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In a recent interview with Sina Entertainment, a Chinese site, Anthony and Joe Russo talked about their movie, Captain America: Civil War, and what we may or may not be able to expect from The Vision, as played by Paul Bettany. When the interviewer asked them about the character, they responded with, “Vision is a captivating character, and he does play a critical role in the Civil War. The comic fans might be able to guess what he is going to do.”

HOLY CROW! Did they just spoil a part of their own movie? Seriously?

In the comics, The Vision sided with Captain America and we saw him do little for the entire run. But then, in the final battle, he sneaks behind Iron Man and phases through Tony’s armor to disable him long enough that Steve can pummel the living daylights out of him with his Vibranium shield.

Vision Shorting out Tony

However, as we also know, or at least have been lead to believe, The Vision sides with Iron Man in this fight, unlike his comic book counterpart who sided with Captain America. 

Maybe he turns traitor, maybe he was a secret spy for Steve the whole time, or maybe he’s tricked into doing it accidentally?

Or, maybe that doesn’t happen at all and the Russo brothers are alluding to something else entirely.

Via: Comicbook.com

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