There are a lot of stunning shooters and racing games available. However, sometimes, players get bored with the cliche video games, so they start looking for something new and completely uncommon.

If you need a new gaming experience, look no further. You will find the most uncommon games to play this winter when you got stuck at home in this post.

Don’t Starve

It is a creative and engaging video game where you should explore the land to find some food. It has very uncommon hand-drawn graphics. Beginning a game, you will be taken to an unknown land that you will need to explore. Note, the land is full of magic and mystery creatures that may attract you.

You will need to collect resources, craft items, and create constructions to protect yourself from enemies. Anyway, most of all, you will need to track your hunger level to keep your hero alive.

Nevertheless, you will need to overcome all the challenges and provide the main character with enough food. There are no save points so that if you die, you will begin a new game. Along with this, you will waste all the progress.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

It is a very popular online shooter. This game gathers 100 players in one place and forces them to fight each other until the last one survives. When players are landed on a battleground, they have nothing. Players should explore the land to find some firearms and ammo.

If you decide to hide somewhere and wait until only a few players stay alive, it’s not the best idea. The game drives all the players to move to a map’s center. After a particular time, the border starts shrinking. The border kills those players who can’t reach the center until the time ends.

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Ori and the Blind Forest

It is an amazing action-platformer where you need to play as a young orphan who has to find his home. This 2D game has beautiful visual effects and an enticing atmosphere. You will be involved in a journey that requires bravery and great intelligence to overcome all the challenges. Also, the game has a heart-touching plot that will raise a lot of emotions.

Stardew Valley

Can you imagine yourself as a landlord? If not, try this game. Stardew Valley is a 2D video game where you will start with nothing. You will need to clean your land and start growing plants to provide for yourself.

You’ll be able to grow cows, goats, chickens, and have some pets. To shape your land into a farm, you will need to collect resources, build a fence, and construct facilities. Playing the game, you will need to feed your animals and harvest on time.

Also, you will need to learn how to live out your land. For instance, players can mine to get resources, go fishing, hunt, explore new lands, and become a part of the local community. The game foresees the ability to interact with other players and build a family.

Job Simulator

It is an extremely fun VR game for those who got stuck at home and want to try working as a mechanic, barman, cashier, or office worker. You should complete tasks to keep your managers and clients satisfied.

However, nobody forbids you to have some fun. The VR game provides ultimate freedom so that you can scan do whatever you want. Feel free to throw a stapler in your boss, hire a duck, cook soup from wine, ruin your shop, and drink ketchup instead of coffee. Anyway, don’t forget to relax after a hard day at work.

Beat Saber

It is a VR rhythm game that will drive you to move fast. Being surrounded by a futuristic world, you will have one red and one blue saber. You will need to slash cubes that move toward you. However, you’re allowed to hit blocks with a saber of the corresponding color only. Also, each block has a tag from which side it should be slashed. If you hit all the blocks correctly, a new sound will appear.

The Beat Saber game has a global leader board to compete with all players around the globe. To add your name to the board, you will need to play well.

Final Words

These games will help you forget about the top video games and dive into new and interesting virtual worlds. All the games are very interesting and addicting, so be ready to spend a lot of hours playing them.

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