Silence says a lot sometimes on The Walking Dead. In “Diverged,” Carol (Melissa McBride) and Daryl (Norman Reedus) choose to walk different paths while dealing with their feelings about their latest spat. 

A couple of weeks ago, Daryl and Carol found a little house in the woods. It belonged to Daryl’s ex-girlfriend who was also the original owner of Dog. The house brought up some old feelings for Daryl and the chance he missed out on to be happy. It also brought up how reckless Carol is and Daryl always there to pick up the pieces. He’s tired of it. And Carol doesn’t apologize for any hard decisions she’s made. She feels bad that people got hurt, but the end result is exactly what she wanted. 

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The day after Carol and Daryl’s last fight, they head back into the woods. Carol is worried that they won’t find enough food to feed everyone, but Daryl says they always find a way. They come to a fork in the road. One road leads to Daryl’s bike. The other is just another way to Alexandria. Daryl offers to give Carol a ride, but she wants to walk. Daryl says he’s going to keep looking for a little while longer. He starts to say something else and Carol assumes he’s going to apologize, but he tells her good luck instead. Dog looks at the both and decides to walk with Carol. 

Daryl has some motorcycle issues on The Walking Dead

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon – The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 21 – Photo Credit: Eli Ade/AMC

Daryl finds his bike and rides away. The bike makes a noise and stops. Upon further examination, one of the hoses is worn. So Daryl grabs his crossbow and starts walking. He comes across and abandoned car, but doesn’t find what he needs. There is a truck nearby and he finds a hose, but it won’t work. There’s a third car nearby, with a walker inside.

Daryl pops the hood and sees the hose he needs, but he has to climb under the car to get it. The walker watches Daryl as he walks around the car. Daryl climbs under the car and the walker moves to the other side of the car, causing it to tilt. He kicks the other side of the car to make the walker move back. He quickly gets the hose and gets out from under the car. 


Daryl returns to his bike and about to cut the old hose from the bike when he realizes that he gave his small knife to Carol. He tries to use a bigger knife but can’t get it in the small space. He decides to push the bike back to Alexandria. Daryl finds a group of walkers near the railroad tracks and sees that one of them is wearing camouflage. Daryl quietly makes way toward the walkers, when he steps on a twig. The snap makes all of the walkers turn for Daryl so he speed walks to the camo-walker. 

The camo-walker is stuck in a tree. There is a deep ditch between Daryl and the camo-walker. Daryl tries to climb down and falls. The camo-walker falls to get to Daryl and they fight. Daryl kills the camo-walker and takes his gear including a pair of pliers. The walker group catches up and one by one falls into the ditch. Daryl tells the camo-walker, “see you later a**hole.”

Daryl goes back to his bike and starts to fix the hose when another walk approaches. This walker is also wearing camouflage, so Daryl takes his gear too, including MRE packets (Meals Ready to Eat) and a small knife. He works on the bike through the night and hears wolves howling in the distance. He finishes up and the bike starts right up. Daryl takes off into the night. 

Carol looks for something to get her mind off of her problems on The Walking Dead

Cooper Andrews as Jerry, Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier – The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 21 – Photo Credit: Eli Ade/AMC

Carol and Dog return to Alexandria and head for home. Dog finds a torn scarf in the road and Carol picks it up. She gives Dog some water and then sits down for minute. Carol tells Dog that she didn’t need an apology from Daryl. He meant what he said. An apology is just a truce; it doesn’t fix anything.  

Carol checks in with Jerry (Cooper Andrews), but the community has everything under control. He asks about the scarf. Carol says she needs something to fix and asks him to give her something to do. Jerry’s stomach growls, so he says they could use something to eat. Carol offers to whip something up. Before she leaves, Jerry tells her that Maggie’s people are staying in Michonne’s kitchen. The Whisperers’ destroyed the solar panels so they don’t have electricity. And rats got into the grain so it’s ruined. Carol isn’t worried, she will find something to make.

Carol tells Jerry the story of stone soup. A stranger arrives in a village with nothing but a rock to trade for food. He convinced the villagers to try his famous stone soup. He goes door to door asking the villagers to borrow a little bit of each ingredient, until he has a full soup. And everyone was happy. Jerry says he hopes Ezekiel (Khary Peyton) and the others return soon so she doesn’t have to make stone soup. 


Carol goes into the pantry next to Daryl’s room, and starts looking for ingredients to mix together. She finds a few things mostly spices and starts her soup. She starts cutting up potatoes and hears a crash. Dog is going crazy, pulling things off the wall and knocking everything over. Carol yells at him to calm down and cleans up. She notices the cord to Daryl’s lamp has been chewed through and there are rat droppings on the floor. 

Dog goes crazy when he hears a rat scurrying through the walls. He runs to the pantry and knocks over Carol’s pot of soup. Carol kicks Dog out and looks around again for more stuff. This time to make a trap. She sets the trap and tells the rat, “see you later a**hole.”

Carol goes out to find more ingredients for her soup. Jerry keeps an eye on her, worried about what’s bothering her, but of course, Carol acts like nothing bothers her. She encounters a group of walkers and takes her frustration out of them. And then returns home to start her soup. 

Dog watches out for Daryl on The Walking Dead

Dog – The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 21 – Photo Credit: Eli Ade/AMC

Carol fixes a solar panel that gives her electricity in the pantry and she fills a crockpot full of herbs. She lets Dog out of time-out and returns to the pantry. She hears scratching and see that her trap worked. Carol checks the trap and a hug rat falls out and takes off. Carol chases the rat through the pantry as Dog watches her. The rat gets away through a big hole in the wall, so Carol puts the scarf in the hole to plug it up. 

The electricity goes out and Carol’s had enough for the day. Dog follows Carol to bed, eager for attention. Carol talks to him saying she doesn’t miss Daryl and wonders if she should leave. Dog licks her face so she admits she does miss Daryl.

Dog wakes up Carol in the middle of the night. They can hear the rat. They both go downstairs to the pantry. Carol takes Daryl’s knife and cuts a hole in the drywall to look for the rat. She can’t see anything so she gets a bigger knife and cuts a bigger hole. Then another, and another, and another until she’s finally just pulling the drywall off. When she stops, she sits on the floor and Dog lays down next to her. 


The next day, Carol gets the crockpot working and cleans up the broken drywall. Jerry stops by to check on her. Again, Carol acts like everything is okay despite what happened to the wall. He admits that he’s concerned about her. Ezekiel basically told Jerry to keep an eye on her. Carol calls them both pathological checkers and asks why they can’t let people like her suffer in peace. Caring … it’s a real problem. 

Carol says yesterday was a bad day. Jerry knows and wishes he had a good Ezekiel saying for her situation. He comes up with ‘A friend is someone who thinks you’re perfect even if everyone else thinks you’re broken.’ Funny how he knows the perfect thing to say, even when Carol didn’t tell him anything about her day. Jerry observed that Daryl didn’t come back with Carol and surmised that those two had a fight. Carol asks what happens if you are broken and your best friend finally realized it. Jerry gives Carol a big hug (He gives the best hugs!) The rat runs out of the pantry and it startles Jerry. Carol invites him in for soup. 

Daryl returns to Alexandria. Carol throws away the ripped scarf that she was going to fix. Dog runs to Daryl and greets him, but Carol hesitates saying hello. Things are even more awkward. They both say they are okay, despite looking otherwise. Carol tries to give the knife back, but Daryl tells her to keep it. She offers him some soup, but he’s already eaten. He says he’s tired and goes inside. They both hesitate before going inside, knowing there’s more to say.

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