EA Games and Maxis‘ phenomenal game, The Sims 4, attracts mainly two kinds of players: people who prefer gameplay and people who prefer building. People who prefer gameplay usually enjoy working on their Sims’ skills, families and stories. Builders enjoy creating homes and new locations for their Sims. A new game pack, Dream Home Decorator, is arriving for fans of the beloved franchise and while it’s geared towards builders, it will also attract people who prefer gameplay.

The new game pack looks like it will enthrall lovers of House Flipper and The Tenants, both produced by Frozen District. For example, House Flipper is a somewhat realistic first-person renovation simulator where you can take on clients’ renovation requests. The ability to take a hammer to the walls is just one of many highlights of the game. The Tenants, which feels more like The Sims series, is a renovation simulator and a landlord simulator. The goal: keep the tenants happy with their space and you stay paid. This means that even though the drunk tenant in the small but well-decorated Apartment 502 is down on their luck, you still have to demand that rent check. After all, you designed the apartment.

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Do You Like or Dislike It?

According to The Sims 4 website, Sims can design and renovate new spaces for other Sims to live and play in. It appears to combine both gameplay and building, making this an extremely desirable pack for players who like both aspects of the game. Thanks to the recent patch, Sims now have likes and dislikes, which means Sims will be able to like or dislike features of their newly renovated home. This includes color, music and activity preferences. For example, a Sim could really like blue, green and purple, but dislike the color brown and feel neutral to the others. They aren’t set in stone, either. Sims can gain likes and dislikes as they go along in life, or you can change them at any time to suit your tastes.

The addition of the likes and dislikes system means your Sim must know their client to create their new space. If you really wanted to, your Sim could gain a horrid reputation (and even fired) by simply not knowing their clients’ likes and dislikes, stealing, fighting with the client or repeatedly going over their client’s budget. In the Dream Home Decorator Livestream, which showcased vital gameplay of the new pack, there are about 52 client request scenarios your Sims can complete.

Dream Home Decorator Furnishings

Hardcore builders will be pleased that not only does the pack include the new interactive career, but it also includes new furniture. It includes sectional sofas, modular closets, shelving and two new kitchen sets. Sims take before and after photos of the renovations, which turns into a montage at the end of the renovation. There’s even an animation where your Sims will guide the nervous Sim to their newly renovated home. Their reaction relies on your ability to snoop out what they generally like. 

The Sims 4 already gives House Flipper and The Tenants a run for their money since building is an integral game feature. The new game pack, the 10th of the series, incorporates even more options for builders and players alike to enjoy. If you want your Sim to become the next top builder on HGTV—I mean, Dream Home Decorator, then the new pack is set to arrive June 1 at 10:00 AM Pacific Time. Time to clean out our Pinterests and brush up on interior design! 


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