Jordan Peele is solidifying his place in the horror history books.  The trailer for his new film, Us, was released on Facebook on Tuesday.  It. Is. Terrifying.  

Us is the story of a family that goes on vacation and finds nothing but their own worst nightmares.  And, those nightmares are knowing, breathing, relentless versions of themselves.  This trailer has all of the psychological thriller and suspense hallmarks of Peele’s Get Out, but it looks a lot more slasher in nature.  It’s like if Jason Voorhees showed up at your door while you were on vacation with your family… with his family… wearing your face and using your own thoughts.  AAAAaaaaggghhhh!!!

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The trailer gives us a lot of blood, creepy alternative versions of people with wide-eyed smiles, screaming, masks, scissors, and bunnies.  Bunnies?  Is this all some kind of twisted experiment?  We wouldn’t doubt it.  Peele is definitely a master at the curve ball.  

Us stars Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Elisabeth Moss, Tim Heidecker, Evan Alex and Shahadi Wright Joseph.  Joseph looks to be bringing us deep into nightmare land.  Her evil stalking face is something that’s already burned into my brain, and I’ve only seen it in flashes.  There is nothing creepier than kids being evil.  Well, maybe kids being evil and fighting the good versions of themselves TO THE DEATH.  

We can’t wait to see this movie.  Us will be in theaters in March, 2019.



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