Bonkers! That’s the only word that comes to mind when I think of Class. Pure, unadulterated “bonkers.” Last episode gave us a final battle between April and Corakinus. We saw the former struggle to gain control of her heart. I mean, it is her heart by birth, after all. April swiftly defeated the Shadow King, locked him up and resumed the crown. Yes, April is now a King of the Shadow Kin, on top of being a teenager. With great power comes great responsibility, April. Just ask Peter Parker.

In the end, Corakinus ripped out the tracking device that bound him to April. Unfortunately, this resulted in the loss of her cool shadow powers. Oh well. Small price to pay when you’re sharing a heart with an evil shadow monster.

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Meanwhile, Charlie had a difficult decision to make when a deadly threat loomed on Earth. Ames wanted him to use the Cabinet of Souls to eliminate said threat. However, Quill longed for the Rhodian Prince to use the Cabinet to destroy the Shadow Kin. Charlie didn’t want it in the equation at all, thinking the souls of his people would disappear. Thankfully, April stepped in with her newfound Shadow Kin followers and saved Earth.

Then, Quill vandalized a vehicle she thought belonged to Ames in protest. Ames revealed she truly isn’t the enemy, but sent to help keep the supernatural threats at bay. The new Head Teacher promised to keep her word and remove the Arn from Quill’s brain.

Alright, Coal Hill students! Detention is now in session in this Class promo for “Detained,” the latest installment in the Doctor Who spin-off. Quill (Katherine Kelly), locks our crew in detention as she goes off exploring. Probably something to do with locating The Governors. Meanwhile, the students are visited by a small asteroid that appears to have powers of its own. Ram (Fady Elsayed) confesses his love for April (Sophie Hopkins). Tanya (Vivian Oparah) reveals she doesn’t think the gang likes her. Charlie (Greg Austin) admits he sometimes hates Matteusz (Jordan Renzo). Essentially, this asteroid has a way of making people tell the truth. This should be interesting.

Do you think Quill is tracking down The Governors? Will the gang be able to handle the their deepest, darkest truths? Only one way to find out – tune in next week! Feast your eyes on the Class promo below!

Class airs Saturdays at 10pm on your BBC America affiliate.

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