what’s coming to him.


Gabriel protects his friends on The Walking Dead

Seth Gilliam as Father Gabriel Stokes – The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 9 – Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC

Daryl ties up Carver and meets Leah. He tells her to take her two remaining guys and leave. When he thinks she’s far enough, he will release Carver. They are doing this all wrong by killing each other to survive. He’s giving Leah a chance to save what’s left of her family. Leah doesn’t agree. Instead she has her sniper fire a warning shot and yells for the others to come out. 

Maggie, Negan and Elijah face Leah and her people. Leah tells Daryl to let Carver go or she will kill Maggie. Elijah, weapon in hand, starts walking toward Carver. Leah tells him to stop, but Elijah falls before he gets to the man. Carver starts to kick Elijah and is shot in the leg by the sniper. Leah radios her gunman, shocked that he would shoot one of his one. Gabriel answers her instead. He tells Leah to back off or all of her men are dead. 

Leah looks at Daryl and asks if the deal is still good. Maggie answers, saying Leah’s plan was to get them out of hiding and kill them one by one. Why should they do the same to her? Leah agrees to walk away, so she can save her family. Maggie tells them to drop their weapons first. Leah asks to take Carver, but Maggie says no. Leah promises Carver that she will see him soon. 


Maggie checks on Elijah and he tells her that it’s for his sister and everyone they killed. Daryl picks up Carver, not seeing Maggie pick up a gun. She follows Leah and her men and starts shooting. Leah gets shot in the shoulder and runs away. The other two are dead. Daryl runs after them, following Leah. Maggie goes back to Carver, but she’s out of bullets. She takes an ax and buries it in Carver’s chest. Negan watches with great interest. 

Daryl follows Leah’s trail of blood to a junk pile. He knows where she is hiding but doesn’t reveal her. Instead he says he didn’t want this. He wanted to give her another chance. Daryl tells her to leave before he changes his mind. 


Judith and Gracie stand on a table to avoid the rising water. The walkers make it down the stairs and reach for the girls. Aaron shows up at the basement window. He quickly breaks the glass so he can jump in to help the girls. He uses his metal arm to kill multiple walkers, but one of them falls on Aaron. Aaron is underwater, fighting off the walker. The girls help by killing the walker so Aaron can come up for air. He helps the girls get out of the basement through the window, but can’t get out himself. The girls leave to find help.

The walkers flood into the basement, breaking the stairs.  Upstairs, Rosita sends Lydia (Cassady McClincy) to find the girls. She runs to the basement and sees Aaron. He was able to jump up to a pipe and crawl towards the window, but the pipe broke. Aaron is about to fall into the walker-infested waters. Lydia runs to find a rope and helps Aaron reach the window. 


Negan makes a bold decision on The Walking Dead

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan – The Walking Dead _ Season 11 – Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC

Gabriel and Negan start to load up a wagon with food. Daryl returns and won’t even look at Maggie. She is heading out, but promises to catch up with them soon. Maggie goes to the abandoned church where they left Alden (Callan McAuliffe). She immediately encounters a walker, but it’s not Alden. Alden is on the floor at the front of the church. He died. Maggie takes his face into her hands and kills his body. She cries as she holds him. 

Maggie buries Alden nearby and Negan shows up. He asks if she was always going to kill the Reapers. He doesn’t blame her, but when it comes to him, it’s just a matter of time. Negan won’t give her the chance to do the same to him. So he’s leaving out on his own. 

Daryl, Gabriel and Elijah stop to camp for the night. Daryl questions whether or not their choices even matter anymore. Gabriel says it depends on who’s making the choice. Having doubt is important, but it doesn’t make you wrong. In a way he’s telling Daryl to have faith. Daryl wonders if Gabriel has faith.He says he’s trying. Maggie returns and tells them that Alden is dead and Negan left. 


Carol and Jerry are on watch when Daryl and the others return. They are surprised, but happy to only see the four of them. Daryl starts passing out food as the others reunite with their loved ones. Daryl drops his food basket when he sees Connie. He is very happy to see her and has lots of questions for her.

Jerry sees something else approach and yells for the others to join him. Daryl and Maggie run to the lookout post and tell the others to get ready for an attack. The Commonwealth soldiers ride up on horses. Eugene (Josh McDermitt) runs from behind them to stop anyone from attacking each other. He says they are there to help. 

The soldiers unload supplies while Eugene tells the Alexandrians about finding the Commonwealth community. He introduces everyone to Lance Hornsby (Josh Hamilton). Lance offers to help them build Alexandria back up. But he has another offer that he hopes they will take instead. 


Maggie stands at the gates of the Hilltop. She looks down at the Commonwealth soldiers. A soldier steps forward and removes his helmet. It’s Daryl. Maggie says it doesn’t have to be this way. Daryl says it does. 

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