Second chances don’t come easy on The Walking Dead: Dead City. In “Everybody Wins A Prize,” Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) hit a roadblock in their attack on the Croat (Zeljko Ivanek). 

It’s well known that The Croat used to work for Negan at the Sanctuary. The Croat thinks of Negan as his savior and brother. Negan just thinks the Croat is crazy and dangerous. In a flashback, we see why. Negan told Maggie that they found a girl camping outside of the Sanctuary and brought her in. After a day or two, Negan let her go, but the Croat was convinced she was a spy. 

One day, Simon (Steven Ogg) informed Negan that they have a problem with the Croat. The two visit the Croat’s chamber and find the young girl dead. The Croat tortured her into confessing that the Kingdom sent her to spy on the Sanctuary. Simon reminded him that they don’t hurt children. The Croat’s only excuse was that he had to be sure. Negan tried to kill the Croat, but only shot his ear off.

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As everyone prepares for the attack, Amaia (Karina Ortiz) informs Tommaso (Jonathan Higginbottom) that Luther (Michael Anthony) is missing. Negan doesn’t offer any information about what happened to Luther but instead reminds everyone that Luther was not in favor of the attack. They all assume he left for the day.

When Negan met Luther, he was putting beeswax on his cuts. Negan asked to use some and Luther refused. After killing Luther, Negan took the beeswax. Maggie is also keeping a secret. Negan asks for his matches and she says she didn’t see them. She doesn’t tell him that she found Ginny’s (Mahina Napoleon) dinosaur and attempted to burn it.

Ginny watches from afar on The Walking Dead: Dead City

Mahina Anne Marie Napoleon as Ginny – The Walking Dead: Dead City _ Season 1, Episode 4- Photo Credit: Peter Kramer/AMC

The group leaves for the arena. Maggie notices something bubbling from the sewage drain. Tommaso says it’s methane. Ginny shows up and sees them go into the subway. She follows them, knowing Negan is with them and Maggie has her dinosaur. The tracks are covered with dormant walkers, so everyone has to tip-toe around the bodies. The subway tracks lead them to the arena. They are able to get in through a back door, but it’s unguarded. Maggie freezes when she finds a walker tied to a chair with hair like Hershel’s (Logan Kim). Negan confirms that it’s not Hershel.

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The plan is for Maggie to go to the garage and steal a car. Negan will bait the Croat to follow him to the garage, where he and Maggie will kill the psycho. Amaia and her people will keep the Barazi occupied so they can’t interfere.Everybody wins a prize. Maggie pulls the matchbox out of her pocket and is about to reveal her secret. She finds Luther’s beeswax in Negan’s bag and immediately knows what happened to the big guy. Negan wants to explain but Maggie says they don’t have time. 

The Croat is in the control room in the arena, instructing one of his people how to load a disc into the system. He hears a familiar whistle and leaves to find the source. The lackey loads the disc and sets a timer for five minutes. The Croat follows Negan’s whistling to the garage. Negan is hiding from him and makes his way to a car. He finds Maggie’s screwdriver in the seat and knows something is not right. The Croat is in the garage and his people arrive shortly after. 

Maggie finds a car and attempts to hotwire the car with a screwdriver. She finds the keys instead. She looks out the window to see if anyone is around and Ginny runs up. Ginny sees Maggie and turns around to run away. Maggie gets out of the car to chase Ginny down. She catches Ginny inside of the arena. Amaia and Tommaso show up shortly, unable to find the Barazi. Somewhere nearby, someone lights a candle. The five minutes are up and music starts playing loudly. The candle sits on top of a barrel. When it goes out, the barrel explodes. Maggie hears several explosions go off and the dead start flowing into the arena.

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Negan gets out of the car and hides nearby. The Barazi leaves, except for the Croat and two of his men. The Croat calls out to Negan, even whistling the Savior tune. Negan runs and the Croat spots him. The chase begins. 

Maggie is startled on The Walking Dead: Dead City

Lauren Cohan as Maggie Rhee – The Walking Dead: Dead City _ Season 1, Episode 4 – Photo Credit: Peter Kramer/AMC

Maggie and the others are surrounded. She looks for a way out, but there are too many walkers around them. They all pull out their weapons and start fighting, but the situation is dire. Amaia’s people are taken down one by one. Even Tommaso is dragged away by the dead. Maggie sees that one of the exits is clearing out. She thinks about Hershel and starts to run for the exit. She turns around and finds Ginny inside of the cage. Maggie grabs Amaia and one of her people and leads them into the cage. The dead surround them and it becomes clear to Maggie that they can’t stay there. 

They pull the padding from the cage and prepare to leave the cage. They use the pads as shields and make their way to the exit. Amaia’s last friend is taken down. A walker grabs Amaia and Tommaso shows up just in time to save her. He says he knows a way out. Maggie, Ginny, and Amaia follow him to the boiler room. 

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Negan leads the chase up a staircase. The Croat sends his people to cut off Negan’s path. He follows Negan to the rafters above the cage. He smiles at the sight of walkers feeding on Amaia’s people. Negan shows up, on a lower rafter, with a gun pointed at the Croat. The Croat is actually happy to see Negan and tries to reminisce. He says he’s not mad at Negan for shooting his ear off. He knows about the war with the Kingdom and the fall of the Sanctuary. The Croat blames Simon for the loss. He says he wants to build a new Sanctuary with Negan.

The Croat gets a surprise visitor on The Walking Dead: Dead City

Zeljko Ivanek as The Croat – The Walking Dead: Dead City _ Season 1, Episode 4 – Photo Credit: Peter Kramer/AMC

The Croat thinks he knows why Negan is there and brings out Perlie (Gaius Charles).  Negan says he’s actually there for Hershel. The Croat knows that, but he wanted to make a gesture to make him trust him so they can talk. He throws Pearlie over the rails. Perlie grabs the rafter in front of Negan. Negan tries to help Perlie up and the Croat shoots the marshall with a harpoon gun. Negan is able to pull Perlie up and helps him run away. He drags Perlie to an abandoned store to hide. He puts his bag and gun down to look out the window. Perlie grabs the gun and tells Negan what the charges are against him. He might be injured but he’s still there to do a job.

Maggie, Amaia and Tommaso move a large metal barrel in front of the door as the dead start knocking. Maggie suggests that they go through the sewers to escape. It’s dangerous though because of the methane. Tommaso says they have no choice and they make their way down. Maggie is the last to descend down the latter. First, she  pulls a barrel in front of the ladder so the dead can’t follow them.

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