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Oh man. It’s just a script, but this is still really cool!

Josh Boone (The Fault in our Stars) and Knate Lee turned in the latest draft of their script for the soon-to-be made (hopefully) X-Men spin-off film, New Mutants!

As the film’s director says, “Cover of a certain script Knate Lee and I turned in last night to Simon Kinberg. New Mutants second draft.”

They even have a really cool graffiti-on-a-brick-wall cover for it! That’s awesome! And it might tell us a little about the tone of the film and the team itself in that it’s a bit more punk rock in nature. It gives us the impression that the team came together like a group of revolutionaries, not like a bunch of students brought together by Professor Xavier.

Of course, it could also be the other way around, but they just have that sort of edge and attitude to them.

Which is perfect for this team as it will more-than-likely lead into an X-Force film with the team led by Cable and maybe even having a run-in with a certain billion dollar merc-with-a-mouth! You remember Cable, yeah? He’s the character that Deadpool mentioned at the end of his film, saying he’d return in their sequel.


The original team of New Mutants was Cannonball, Wolfsbane, Sunspot, Karma and Dani Monster, though Cable soon after became their team leader with character like Boom-Boom, Blink, Shatterstar, Magik, Rictor and Warpath soon joining in some capacity.


This could be an explosive reboot to the X-Men franchise, who’s future is a bit more up in the air with X-Men: Apocalypse coming. No one is certain where the franchise will go after that as it is the end of that particular trilogy. With the success of Deadpool, the franchise is very much alive and will absolutely move forward, but how those stories will look is still up in the air and is, most likely, a very healthy discussion the creative team at Fox is still enjoying.

In the mean time, it’s fun to dream about what the New Mutants movie could actually be!

joshboonemoviesCover of a certain script @knatelee and I turned in last night to @simondavidkinberg #newmutants second draft

Cover of a certain script @knatelee and I turned in last night to @simondavidkinberg #newmutants second draft

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