Do you love watching TTRPG live plays? Do you also love horror-themed stories? We have a series you have to check out. From sibling creative duo Lucia Versprille and Kian Chamberlain comes The Velvet Lodge. The series airs exclusively on Elder Eye Entertainment’s Twitch and YouTube channels on Wednesday evenings and features an all-female cast. Versprille serves as the group’s dungeon master and is joined by Katie Downey, Lauren Urban, Ellie Collins and Raya Watkins.

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The Velvet Lodge is a thrilling and atmospheric horror TTRPG that begins as an old friend invites four strangers to the infamous hunting cabin atop a secluded mountain known as The Velvet Lodge. What seems to be a normal visit quickly becomes filled with horror as the grand house is abandoned aside from something bestial that lingers within its walls. Now the four strangers must work together to contend with the terror and uncover why they were summoned to The Velvet Lodge.

The show offers a fresh perspective on the TTRPG genre and introduces players to The Midnight World TTRPG system. Each episode delves deeper and deeper into the overwhelming world. The Midnight World system explores PTSD and how terrifying experiences can change our characters. TTRPGs allow players to explore different worlds and a whirlwind of different emotions and scenarios. This one, in particular, is specifically designed to explore trauma and the ability to find solace even in darkness.

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As both horror and TTRPG fans, The Velvet Lodge is something we are beyond excited about. The series comes from the producers of the overly successful Call of Cthulhu series Bookshops of Arkham. This means we can expect a high-class production packed with cinematic immersion, beautiful set design, elaborate costumes, cut scenes, and so much more. And don’t just take our word on it. The first of seven episodes kicked off on June 28, 2023, and is available on YouTube. We highly suggest checking it out and immersing yourself in this incredible world.

Is The Velvet Lodge on your must-watch list? Check out the official trailer below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments and on social media.

This review was originally published on 7/11/23.

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