Instagram has always been a popular platform for movies. Whether it is showing behind the scene set photos, great film trivia, or snippets from movies, Instagram has a lot to offer. Which are the most liked movie accounts on Instagram? Here is a selection of great profiles for you to follow.

1. Cinema Magic

One of the top Instagram accounts to follow is Cinema Magic. This is a collection of trivia on key and famous (or infamous) scenes from some big blockbusters. Their content looks at cinema’s finest releases, both old and new. 

At the same time, they incorporate the latest news to inspire content. They’re a great inspiration for movie bloggers who start on the platform, but if you want to be at the top of Instagram like this account and want to keep costs cheap, then you might want to buy likes with gradual delivery.

2. New Beverly

Quentin Tarantino owns this account linked to a cinema chain. The director of popular movies saved the cinema from collapse and being redeveloped. While the famous director doesn’t actually operate the account himself, the account is certainly interesting to follow. 

Movie posters are normally the main content published on the feed, each of the top-rated movies. Though there are occasional other images shared with followers.

3. History of Cinema

The History of Cinema feed is a top account to follow for those who love the cinema and want to know more about those best scenes. The feed is full of interesting trivia as well as videos, stills, memes, and more. 

In one of their latest trends, they’ve been showing images of actors as they looked like when they played iconic roles to how they appeared when reunited. The images of the original cast from the Lord of the Rings film series are the funniest and simply the best.

4. Criterion Collection

If you’re more of an independent or international film lover, then you will probably want to follow Criterion Collection. This is a distribution company that specializes in contemporary films. They used to home deliver these films to customers, but now, they also offer streaming services. 

They offer a wide range of content ideas for the film fanatic; however, they’re well-known for having guest actors/directors choose their favorite films from a closet full of films on Blu-Rays and DVDs. They’ve had Richard E. Grant and Kim Cattrall in their closet, who chose ‘Some Like It Hot,’ ‘The Graduate,’ and ‘Nashville’.

5. Studio Binder

Studio Binder is an app that helps video editors to create high-quality films. Their Instagram feed is something that showcases how films have been made to inspire audiences to create their own epic shots. 

Some of the content showcases key quotes, advice on editing, and even how a special effect was added to the scene. It is highly entertaining and also educational, a great one for any film fanatic or nerd.

6. Strange Harbors

Strange Harbors is an online pop culture magazine. They’ve truly mastered the Instagram strategy with a host of content ideas that are ideal for cinema fans. They have stills from all types of films, including new releases, indies, classic films, and cult favorites. 

They include lots of information about the stills, scenes, and even random bits of trivia, which makes following their feed one of the best choices for film fans.

Popcorn lined up in red and white popcorn boxes

7. Rodrigo Prieto

You might think that following the stars of movies is the best option, but you might want to change your plan. Following the creative minds working the lens is sometimes a great way to get closer to the creative process of creating great movies. 

Rodrigo Prieto has worked on some of the cinema’s most acclaimed films, including ‘The Wolf of Wall Street,’ ‘Brokeback Mountain,’ and ‘The Irishman.’ As director of photography, he has a creative eye and can provide insight into the best angles for any shot. While he doesn’t publish much on films, his travel shots are excellent and look like they could have come from any blockbuster movie.

8. Comp Cam

For all those who are looking to find their inner movie geek, Comp Cam is one of the best Instagram feeds to follow. They showcase the geometric elements that are there to make movies work and capture your attention and awe. 

While some might feel this takes the fun out of the movies, the way the shots are done is inspiring and is a great reminder of how some movies are not just a spectacle but also a work of magic.

9. BFI

Did you know that when comparing the average critic score of British and American films, the average British film received a 30% higher score? That is why British cinema is considered one of the best in the world, and the British Film Institute aims to showcase why that is the case. 

Their feed supports the British film industry from old classics like ‘Brief Encounter’ to modern new Romances and even documentaries there to stimulate your mind. The problem is that after following them for a few months, the list of films you will want to watch will be incredibly long.

10. Screenplayed

No film can be shot without a script or screenplay. Without those pages of words, directions, and speeches, nothing would be on at the cinema. But how do actors, directors, and others involved in the creative process get those pages to the screen? That is what this Instagram account showcases in the finest form. 

Their content breaks down scenes and shows audiences exactly how all parties made scenes great. They even use the original screenplay as a reference for their work. A truly great account to follow. The feed is also managed by the talented Kinnane Brothers, who are independent filmmakers.

11. The Cinegogue

It is truly amazing how a simple feed of stills from films can be inspirational. This feed takes those stills, whether they are from the best blockbusters just released or classic Anime from the best studios in Japan, these stills are inspirational and will help you choose the next movie for family or date night. Or it could be a great way for you to geek out.

12. Film Tourism US

Sometimes it is not about seeing the scene on screen. Sometimes you want to travel to the location where your favorite movie scene was shot or took place, or even just join in the fun by visiting a well-known location. Film Tourism US allows you to find out where those scenes are, and then you can plan your next vacation based on that. 

To help you recognize, the author, Andrea, will also hold up a still of the iconic scene and overlay that on the actual location. It is a great way to bring you closer and more in-depth with the best films available.

13. ‘FILM GRAB’ is one of the largest storage of film stills. These are arranged on their website so that anyone can access them with ease. However, on their Instagram account, they display some of the best stills they have in their catalog on their feed.

These striking images include the movie’s directors, casts, and other important information. Even those who are working in the film industry, like recruitment, might find this account’s feed interesting.

14. ‘It Came From Beyond Planet X’

This little extra on the list is not just about movies, but it does include a lot of content about science-fiction movies that makes it a key account to follow. There are content updates that include scene stills, promotional posters, and other content to inspire your movie-watching. 

There is even some behind-the-scenes content that will provide you with some of the best trivia that you can recite to anyone who will listen.

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