The Story Collider is headed back to Los Angeles with a new show Thursday, December 6th. The show, which was recently named in L.A. Magazine’s ‘4 of L.A.’s Best Live Podcast Tapings‘, has a mission to bring true, personal stories about science to life. The idea is that everyone’s life is touched by science in some way and that we all have a story about its singular effect. The show showcases all kinds of storytellers – researchers, doctors, and engineers of course, but also patients, poets, comedians, and more. Some of our stories are heartbreaking, others are hilarious. They’re all true and all very personal. 

The upcoming L.A. show is at 8pm, December 6th at The Lyric Hyperion2106 Hyperion Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, 90027. Tickets are $10 and you can get them here.  The theme of the evening is ‘Finding Answers’ and the line up is, as always, spectacular and boasts storytellers from the worlds of science and entertainment. 

The evening will be hosted by Audrey Kearns and Joseph Scrimshaw and feature the stories from:


Dorina Arellano is a bilingual/bicultural nerd trying to share her love of music, sci-fi, and fantasy with the world. She works at Google, where she occasionally hosts the Talks at Google Program and has somehow gotten to interview legendary writers and artists from DC Comics, rock guitar gods like Tom Morello, and comedy heroines like Kate McKinnon.

Prior to joining Google, Dorina worked in the music industry where she gained bizarrely super powered social skills having one day been exposed to an unusual radiation source while on tour as an artist manager.

A proud dork, Dorina has been a long-time member of the pop culture geek community as a contributing writer/journalist, a comic convention panelist/moderator/party crasher, and a YouTuber/podcaster, including her own channel: Super Dork House.

Dorina grew up in Mexico, the land of tacos and Morrissey fans, so she’s fluent in Spanish and an expert in soccer heartbreak. She resides in Los Angeles with her soundtrack and comic book collections, her sci-fi/fantasy/horror toys and art, and her beloved cello. She has decent karaoke skills and enjoys losing friends after beating them at Mario Kart. 


Josh Flaum is a comedy writer local to Los Angeles. He has written for G4 Network’s ‘Attack of the Show’, and lately has been working on multifarious projects for Nerdist and Legendary Entertainment. He is also the co-creator of Geek & Sundry’s award-winning show ‘Written by a Kid’. He recently shattered his right anterior sinus bone, so that’s why he looks the way he does (if you were wondering).



vanilla wall (1).jpgRichard Malena-Webber is an academic, puzzle and game designer, and presenter. He’s designed puzzles for everything from the launch of the Tomb Raider movie to live interactive crime-solving mysteries. Rich created and hosts Atomic Game Theory, a video series devoted to game analysis, and he created the Puzzle Keyring, an educational decryption tool for codes and ciphers. In addition to developing his own projects, he’s contributed to RPGs and board games like Betrayal at the House On The Hill: Widow’s Walk and Phoenix: Dawn Command. Currently you can find Rich co-hosting the tabletop news podcast Going Last and the RPG actual play podcast Gosh Darn Fiasco, teaching math to high school students, and playing lots and lots of board games.

Aliza Pearl graduated from Princeton University and is an actor, writer, improviser, NASA Super Fan, and certified Trekkie living in Los Angeles, California. As Nerdist News writer; host on various digital channels including Geek & Sundry, Alpha, Saving Throw and HyperRPG; improviser with Impro Studio, Ripley, and Essence Improv; and professional actor in digital, TV, and film, Aliza is forging a career path that merges her geeky pasttimes and creative tendencies. Aliza’s mission is to promote diversity and inclusion while exploring identity and sociocultural ties through scifi and genre.

amy shira tietel.jpg

Amy Shira Teitel is a spaceflight historian, author, YouTuber, and public speaker who became obsessed with space after finding a cartoon of two astronauts on the Moon when she was seven. Since then, she’s devoted her life to knowing more than anyone really needs to know about how Apollo got to the Moon. She’s currently working on her second book about badass women and space while her cat, Pete Conrad (named for the commander of Apollo 12) head-butts his way into a co-author credit.   


Audrey Kearns