Viewers asked Amazon Prime for more Sci-Fi and they have delivered. On Thursday, they released the official The Vast of Night trailer. The entire movie is one long scavenger hunt to uncover what is really out there. It was written by James Montague and Craig W. Sanger and brought to life on screen by director Andrew PattersonThe Vast of Night takes place on a single evening in New Mexico as young switchboard operator Fay, played by Sierra McCormick receives a mysterious call about something floating above someones home.

She turns to her friend and charismatic radio DJ Everett played by Jake Horowitz to help uncover what is really going on. The trailer bounces back and forth introducing the rabbit hole that Fay and Everett are about to jump down into to unlock what is truly going on. The old time science fiction feel brings up nostalgia of The Twilight Zone. The trailer also makes it seem that whatever is up there has the ability to affect those on the ground. Will Fay and Everett be able to solve this mystery before something bad happens? I really want to know!

The official description for The Vast of Night from Amazon Prime is: In the twilight of the 1950s, on one fateful night in New Mexico, a young, winsome switchboard operator Fay (Sierra McCormick) and charismatic radio DJ Everett (Jake Horowitz) discover a strange audio frequency that could change their small town and the future forever. Dropped phone calls, AM radio signals, secret reels of tape forgotten in a library, switchboards, crossed patchlines and an anonymous phone call lead Fay and Everett on a scavenger hunt toward the unknown.

The Vast of Night will release in theaters and on Amazon Prime on March 13, 2020.

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