DISCLAIMER: This is a spoiler filled recap for episode 4 of The Terror: Infamy, ‘The Weak Are Meat’. Viewer discretion is advised.

Welcome back! If you’re still with us that means you’re losing your mind over The Terror: Infamy. And I can’t blame you one bit. Last week was a real doozy. We saw the men who were taken from their families back on Terminal Island join the others in the internment camp. Some of these men, including Henry Nakayama (Shingo Usami), appear to be suffering from PTSD. Understandably so.

We meet some new characters including Major Bowen (C. Thomas Howell) who’s basically in charge of the camp’s operations, Ken Uehara (Christopher Naoki Lee) another Japanese American man who’s sweet on Amy Yoshida (Miki Ishikawa) and the camp’s only doctor, Dr. Kitamura (Hiro Kanagawa).

Amy gets a new job as Major Bowen’s secretary, Chester (Derek Mio) takes up a new job as a translator for the U.S Army much to the dismay of Luz (Cristina Rodlo) and his father. He’s convinced that the evil that’s stricken is community has something to do with him. So he thinks if he leaves with the military the evil will basically follow him. Which is pretty sound logic. And on top of that he would be making money for his baby.

We also see another “mysterious” death thanks to the sinister Yuko (Kiki Sukezane), who drags Hideo Furuya (Eiji Inoue) out into the woods. After sharing a puzzling conversation, Yuko rips out Furuya’s tongue with her teeth, resulting with him choking on his own blood. Girlfriend is really stepping up on the brutality. I’m not mad.

And the episode finishes off with Luz catching wind of a midwife somewhere in the camp. So she visits her because she finds Dr. Kitamura discouraging. And who is this mysterious midwife? Yep. Yuko. It’s apparent early on that there’s a language barrier as Luz is not fluent in Japanese. But the two make it work. Even when Yuko loving rub’s Luz’s swollen belly and coos, in Japanese, “My baby.” 

Which leaves the audience with the impression that Yuko wasn’t after Chester and that him leaving may have been part of her plan all along. Which means that baby is totally in danger. Oh dear

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This week we catch up with Chester who is treated with hostility by his fellow American soldiers. No major shock there. Meanwhile, Luz hopes to be accepted by Henry and Asako in their new home as the Japanese American community celebrates Obon, a festival to commemorate the spirits of those who have died.

So, let’s get to it! Here’s our look at The Terror: Infamy’s new episode, ‘The Weak Are Meat’!

Kiki Sukezane as Yuko, Cristina Rodlo as Luz Ojeda – The Terror _ Season 2, Episode 4 – Photo Credit: Ed Araquel/AMC

This weeks episode kicks off with a letter Chester has written to Luz. We learn that it’s August 1942, he’s currently in Guadalcanal and that he’s far from any battles because the Colonel of his unit is basically keeping him a secret. It has something to do with keeping morale up. We also learn that he has a bunk mate and fellow translator, Arthur Ogawa (Marcus Toji).

Basically these two spend their days in super hot tent, translating letters and fighting off malaria. And I have a sneaking suspicion that neither one of them is getting paid enough for this bullsh*t. Chester confesses that he isn’t sleeping well. In fact he hasn’t properly slept in over a week. It’s probably important to note that sleep loss alters normal functioning of attention and disrupts the ability to focus on environmental sensory input. I have another sneaking suspicion that this may effect Chester’s performance at his new job and/or make him extra paranoid about the whole Yuko situation. Understandably so.

The tension lightens a bit when Chester mentions that he bought himself a new camera while in Australia. He even leaves his tent to take some pictures to send back to Luz. But things quickly intensify when he gets the feeling he’s being watched. So he begins taking a bunch of pictures in hopes of capturing something on film.

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After the opening credits we hear Luz’s response to Chester’s letter. She confesses that there are days where she’s so proud of him for getting the job. And that there are other days where she regrets letting him leave the camp. “I came here for you and you’re the one to go?” I mean…she’s not totally wrong. We see her doing her very best to get the approval of Henry and Asako (Naoko Mori) -especially Henry.

Back in Guadalcanal, Chester is disappointed he didn’t capture any maleficent spirits on camera and Arthur is concerned about Chester’s sleeping habits. Chester then asks Arthur if he’s ever heard of a Yūrei and if he knows what it’s usually after. “Depends…it’s, like, a crazed hunger for something. Maybe someone wronged it in its lifetime. Whatever it is, it spends the rest of eternity trying to satisfy its own end.” 

The conversation is interrupted when Chester feels a breeze in the tent, which sends some documents flying all over the place. This is strange because Chester is sure he weighed the tent down to avoid this. Which he did. The tent is fine with the exception of those three, ominous claw like tears on the side of it. No big deal, right?

Marcus Toji as Arthur Ogawa – The Terror _ Season 2, Episode 4 – Photo Credit: Ed Araquel/AMC

Back at camp Luz is checking in with her new buddy, Yuko. Luz seems to find genuine comfort in her new midwife, despite the slight language barrier. The two even share a sweet moment when Yuko gives Luz a den-den daiko, a noise maker toy for the baby. And Luz is clearly appreciative of the gesture. Why wouldn’t she be?

