Previously on The Princess Bride home movie, The Man in Black beat Inigo Montoya, Fezzik the Giant, and Vizzini, the Sicilian to save Princess Buttercup. Yet, Prince Humperdinck is closing in on their trail.

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Prince Humperdinck (Tom Lennon) comes upon another scuffle. He says someone beat a giant. There will be great suffering if Buttercup dies. He continues to ride with Count Rugen (Oliver Lennon) and his company.

Meanwhile Lego Buttercup and Lego Man in Black run through the fields of Guilder. The Man in Black (Sam Rockwell) stops so Buttercup (Leslie Bibb) can catch her breath. She asks to be released, but the Man in Black refuses. They argue first about how good of a hunter Humperdinck is and then how Buttercup is imcapble of love.

Humperdinck finds Vizzini’s table and knows the Princess is still alive, or was an hour ago. He declares if she is otherwise when he finds her, he will be put out. 

The Man in Black and Buttercup stop again. She realizes he is the Dread Pirate Roberts and she hates him for killing her love, Westley. He assumes her love was like the Prince, but she says he was a farm boy, poor and perfect. With eyes like the sea after the storm (picture Chris Pine). Buttercup knows that Roberts’ ship attacked Westley’s ship and he never takes prisoners. He says he can’t make exceptions.

Roberts says he remembers this farm boy from five years ago. He died well, no bribes or blubbering. He simply asked to to live for true love. The farm boy spoke of a beautiful girl who was faithful to him. Roberts says it’s a good thing the farm boy died before he found out who she really is. He asks how long the Princess waited to get engaged after the farm boy died. Buttercup yells at Roberts for mocking her, saying she died that day.


They hear horses approach and Roberts turns around to look at Humperdinck. Buttercup says Roberts can die too and pushes him down a hill. As he rolls down the hill, he yells, “As You Wish.” Buttercup realizes it’s Westley! She rolls down the hill after him. Meanwhile, Humperdinck looks over the hills as they disappear. He’s certain they are headed dead into the Fire Swamp. 

Buttercup lands at the end of the hill and Westley checks on her. She’s happy that he’s alive. He asks why she didn’t wait for him. Um. He was dead. Westley says death cannot stop true love, all it can do is delay it for a little while. Buttercup will never doubt again. Westley kisses her. STOP!

YUCK! The grandson (Keith L. Williams) hates the kissing part. His grandfather (Giancarlo Esposito) laughs saying someday the kid won’t mind so much. The kid tells grandad to skip to the Fire Swamp. 

Westley and Buttercup race across the ravine and see Humperdinck and his men. He’s too late. A few more steps and they will be in the Fire Swamp. Buttercup exclaims that they will never survive. Westley says she’s only saying that because no one ever has.

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