CHGDm0IWoAAYOXA5 Questions #4 with director Ben Rock and writer Bob DeRosa

Happy Friday all! It’s a pleasure to get to ask these two amazingly talented guys, writer Bob DeRosa and director Ben Rock these very important, hard-hitting 5 Questions.

For you horror and comedy fans, DeRosa and Rock are the creators of the web series, 20 Seconds To Live. Seven bloody, hilarious episodes that premiere every Friday exclusively on ArieScope Pictures. In fact, episode three is available today so don’t miss it!

Here’s a little bit about how this project came together:

Director Ben Rock (Alien Raiders) and screenwriter Bob DeRosa (Killers) have worked in film and television for over a decade but in order to keep the creative juices flowing, they also collaborate on darkly funny late-night shows at Sacred Fools Theater in Hollywood. Last year, they decided to take the “let’s put on a show” spirit of theater and combine it with their mutual love of horror anthologies. They approached producer Cat Pasciak (Atari: Game Over), who agreed to help them achieve their (dark) dreams, resulting in the seven-episode horror/comedy web series “20 Seconds To Live”. While brainstorming ways to release the show, they heard modern horror legend Adam Green (the “Hatchet” movies) was seeking a new web series to feature on his website It was a match in made in Heaven (or, considering the subject matter, Hell) as Ariescope Pictures exclusively presents the first season of “20 Seconds To Live”, the web series for people who hate happy endings.

Let’s get to it!

1. What is your favorite food?

Ben: The Turkey Burger at Astro. It’s a diner in Silverlake, on the corner of Glendale and Fletcher. If you told me that it was made of human and not turkey, I wouldn’t be surprised and I’d still eat them.11141136_10153344651542028_5535826816730482462_nBob: I love sushi and our go-to place is Sushi Yuzu in Toluca Lake. It’s gotten so popular that we can’t ever get in anymore but luckily they opened a sister restaurant on the same block with an identical menu. I could tell you the name of that place, but I’m not gonna.


2. If you could live anywhere, where would it be? (any galaxy or planet fictional or otherwise)

Ben: If I stay put in LA for another five years, I’ll be living in “Blade Runner’s” Los Angeles. What could be better? Plus it looks like we finally get some rain.

Bob: The Star Wars universe but after Episode IX when hopefully there’s peace in the galaxy and all the dark side of the force a-holes are gone.

3. Who is your favorite superhero?


Since I wouldn’t call John Constantine a “superhero” per se, I’ll go with Lobo.

Bob: Growing up a nerdy kid with big dreams, Spiderman has always been my fave. I also relate to the underappreciated leader who may not be a fan favorite but gets the job done so hello Cyclops!

4. If you could make your own LEGO set, what would it be?

Ben: It would be themed on John Carpenter’s “The Thing.” Kind of a russian doll of a toy – open up one person and a tormented homunculus would emerge from within. Hours of fun making toys that imitate other toys so they can assimilate all the toys.

Kennel Thing

Bob: A lot of my teenage years were spent reimagining various action sequences with all the vehicles and characters of that final chase in “The Road Warrior”. If only I’d had a LEGO set of that!

5. Marry, F*** or Kill? Ava (Ex-Machina) Dot Matrix (Spaceballs), Gigolo Joe (A.I.)

Ben: Kill: Dot Matrix. I mean… Seriously. It’s bad enough that I have my own insecurity nagging at me, I don’t need help. Plus, of the three, she’s the only one who could be recycled for parts. 
Fuck: Gigolo Joe – He’s built for that, but there’s not much more to him.
 Marry: Ava – I mean, she might kill me later (and I might have it coming), but she’ll keep me on my toes. And she’s quite the conversationalist.

Bob: Let’s sort it out. Ava is totally hot and nice to spend time with but she’s always got one eye on the door, which is not what you want in a partner so I’d f*** her. Dot Matrix would drive me crazy so kill her. Oh no, I just married Gigolo Joe. Guess I’ll just close my eyes and enjoy it.

Amazing answers! Thank you guys! Make sure you watch the first three episodes of 20 Seconds To Live and keep watching, every Friday!

BEN ROCK (Director, co-creator) makes people very uncomfortable until they are eventually okay with it. As the production designer for “The Blair Witch Project”, Ben designed the iconic stickman figure and crawled around in the woods with night vision goggles in order to help make some cinematic history. Since then he wrote and/or directed multiple Blair Witch spin-offs as well as cutting-edge viral content to promote “Hellboy”, “The 4400”, and “True Blood”. He directed the Warner Brothers/Raw Feed sci-fi feature film “Alien Raiders” and hopes you know the title wasn’t his idea. He is a proud member of Sacred Fools Theater in Hollywood, where he directed the main-stage productions “Baal”, “Richard III” and “Occupation”. He and his wife Alicia have two dogs that can swallow a man whole, so just think twice before breaking into his house.

BOB DEROSA (Writer, co-creator) believes that The Little Engine could cuz of sheer fucking force of will. The Florida-born screenwriter has written for the big screen (“Killers”, “The Air I Breathe”) and the small (“White Collar”). After graduating from the University of Florida with an advertising degree that he will never ever use, he returned home to Orlando and co-founded the award-winning comedy troupe THEM. He moved to Los Angeles and eventually joined Sacred Fools Theater in Hollywood, where he is a regular contributor to the ongoing late-night series “Serial Killers”. When he’s not writing, Bob studies Kenpo karate and spends time with his wife Jen and their three kids, who look suspiciously like cats.

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