Episode eight of Jordan Peele’s The Twilight Zone reboot entitled “Point of Origin” has been released and overall I enjoyed this one as I have most of this season. This recap contains spoilers, please proceed with caution! 


OPENING NARRATION: “Meet Eve Martin. Loving mother, devoted wife, active in her community. Eve was raised to view the world from a bubble of comfort, safety and privilege. But that bubble is about to burst. And when it does, she will find herself within the strange and unfamiliar borders of The Twilight Zone.”

The episode begins with Eve Martin (Ginnifer Goodwin) showing two men through her home. It’s a very large and luxurious home so it seems that she is well off financially. Eve is approached by Anna (Zabryna Guevara) who seems to be a housekeeper in Eve’s employ. Anna explains that she wants her grandson to go to a charter school for a better education, but that her daughter doesn’t live within the district limits.

She asks Eve if they could possibly use her address since it is in the district. Anna also informs Eve that her grandson has legal immigration status as he was born in the states. Eve happily agrees saying that Anna is part of the family. They hear a knock at the door and Anna goes to answer it on her way out but when Eve checks the security camera on her phone she sees three men at the door and yells for Anna to stop.

After the door is opened the men come inside and without even addressing Eve arrest Anna and remove her from the premises. Eve is later recounting the ordeal to some of her friends. All of her friends begin to make disparaging comments towards their own housekeepers as Eve looks on seemingly shocked by their comments. That night as she is sleeping, Eve sees odd black and white images of a destroyed city before she wakes up startled.

Eve takes her two daughters grocery shopping, a task that was usually done by Anna. While parking, Eve takes up two spaces and when her daughter mentions it she replies by saying they won’t be long so it’s fine. Eve seems a bit overwhelmed while at the checkout register as she doesn’t know her rewards information. When the cashier goes to run her card to pay for the groceries two separate cards come back declined causing Eve to storm out leaving the groceries there.

When arriving back at her car, Eve finds a note on her window that reads “Your car takes up two parking spaces. You must be so much better than me.” After they enter her car, a dark colored SUV pulls up behind her and blocks her in. Government looking type people come out and ask if her name is Eve Martin. Once she confirms it is, they tell her that she must go with them as this is a matter of national security.

Eve is taken to this facility where she is found by her husband. Together they try to figure out why they could have been taken here but are unable to come to a conclusion. They are then taken into a room together where someone, Mr. Allendale (James Frain) begins to ask them questions. Eve confesses to letting Anna use their home address but Mr. Allendale informs them that isn’t why they are there. The children are then brought into the room and are reunited with their parents. Mr. Allendale apologizes to them by saying that it was a mistake to bring them all to the facility. When the family get up to leave however, he informs them that everyone except for Eve is free to leave, as she needs to undergo further evaluation.

Later we see Eve going through some sort of processing system similar to that to the prison system. She is then given an orange jumpsuit and some clothes. A guard walks her to a large room with many other similarly dressed women. In the crowd Anna notices Eve and the two begin to speak. Eve says that she thought they were taking Anna back to Mexico, however Anna informs her that she is from Guatemala and that after working for her for eleven years Eve still knows nothing about her.

Anna informs Eve that she knows why she is there and since Eve tried to help her grandson then she will return the favor. They go into a bathroom where Anna opens up a secret panel that she tells Eve to go through. Eve is then approached by a man, Otto (Michael Eklund) who tells her if she wants to find out why she is there, then she needs to follow him. After some trepidation Eve agrees and follows. Otto brings her to a room where people are waiting for them and explains that while she will hear English from this person they are actually speaking something else. Although people like Otto and Eve can understand.

A woman, Aidia (Karin Konoval), approaches her and says that it’s good to see her again. After Eve’s reaction, Aidia says that she can see she has forgotten who she is. Aidia says that so many of their kind were left behind and that they were seeking blue skies to live under. Aidia continues by saying they thought that their people would be able to blend in here and that the young like Eve weren’t taught anything else.

Aidia is saying that humans apparently hate that their kind is there and that Eve must remember who she is before they unlock her memories, causing the black and white images to flash in her head again. Aidia further explains that the humans want to send their people back to where they came from but that Earth is now their new home and they love and contribute to their home. Guards suddenly rush in and while Otto is able to flee, Eve and the others are taken into custody.

We then see Eve strapped to a table as Mr. Allendale comes into the room welcoming her. Eve questions him as to why she is there to which he once again responds that they want to evaluate her. Mr. Allendale then begins asking her questions, the first of which is a true or false question as to weather or not the dimension in which they currently exist is one of an infinite number of dimensional realities. Eve is unsure but eventually answers true.

Question two is another about dimensions and quantum mechanics, further confusing Eve. She then relents saying that if it will get her home, then it’s true. They then put some sort of mask like device on her before continuing. Mr. Allendale then explains that five years prior this dimension was infiltrated by a neighboring one and also learned that it wasn’t the first time the dimensions have had contact. Thirty years prior a small caravan had crossed over as well, possibly as a scouting team.

They learned that this other dimension’s inhabitants were lesser than them and diluting their own superior people. They have a test that can detect these “Pilgrims” as they call them that involves reading biometric responses to specific stimuli. They flip a switch and Eve begins to scream out in pain.

Eve wakes up in a hospital bed where a Doctor tells her that her test came back negative and her husband was filling out her discharge papers. Eve returns home where she discusses what happened to her husband, explaining that the images they showed her while she was there were the exact same as a recurring nightmare of hers. Eve then asks him if maybe she is from another dimension as looking at the sky makes her almost recall some sort of memory.

Eve then wakes up still in the machine revealing that it was a simulation. Mr. Allendale then approaches and tells her that she gave it away and that he has found another pilgrim. Eve then has more visions of events from the other dimension as she sits in a cell. The food port opens and a man tells Eve that he can get her out if she can pay. Eve promises to give him whatever he wants if he can help her. Otto tells her he will come back later that night so she needs to be ready. Eve asks if he can save Anna as well but he never confirms.

Later the man releases her from the cell and has her climb into a cart of dead bodies that he covers with a sheet. The man wheels the cart down the halls with Eve still inside as he is questioned by some guards. One of them lifts the sheet and attempts to touch one of the bodies but is warned off as the man says she might wanna get some gloves before doing so.

After Eve gets out of the cart, she sees Anna and the man gives them directions on how to escape. Eve and Anna run outside across the grounds avoiding spotlights to the spot where the man cut the fence. A driver is supposed to meet them on the main road but there is nobody there when they arrive. An ice cream truck pulls up but Anna refuses to get in telling Eve that she doesn’t trust the driver. Eve pleads with her to come but Anna runs off as Eve remains on the truck.

Eve is dropped off at home and once she enters sees her family. Her husband doesn’t allow her children to greet her and after sending them upstairs he explains to Eve that she should have run instead of coming back home. That she isn’t who she is despite Eve’s objections. Just then Mr. Allendale comes into the house as they guards once again take Eve.

CLOSING NARRATION: “We are all immigrants from somewhere, be it from another city, another country, or another dimension. As a child, Eve Martin escaped to what should have been a better world. A world where the skies are blue. But now those skies have darkened, and the land below them is a place she is no longer welcome. For Eve Martin, there’s no passport to be stamped for passage our of The Twilight Zone.”

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