But it’s pretty creepy, as an audience member, to see this because we know for a fact that Yuko’s intentions are anything but sincere. Those intentions are unclear beyond the fact she totally wants that baby. Like, she’s totally going to try and steal that child. You cannot convince me otherwise.

Kiki Sukezane as Yuko, Cristina Rodlo as Luz Ojeda – The Terror _ Season 2, Episode 4 – Photo Credit: Ed Araquel/AMC

In Guadalcanal we see Chester and Arthur walking through their unit to go see the Colonel. Along the way we see the two Japanese men receive not so subtle glares from the American soldiers. It’s clear there’s some hostility there and the translators have grown somewhat used to it. The two find the Colonel, Colonel Stallings (Reed Diamond), standing over a mud or tar pit where several dead bodies are located. These are the bodies of enemy soldiers and the smell is everyone’s biggest complaint. 

This is where Chester and Arthur learn all the gory details about the unit’s on going battle with someone called Admiral Takahashi. This is war so Takahashi is pretty ruthless. So ruthless that Colonel Stallings is convinced that Takahashi is responsible for the disappearance of one of his soldiers. This solider, Sergeant Silas Crittenden (Josh Hudniuk), went missing six days earlier while on recon. 

Stallings seems shocked that none of the dozen Japanese soldiers his men imprisoned are helping with the Crittenden situation. So he decides that there must be something in the pile of bodies that can help locate him. And he’s right. After jumping in and sifting through the bodies Chester, yep just Chester, quickly finds a belt with code carved into it. This would’ve been the perfect time for a mic drop, if you ask me.

Afterwards Chester takes a moment to reply to Luz’s letter. He even includes a pressed flower as an apology for Henry being stubborn. #LongDistanceRelationshipGoals, amirite?

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Back at camp Luz is reading the letter to Asako. Along with the flower the letter also includes Chester’s official Army portrait. Asako comments on how handsome he looks. Handsome like Gary Cooper. She’s quick to show Henry the picture though he’s not nearly as thrilled to see it. After he walks off, Asako the asks how the baby is doing, which later prompts Luz to ask Asako how her pregnancy with Chester was. “I don’t remember. It was so long ago.” Which is…weird. I’m not a parent but I feel like I would remember, like, a bunch of stuff about childbirth. Especially the birth of my first and only kid.

Later that night we see an unnamed solider doing patrols around the camp. This is when he sees a light on in the barracks. North of the guard tower. Oh no. Looks like Yuko is up way past her bedtime. So the solider goes to investigate. This is where he comes face to face with Yuko. Except something is off about her. More so than usual. When we finally get a clear look at her we see a bunch of cuts along her face and it looks like the top of her head is rotting. She’s literally falling apart.

Yuko can’t have any witnesses so she, like with Yoshida (James Saito), she takes control of this solider somehow. The solider carries a bottle of sake with him to one of the guard towers. This is where we learn that his name is Nessler (Matthew Smalley) because people are shouting at him to get down since he’s acting so strange. The shouts appear to fall on deaf ears as Nessler gets to the top of the tower, climbs over the railing and falls to his death. Yuko really can’t go one episode without killing someone, can she?

Major Bowen quickly deduces that this happened because Nessler was drunk. And the only way that could’ve happened? The “Japs”. Obviously. This sparks a full on manhunt for any alcohol that maybe on the premises. This search eventually leads Bowen to the Yoshida and Nakayama family barracks where, next to Henry’s bed, he finds quite a few bottles of contraband sake. Henry insists it’s just for the people in the barrack. But Bowen is in no mood for excuses.

Just as he’s about to take Henry away, Walt Yoshida (Lee Shorten) interjects. “All the old man does is drink it…I’m the one that made the sake.” Walt is quickly taken to the stockade in Henry’s place.

Kiki Sukezane as Yuko, Cristina Rodlo as Luz Ojeda – The Terror _ Season 2, Episode 4 – Photo Credit: Ed Araquel/AMC

After that debacle, Luz checks in with Yuko again. This is where she confesses that she thinks Henry hates her. This is when Yuko drops a bit of news that’ll hopefully make Luz feel better. “Two…two babies.” Ohhh golly. 

Luz is thrilled. Asako? Not so much. She insists that everything is fine and that she’s excited when Toshiro (Alex Shimizu) chimes in “Aren’t twins supposed to be bad luck. That’s what my Dad used to say. He said twins bring death and misfortune.” Bad timing, dude. This explains everyone’s sullen mood about the news. And Luz is having none of this talk of bad luck. “No one is to treat my children like they’re god damn cursed!”

We check back in with Chester. He’s writing another letter to Luz, where he confesses he’s going on day nine of no sleep and he thinks he’s going crazy. And this wouldn’t quite be an episode of The Terror: Infamy without one of Chester’s hallucinations. This time it comes in the form of some dirt on his desk form into some sort of shape or symbol. Then, for a split second, he thinks Yuko is talking to him. But it’s only Arthur telling him to chill out. Then he thinks he’s getting stabbed in the chest- is he seriously not going to talk about these visions with anyone? Literally anybody? No? Okay, cool.

