Happy October 1, Brellies! As you know, today’s the birthday of The Umbrella Academy‘s Hargreeves siblings and the Sparrow Academy students! So, to commemorate the occasion, Netflix released a short teaser for The Umbrella Academy Season Three and a sign of things to come!

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In addition, the Sparrow Academy Twitter account unveiled a clip featuring Justin H. Min as Ben wishing the Sparrow members a happy birthday. And guess what? They’re not a fan of grand gestures or gifts because they are the gift, mere citizens. 

Now, the Netflix teaser boasts black and white imagery, namely umbrellas and sparrows. The said video ends with a bell and “2022” emblazoned across the screen. The bell references Hotel Oblivion, a.k.a. the off-world prison Reginald Hargreeves creates to house the Umbrella Academy’s most formidable enemies. 

Season Three of the popular Netflix show recently wrapped production, so here’s hoping we get a full-length trailer later this year with a premiere early next year. 

The Season Two finale left our Hargreeves heroes in an alternate version of 2019, wherein Daddy Hargreeves and Ben are still alive. Not only that, but Ben is the leader of the Sparrow Academy, another group of supernaturally gifted students. Side note: Ben looks like he should be the frontman for an emo band a la My Chemical Romance, and it’s perfect. 

The Umbrella Academy stars Elliot PageTom HopperEmmy Raver-LampmanDavid CastañedaRobert Sheehan, Justin H. Min, Aidan Gallagher and Ritu Arya. Get ready for sparrow-laden oblivion when the series returns for Season Three in 2022, only on Netflix. 



Are you excited yet, Brellies? How many times have you rewatched the first two seasons of The Umbrella Academy (Answer: not enough.)?

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