Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles is homeless again.  It’s been a long and winding road for the vampire series, and the road now stretches further than anticipated.  Hulu has dropped the series following Lestat de Lioncourt through his life… post-life and times.  Rice is looking for a new home for the saga.

We all know the film adaptation of Rice’s first book in the chronicles, Interview with the Vampire starring Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and a tiny, very thirsty Kirsten Dunst.  But, Rice’s more recent dream of making the chronicles into a “television series of the highest quality” has hit snag after snag.  Paramount was in and then out.  Bryan Fuller (Hannibal) was in and then out.  Hulu signed on, and now Hulu is out.  It’s enough to make any fan feel… drained. 

According to Variety, Rice is upbeat about the changes.  She posted a statement on her fan facebook page for The Vampire Chronicles saying things were in the works and she was excited.  She said, “The minute, and I assure you, the MINUTE, we are free to discuss the latest developments, many of them the most exciting since we began work on this, we will do so, and we will do so here.”  So, she’s working some magic to make this undead project even more undead-er.  

Stay tuned.  Lestat is notoriously hard to kill.  

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