We haven’t seen the last of Colin Farrell‘s Penguin and we couldn’t be happier. The mobster who made waves in the most recent DC film The Batman has been given his own series on HBO Max. The series will be expanding on the world Matt Reeves introduced us to in Warner Bros’ film. The working title for the series is simply, The Penguin and is set to focus on him and the underworld of Gotham.

If you haven’t seen The Batman yet, I suggest coming back later to avoid spoilers. Good? Great! How exciting is this? The Penguin has always been one of our favorite villains in the Batman franchise and it is exciting to see them expanding on Farrell’s version. As Reeves’ film came to a close, we got a glimpse of Penguin getting ready to step up and fill the void left behind by the fall of Carmine Falcone (John Turturro). We can only imagine who else will step up and try to wrestle control from him.

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We aren’t entirely sure when The Penguin will take place, but our hopes are for it to pick up after the film’s events. Imagine an entire series built around the power struggle to control Gotham’s underworld. It could fill time in between the first and hopefully the second film and set up the film’s major events. However, we also wouldn’t be mad if they did a prequel series that introduces Penguin’s character and gives us a look at his rise to power.

Regardless of what HBO Max, Reeves, Farrell, Dylan Clark and Lauren LeFranc give us, we will be excited and happy. Reeves’ rebirth with The Batman was much needed in the DC universe and we can’t wait to see more series from within this world. We also can’t wait to see who else will be finding their way into the series or even get a series of their own! We may even see the Dark Knight (Robert Pattinson) himself! Are you excited to see Farrell return in The Penguin? Let us know in the comments below and on social media!

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