DISCLAIMER: This recap of The Umbrella Academy episode is rife with spoilers galore. You’ve been warned. Proceed with caution. 

Welcome back, super weirdos! Episode six of The Umbrella Academy Season 2 was riddled with awkward family reunions, shady dealings, and a slaughtering of immensely grotesque proportions. Five accepted an offer from The Handler to do her dirty work in exchange for a way back to 2019. Daddy Hargreeves openly ridiculed his children over a light supper. Just like old times! Even 1963 Daddy Hargreeves was a curmudgeonly, close-minded, and wholly cranky fellow. Additionally, the two remaining Swedes needlessly tortured and murdered poor Elliot. 

Ready to delve into “A Light Supper?” Let’s get to it. 

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Now, we open with Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman) landing in the alley in front of Elliot’s residence in 1961. Since Vanya slit Allison’s throat last season, our rumor-has-it girl has been incapable of talking. In fact, she spent an entire year in the ’60s mute. Shortly after she arrived, Allison was rejected from that “whites only” restaurant and chased down by a trio of white men. Thankfully, she found refuge in the hair salon that would soon employ her. 

Fast forward a year late — Raymond (Yusuf Gatewood) asks her on a date around the holidays. In addition, Allison learns about the Civil Rights Movement and begins to take part in it. The rest, as we know, is history. 

Back in the current timeline of 1963, Five (Aidan Gallagher) has his foot to Lila’s (Ritu Arya) throat. The Handler (Kate Walsh) urges Five to join her crew. Do her dirty bidding. Naturally, Five is reticent to accept said offer. After all, The Handler has tried to kill Five multiple times. 

Meanwhile, Diego (David Castañeda) is attempting to persuade Vanya (Ellen Page) and Luther (Tom Hopper) that they must attend Daddy Hargreeves’ light supper as a cohesive team. Additionally, he feels they must ditch the “numbers” that their father bestowed upon them. From now on, they’re “Team Zero.” Boom! Fist bump! Or not…

Still of Ellen Page in The Umbrella Academy.


Next, Klaus (Robert Sheehan) and Ben (Justin Min) are discussing the best manner in which to disband the prophet’s followers. Klaus is doing yoga in what’s essentially a cloth adult diaper, so his opinions are obviously moot. Now, Klaus approaches his massive following and confesses a deep, dark secret — he’s a fraud. Klaus tries to convince the masses that he’s a false prophet. However, they misinterpret this to mean that one must admit they are “fraudulent” in order to ascend to a higher plane. His speech did the opposite of his intention. 

Later, Allison finishes disclosing everything Umbrella Academy to her husband. Raymond wants her to showcase her abilities. Seeing is believing, after all. So Allison takes Ray to an upscale men’s ware store. One that exclusively serves white folks. However, she “rumors” the proprietor to allow Ray to try on every piece in the store and buy as much as he desires. Bam! After an impromptu fashion show, Ray walks out armed to the teeth with fancy suits. 

Then, he urges her to do the same thing for herself. The Chestnuts are bourgeoisie now! Our married duo waltzes into the restaurant wherein their sit-in took place. The nasty man proprietor attempts to shoo them out…again. But Allison “rumors” him into keeping his mouth shut. In addition, she “rumors” him to pour searing hot coffee on his hand. Repeatedly. We see the man trying to scream out in pain but physically incapable of doing so. The skin on his hand is severely burned. Obviously, Allison is irate regarding their treatment at his establishment. Raymond coerces her into stopping the show. 

Meanwhile, Dave pays Klaus a visit at his mansion. Klaus is in the middle of bickering with Ben over whether the latter can take possession of his body. However, to the naked, untrained eye, it looks as if Klaus is praying. Quick! Act somewhat normal! The pair are now taking a walk through Klaus’ opulent gardens. Dave is bewildered where Klaus is concerned. How does this strange fellow know him so well? Klaus begins rattling off private facts about Dave that only he would know.

Still of Justin Min in The Umbrella Academy.


Naturally, the poor boy is spooked. Klaus reveals that he knows Dave’s going to die on the battlefield. But Dave is stalwart in his desire to serve his country. In fact, he already enlisted in the military. Klaus’ plan to stop him didn’t pan out. 

Later, The Handler is sitting in a bath house with the Swedes. She starts conversing in Swedish with them. Additionally, she presents Diego as a viable target for them. She tires of her daughter Lila incessantly fretting over a boy. Stupid boys and their, um, charms. 

Next, our six siblings are united for a light supper with Daddy Hargreeves. Diego is still insisting that Team Zero go in as a united front. Go team! Five asserts that he should do the talking, because everyone else sucks at it. Then, Five gives Daddy Hargreeves (Colm Feore) the rundown regarding who they are and why they need to speak with him. Daddy Hargreeves still refuses to believe that he’ll eventually adopt seven children 26 years later. He wishes to see their abilities in action. Diego throws a knife that twists and turns in abnormal ways. Allison “rumors” Diego into punching himself. Five teleports. Even Vanya explodes a massive fruit bowl to demonstrate what she can do. 

Still of Emmy Raver-Lampman in The Umbrella Academy.


However, Daddy Hargreeves is wholly unimpressed. Diego accuses him of being involved in the assassination attempt on Kennedy. He proceeds to mock Diego for his “hero complex.” We see poor baby Diego revert to his introverted, stuttering, and sensitive childlike state. Kudos to Castañeda for making that graceful shift between overconfident Diego and his sensitive counterpart. Oh, and Ben jumps into Klaus’ body, very briefly possessing him. But everyone just assumes Klaus is being his drunken, messy self. 

Then, after that disastrous sight supper, Daddy Hargreeves asks to speak with Five alone. Diego spots Mama Grace (Jordan Claire Robbins) waiting outside for her boyfriend. He urges her to exercise caution around Daddy Hargreeves. He’s not who he says he is. But she refuses to give Diego the time of day. 

Meanwhile, Daddy Hargreeves tells Five that he seems like the most comprehensive of the bunch. Five explains that he can also time travel, and Daddy Hargreeves believes him. In addition, the old man offers Five some sage wisdom. Instead of trying to time jump decades, he should start on a smaller scale. Start with time jumping seconds, then minutes, etc. Five balks at Daddy Hargreeves’ advice. 

Next, Vanya returns to the farmhouse. She has a crucial chat with Sissy (Marin Ireland) in private. They both confess their feelings for one another and proceed to smooch. However, they’re not alone. Carl is observing them from afar, like a peeping tom. 

Later, Diego and Luther return to Elliot’s (Kevin Rankin) place to find their poor host was murdered…by the two remaining Swedes. Brutally so. RIP to a real one. Additionally, the Scandinavian gunslingers left our heroes a message scrawled in Elliot’s blood: “Öga for Öga.” Whatever that means in Swedish. 

Then, Five winds up in The Handler’s lavish abode. He accepts her job offer. The job? Five must assassinate the Board of The Commission at The Lonely Lodger Inn…in 1982. So, what does he get in return? A chance to return to 2019 with his family sans apocalypse. It can’t be that easy though, right? 

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The Umbrella Academy is most certainly gearing up to a grandiose season finale. Hopefully the stakes will continue to rise and we’ll get an action-packed, no holds barred fight sequence in Episode 10. MVP for this episode goes to Castañeda, who continues to add more layers to an already multifaceted character. He was already a favorite of mine alongside Sheehan as Klaus. Both performers inject their roles with intriguing nuances. Gotta keep things interesting, right? 

The Umbrella Academy Season 2 is currently streaming on Netflix. 



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