The Marvel world tends to be male-dominated; however, there are also notable female characters and heroines. Although DC has more female solo heroines, Marvel does have memorable characters that mostly form part of a team like The Avengers and X-Men. Nevertheless, some Marvel females have branched out into solo heroines. Let’s take a look at them here.

Black Widow – The Avengers

Black Widow was initially a villain before turning into a unique superhero with a Russian background who turned from evil. Alongside Iconic Marvel redheads Mary Jane Watson and Red Skull, Black Widow is a non-powered character who holds her own against corruption and compares favourably with the other superheroes that form part of The Avengers. She is primarily a team player who can put her unique spying skills to use when solo. Black Widow has a new movie to her name, besides graphic novels and a limited series run. She’s the sole female heroine in The Avengers movies, which is impressive considering how many capable ladies were in The Avengers.

Storm – The X-Men

Storm is the leader of the X-Men, although she’s not a man! She stands out as a recognisable member of the X-Men and perhaps the most powerful. She often takes the lead when Cyclops is unable to, and she’s the first black female heroine in Marvel’s illustrious history. She is also the first significant female superhero in the comics industry. That takes more significance when you consider she made her debut in 1975. She’s been part of the Avengers and the Fantastic Four besides the X-Men. She appeared in the X-Men movies, and she was also the Queen of Wakanda. The storm has the most consistently strong characterisation, and she deserves to be high on the list.

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