The Princess Bride is very familiar to fans. So when Quibi announced they would air a homemade remake, well, I was excited. Only because this is very much a fan made movie that stars household named actors…who just happen to be fans of the movie. The first installment was only four minutes long, but offers a lot of smiles!

As the movie plays, there’s two screens, one is the movie and the other screen tells you who’s playing which part and who originally played that part. New artists were tapped to recreate the score of the film, originally scored by Mark Knopfler


For starters, Fred Savage reprises his role as the sick kid, Retta as the Mom and Adam Sandler plays his grandpa who gifts the kid with a book. The kid is not excited, but he’s sick so he can’t do much else.  Grandpa starts reading, and with the help of Legos, we see Buttercup riding to her farm.  She liked nothing better than to torment the farm boy.  Annabelle Wallis plays Buttercup in the opening sequence and Chris Pine is Westley.  Wallis as Buttercup smiles a lot at Westley. And just when they are about to have their first kiss, the kid stops the reading.

Now we have Josh Gad as the sick kid and Rob Reiner as his grandpa. “Is this a kissing book?” Ew. On with the story. Tiffany Haddish as Buttercup holds onto Common as Westley tightly, afraid that she will never see him again.  Westley promises to return, saying nothing gets in the way of true love. Buttercup watches him leave for the last time. She locks herself in her room and vows to never love again. 

Back in Legoland, the people gather for an important announcement. Hugh Jackman as Prince Humperdink introduces his people to his fiancee Princess Buttercup, played by Zazie Beetz.  She splashes water on her face to make tears.


Rainn Wilson as Vizzini greets a fair lady. Dun, Dun Duuuunnn…

The Princess Bride, home movie edition airs daily on Quibi.

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