As grotesque as these visions are it looks like this time around it appears to come as a blessing in disguise. Because now he knows where the missing Crittenden is!

Next we see Luz walk into the barrack where Henry is alone. We can see her Japanese is getting much better as she reads from a letter she’s written, “Honored Father: Your grandchildren who will soon be born will always honor you. They will always think of you with great respect. And one day when you are called to heaven, I swear they will keep your memory alive. If a boy is born his Spanish name will be given in your honor and it will be Enrique. Or, if you don’t like that please choose another name that you prefer.” 

And Henry’s response? Short, sweet and to the point: “Enrique is a good name. I like it.” Aw! It’s just a really touching moment that appears to make Luz very happy. It certainly brought a smile to my face.

It looks like Chester was right. In the next scene we finally get a look at the now found Crittenden. He’s covered in mud, blood and appears to be traumatized as he’s muttering something that appears to be gibberish to the untrained ear. But Chester is quick to note he’s talking in Japanese and to translate: “You are a devil…a white devil…we kill white devils.” 

When Chester steps closer, Crittenden tries to pounce. Chester is suspicious that Crittenden might be under the control of a Yurei. Arthur thinks this is ridiculous. “He doesn’t know what he’s saying! He’s just spitting back what his captures said to him!” In perfect Japanese? I’m not buying it. Crittenden then leaves Chester with some parting words. “…The weak are meat…the strong will eat…” Totally a Yurei. 

Reed Diamond as Colonel William Stallings – The Terror _ Season 2, Episode 4 – Photo Credit: Ed Araquel/AMC

But! We don’t have time to dwell on that because Luz is in labor. It’s happening! Henry and Asako quickly rush Luz to Dr. Kitamura. Her contractions are pretty close together so nurse Hasegawa (Emi Kamito) preps for the delivery. Luz sends Asako off to find Yuko, the masquerading midwife, while Hasegawa hurries to find some linens. This is where the unsuspecting nurse has a run in with, you guessed it! Yuko! She quickly takes possession of Hasegawa’s body and goes to the delivery room. 

Now, we’ve seen a lot of brutality throughout this show’s mere four episodes, but the next few minutes are easily the saddest as we see neither one of Luz’s babies survive the birth. They don’t show anything graphic. They don’t really need to. It’s heartbreaking scene that really makes one reflect on the experiences of other expecting Mothers in these camps. These camps with horrific conditions. Who knows what would’ve happened if Luz had access to a real hospital.

Yuko blames Dr. Kitamura for the babies dying and Luz…to say she’s devastated would be an understatement.

Derek Mio as Chester Nakayama – The Terror _ Season 2, Episode 4 – Photo Credit: Ed Araquel/AMC

In the days following this tragedy Chester receives a letter Luz previously sent. She tells him all about how she won over Henry and how they are having twins. It hurts to see how happy he is. Especially when, at the same time he’s reading this letter, there is a funeral going on for the twins.

When he’s done reading the letter he’s approached by several soldiers. Including Crittenden. They beat Chester while Crittenden manages to get a hold of a flamethrower, which he uses to kill the men beating Chester up. That escalated so quickly. Immediately after we learn that Crittenden is not under the control of any spirtis. Instead he confesses to serving Admiral Takahashi. Another spy situation? 

At the camp the Obon festival is in full swing. As for Henry, Asako and Mrs. Yoshida (Hira Ambrosino)? They are chatting in the barrack until Luz interrupts them. She once again asks for Yuko who lives in the new barracks, north of the guard tower. “Nobody lives in that part of camp.” Mrs. Yoshida explains. Luz quickly explains that can’t be true because of how many times she’s been there. “Asako-san, please…she needs to know.”

So Asako goes to those barracks to deliver the bad news. She finds the barrack empty apart from a chunk of Yuko’s flesh on the ground. Yuko is walking through the Obon festival wearing the strangest mask ever. She enters the infirmary to confront Dr. Kitamura. She removes the mask to show how badly her body is decomposing before possessing the Doctor’s body. Then he picks up a nearby scalpel and slices open his belly from side to side, killing him pretty quickly. 

What we know so far/ thoughts:
  • After this episode I am emotionally numb. What a tear jerker. Up to this this point Luz has always been on the cheerful or happy-go-lucky side, I cannot imagine how this is going to change her. Though I have to ask, since she’s no longer pregnant, does that mean Bowen will release her from the camp? Or will it be more of a “screw it, I’ll wait for Chester,” situation?
  • Yuko clearly wanted those babies. Since they passed away what will she do now? Is she just gonna go back to tormenting Chester? If so, why? 
  • We still have no clue about Yuko and Furuya’s bizarre history. They apparently knew each other but how? Could Furuya be responsible for the way Yuko is now? If that’s the case then how does Chester play into this? 

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Be sure to check back next week. The Terror: Infamy airs Mondays at 9pm on your AMC affiliate. 


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