The winter holidays are looming, so it’s time to start thinking about gifts. And if you’re anything like us, your gift-giving list includes a fan of The Righteous Gemstones (or two or more!). Luckily, there are plenty of gifts inspired by this HBO gem, and you’re sure to find something to elicit a “Whoo-whee, Sucker” from anyone of them. Believe us, just like in-universe, there’s a lot of Gemstone merch out there. And also, like the in-universe gift shop, there’s something for nearly every budget. 


If your Righteous Gemstones fan is the type who likes to rep their fanhood in public, consider gifting them clothing pieces inspired by the show, like this t-shirt on Etsy or this one on Teepublic. For those who might like something subtler, you can grab a pair of socks on Redbubble. And while it’s not technically clothing, this Baby Billy (Walton Goggins) tote on Etsy is made of fabric.

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Clothing From the Show

Image of Skyler Gisondo as Gideon in Righteous Gemstones. A young white man in a neckbrace, holding a cigarette, leans against a car. He wears a black and read motorcycle jacket

The clothes on The Righteous Gemstones are a massive part of the characterization, and a die-hard fan may want to pick up some fashion tips from their fave. The American Jackets carries leather jackets worn by Jesse (Danny McBride) and son Gideon (Skyler Gisondo). You can also head over to Shop Your TV for more inspiration.

Cardboard Cutouts

Move over Aunt Tiff’s (Valyn Hall) voodoo dolls made from sticks — HBO sells its own cardboard standup cutouts of Baby Billy, JesseKeefe (Tony Cavalero), Kelvin (Adam Devine) and Judy (Edi Patterson). 

You could purchase your loved one’s favorite character or buy them the whole army to adorn their compound. 

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Jesse Gemstone Yootooz

You can purchase this Jesse Gemstone Yootooz on Amazon. While Yootooz doesn’t make other Gemstones dolls, you can complete the Danny McBride character collection with Kenny Powers for Eastbound & Down and Neal Gamby from Vice Principals. So, if your Righteous Gemstones fan is particularly fond of McBride, this is an especially great gift. 


Perhaps you’re seeking greeting cards. Don’t worry: We’ve got you covered. Check out Etsy and Redbubble for some fun ones. Any stationery set would not be complete without stickers, and praise be; there is no shortage of Gemstones-themed stickers. Many stickers can be found on Etsy. Some feature characters like BJ (Tim Baltz). Others represent key catchphrases, like “Smut Busters” or this memorable conversation between Judy and BJ.

Mugs and Water Bottles

Mugs and tumblers are another great way to show some Gemstone love. Whether it’s a large print of Keefe’s face (from Etsy) or Baby Billy’s Bible Bonkers logo, what a great way to start the morning. To keep the love going as the fan in your life moves throughout their day, grab them a God Squad mug from HBO’s Righteous Gemstones shop

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Sometimes holiday gifts best come holiday-themed. So, if someone you know is looking to deck out their tree like a true Gemstones fan, you can pick up some ornaments to help them out. For fans who squeed when Kelvin and Keefe (finally!) got together last season, check out these matching rocking chair ornaments on Etsy. If the fan in your life is more into the whip-smart dialogue, why not present them with these paper Christmas ornaments?

 Signed Memorabilia 

Image of a white woman and her three boys (ages 10 to early 20s) seated in a mega church pews. Wearing their Sunday best.

MgGraphsAuthentic on eBay

If you’ve got a little extra dough to spend this holiday season, why not cash out on some signed Righteous Gemstones memorabilia? For example, you can pick up a character photo signed by Adam Devine on eBay or this one signed by Cassidy Freeman.   

We hope this list gave you some inspiration for what to get the Rightgeous Gemstones fan on your list! Share your favorite item in the comments below! Have a safe and happy holiday season!  

The Righteous Gemstones Seasons 1 to 3 are now streaming on Max

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