People are resource … literally on The Walking Dead: Dead City. In “People Are A Resource,” Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) come up with a plan to confront The Croat (Zeljko Ivanek) and save Hershel (Logan Kim). Ginny (Mahina Napoleon) enters Manhattan.

Ginny is a mystery. Here’s what we know about her. Negan found Ginny the night her father died and she latched onto him. She doesn’t talk and she carries around a toy dinosaur that’s kind of like a security blanket. Negan has been trying to find a safe place for Ginny to stay. He hoped that sending her to Hilltop would be good enough for her. Apparently not. Ginny went to the Hudson River bank, found an ice chest and used it to sail across to Manhattan. 

Negan and Maggie find out that the island was cut off from the rest of the world when the military came in and blew up the bridges and tunnels. Things calmed down for a little while but then The Croat showed up.  He offered everyone protection, food, and shelter in exchange for their services. Amaia (Karina Ortiz), Tommaso (Jonathan Higginbottom) and their people refused his help and now the Croat wants them dead.  Sound familiar?

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The Croat is collecting walkers to surround an arena. It’s the only thing blocking their way to his headquarters. Amaia and Tommaso say there’s no way around, but mention that only one person has ever gotten out. That person was Tommaso. Maggie wants to know how he got out, but Tommaso and Luther (Michael Anthony) says it’s too dangerous. 

Amaia and Tommaso listen intently to Maggie and Negan's plan.

Karina Ortiz as Amaia, Jonathan Higginbotham as Tomasso – The Walking Dead: Dead City _ Season 1, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Peter Kramer/AMC

Negan tells them the story about the fall of the Sanctuary and how three communities came together to bring it down. Tommaso likes the idea and says he will talk to his people. He tells them about his experience being captured by the Croat. They offered him food and medicine if he would tell them where his people are. He knew they would kill him if he talked so he stayed quiet. He has scars on his back that are still healing, so this wasn’t that long ago. Tommaso thinks they can get into the fortress through the tunnels outlining the framework.

Because Tommaso escaped, Negan says the Croat will fortify those tunnels. That’s what he would have done. Maggie reveals that Negan knows the Croat. She wants to use Negan to bait the Croat to the arena so she can get Hershel’s location. After he gives up the kid’s location, she will kill him. Amaia says her people will create a distraction for the Croat’s people. Luther doesn’t like any of this or the purpose of the plan. He thinks Hershel is already dead. Negan tells everyone to take a break before Maggie attacks Luther.

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The Croat’s men take Perlie (Gaius Charles) to the suites in the arena. The Croat gives him a brief lesson about their operation. He talks about discovering that the methane from the dead can be compressed into a source of fuel. The Croat is more interested to know why Perlie is in the city and who is with him. Mainly for the safety of his people. He gets distracted by the discovery that the meat on his dinner plate is rotten and kills his servant.

Maggie gets emotional looking through a small box of items, including pictures of her family and a drawing of Glenn. Negan finds her and offers to listen for once. Maggie says she and Hershel had a fight just before the Croat took him. She’s scared. Negan tells her what happened to Annie and their son. One day, Annie went to town to trade and did not return home in a timely manner. Negan found her, beaten up. He found who did it and killed them. That’s why Perlie is after him. They went on the run, but Annie had a hard time on the road. He put Annie and their son on a train to Missouri. He said he would be right behind them. That was a few years ago.

Ginny hides behind a car on The Walking Dead: Dead City

Mahina Anne Marie Napoleon as Ginny – The Walking Dead: Dead City _ Season 1, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Peter Kramer/AMC

Ginny finds herself running from walkers throughout the city. A walker grabs her foot, knocking her backwards. She scoots away and in the process, her dinosaur falls out. She remembers another day when she lost that dinosaur. Negan was frustrated with her, trying to make her talk. Otherwise he has no way to know if she’s in trouble. Back to the present day, Ginny sees a hooded person walk up and kill the walker next to the dinosaur. They pick up the dinosaur and Ginny follows them.

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Later that night at dinner, Tommaso and his people remember those they lost that day. Maggie holds a picture of Glenn and almost puts it on the table. She closes her hands and her eyes to remember him. Luther sings a song and once he’s done, everyone eats. At the same time, the Croat and his people are in the arena. He says they are home and they are celebrating their fallen brother. They have a tank with a dead body inside. He is fuel now. The Croat says people are a resource. He takes a gas mask that is connected to the tank. He put the mask on Perlie’s face, making him inhale the methane, causing him to not see straight.

Two guards take Perlie into a cage and chain him to a pole.  When Perlie’s vision comes back, a walker is in the cage with him. Perlie is able to kill the walker easily. He looks at the Croat who signals to him to look at the body. Perlie cuts open the body and finds the key to the handcuffs inside. The guards send in three more walkers. Perlie takes off his shoe and uses it to quickly kill the walkers. The Croat is amused.

After dinner, Tommaso sits at a table with Maggie. He is impressed by her because she had a kid in the apocalypse. He says Amaia thinks it’s too dangerous to have kids. Maggie says it is, but you find a way to make it safe. Amaia joins them with a guest. The hooded individual that Ginny came across. The Scavenger (Aixa Kendrick) starts showing Tommaso what she found and pulls out the dinosaur. Maggie asks where and when she found it. She doesn’t want to alarm anyone so she says she knows a little girl who likes dinosaurs. The Scavenger gives it to Maggie.

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After the fight, The Croat puts Perlie back in his quarters. The Croat tells him what happened to his family and then the guards hold him down. They find his brother’s letter, asking Perlie for help. He asked Perlie to find him. Perlie gets upset and tells the Croat that he is alone. He says they followed someone, a wanted man named Negan. That’s a name the Croat knows well.

Luther and Negan face off on The Walking Dead: Dead City

Michael Anthony as Luther, Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan – The Walking Dead: Dead City _ Season 1, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Peter Kramer/AMC

Negan is rummaging in the kitchen when Luther finds him. Luther tells Negan to get Maggie and leave. He found the wanted poster with Negan’s photo. Negan declines and says he’s not leaving. He has people depending on him. Luther says people are depending on him too. Negan tries to walk past Luther, but Luther steps in the way. Negan takes a frying pan and tries to hit Luther, but Luther blocks it. He picks up Negan and squeeze him. Negan takes a cheese grater and rubs across Luther’s head, causing him to let go. Luther loses his balance and falls backwards. His head lands on a metal spike sticking up off the floor. Negan pushes his head further onto the spike, killing Luther.

Maggie goes outside and takes out the dinosaur. She puts it in a trash can and starts to light a match. Ginny his hidng nearby and sees her. She remembers again, that day she lost the dinosaur. It was in Negan’s bag and it’s torn. Negan wraps some gauze around it. He teaches her a whistle for her to use when she needs him. She gives him a hug. He says talk is cheap. it doesn’t matter what they say, only what they do. Back to the present, Maggie lights the match while Negan looks at Luther’s body. Maggie looks at the flame, but never drops it in the trash can.

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