This week, The Mist tries to round out Kevin, and makes us doubt my sweet baby Bryan, which I am not happy about. Unto the mist!

I'm with Mia, this is all Kevin's fault. The Mist

I’m with Mia, this is all Kevin’s fault.


Kevin, Mia, and Adrian rush Bryan to the hospital, which luckily has power and staff to help patch up Bryan. Mia tells Kevin if Bryan dies, it’s his fault for not stopping Clay in the last episode. 

The doctors go to work and are able to stop the bleeding on Bryan, and luckily, the bullet missed every major artery/vein/etc, and no major damage was done. He’ll be weak, but he’ll live. Kevin asks what’s keeping the power on, and the doctor says they have a back up generator that will last maybe another day or two. They’re also running out of food and medicine at the hospital, and the mist has completely filled the east wind of the building. After that status report, Kevin goes through the hospital to check if Alex and Eve happen to be there.


In the show’s first major flashback, we see Kevin and Eve move into their happy home, talking about decorating, and filling Alex’s room with dozens of red balloons (calling back to her love of balloons from episode three). Kevin says he’d do anything for Eve, and she quietly comments that she’s never been happy like this, but at the same time doesn’t quite feel like herself. 


The search for Alex and Eve at the hospital comes up with nothing, so Kevin goes off in a quiet corner and lets out a bit of stress with some tears. “Guess some things never change,” comes a voice. It’s Kevin’s brother Mike, who we met ever so briefly in the first episode. Mike is badly injured, with a piece of rebar sticking out of his side. He explains that he was outside when the mist rolled in, and that a group of teenagers attacked him, saying it was for a kid Mike used to know in high school, and he found them to be normal and yet, not normal. “Whatever’s out there messes with your head,” he says, and doubts that Kevin is real.

Kevin proves himself to real with a little light banter, and wonders aloud what’s happening. Mike says they’re all dying, but him especially. With the hospital running out of medicine, it’s only a matter of days before infection sets in and kills Mike. 

Over in the ER, Mia and Adrian to watch over Bryan, who wakes up. He and Mia start to do some light hand holding, so Adrian leaves to give them privacy (and a snide comment on his way out). Mia and Bryan share a tender moment, but she pulls away, saying she’s not ready for him to be nice to her, and orders him to rest.

Out in the hallway, Adrian makes eye contact with the football player who lobbed insults at him at the party the night Alex was assaulted.


Eve is putting away books, and Kevin asks what she meant by her comment earlier about being happy and not herself. She tells him he changed her for the better, and calls him her hero.


Kevin brings his brother some water, but Mike is in too much pain to drink, and he’s out of medicine to help with it. Mike says he’s sorry about what happened to Alex, but then spots the gun in Kevin’s waistband. He asks if Kevin’s shot anyone, and when Kevin says no, Mike tells him he’ll never survive without practice. Appalled, Kevin says he won’t practice. Mike bursts into tears and begs Kevin to shoot him to put him out of his misery since he’ll die of infection anyways. Plus, he says it’ll be easy because they aren’t close. Kevin refuses, and reminds Mike of a story from when they were kids about facing a weirdo in the woods, how Mike protected him, and the point being there’s always a way. His brother tells him he can’t save everyone, but “God knows you tried.”

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Eve is admiring the lake when she hears Kevin laughing, and enters to see Mike and Kevin chatting. She and Mike have an obvious tension, especially when Mike comments that he never imagined Eve with the white picket fence lifestyle. He leaves, and upstairs, Kevin and Eve make love.

Bros. Kinda. The Mist

Bros. Kinda.


Kevin asks the doctor for help with Mike, who explains that the OR, with all the surgical supplies he would need, is in the mist-filled east wing. He can’t safely operate on Mike in the ER like he did with Bryan because the rebar could be piercing Mike’s liver, and he would bleed out, and he also won’t go into the mist because he’s not convinced it’s safe. So Kevin, our brilliant hero, comes up with a plan: He’s been out in the mist plenty of times and survived, so he will wheel Mike to the OR, operate on him with radio instructions from the doctor, patch him up, and run back out. GREAT IDEA, KEVIN.

Meanwhile, Mia wanders into the gift shop and picks out a teddy bear for Bryan. She asks a nurse which room Bryan is in now, since he was moved from the ER, and she is directed to room 237. There, she sees a different guy, who says he is Bryan Hunt. Whoa.

Adrian sees the football player head to the bathroom, and follows him. They take care of business at the urinals, and Adrian asks him why he’s there. After brushing him off, the football player explains that his mom had a panic attack and he tried to call for help, but the phones weren’t working, so he ran to the hospital for help and got stuck there. Adrian then approaches him very slowly and kisses him. Football player throws out some slurs and beats him up, but then Adrian gets up again, kisses him, and they make out.

Back with “Real” Bryan, who explains to Mia (pretending to be a nurse) that he was attacked up in the woods, and describes his attacker as Our Bryan. She asks why the guy would do that, and he says it’s above his pay grade. 

Before heading to the OR, Kevin give Adrian the keys to the car and says he doesn’t come back, he needs to head to the mall. 


Kevin and Eve are post-coital, and he asks what the deal was with her and Mike back in the kitchen. She says it’s nothing, but he pushes and she starts to cry a little. Then she confesses that Mike still calls her a slut because of her teenage years, and in front of her students and their parents, undermining her and implying she’s sex-obsessed. He gets up and says he’s going to make Mike stop and beat the crap out of him, but she stops him. When they met, she says, she was weak, and needed him, but now she’s strong and he doesn’t need to save her anymore. 


Mia spots Adrian sitting with the car keys. She asks why he’s all beat up, and he says he just had sex. Then they have a heart to heart about hating hospitals and being only children. Mia reveals that her mom was bipolar, and spent a lot of time in the psych ward, struggling to connect with her mom, who told her that loneliness is inevitable. Adrian asks what the point is, and she warns him not to get close to anyone. She quietly snags the keys, runs out the door, and drives off with the car.

Our Bryan wakes up in his new hospital room, and wanders out to the nurse asking for Mia. The nurse instructs him to go to room 237. There, he finds “Real” Bryan asleep. He gets close, and “Real” Bryan wakes up.

Kevin wheels Mike into the OR through the mist, which already starts to affect when blood seems to pool at his fingertips. He tells Kevin they were all in love with Eve before he came along and made a real connection with her, and that he hated him for it. Then he tells him to get on with it.

Following the doctor’s instructions, Kevin successfully removes the rebar, stops the bleeding, and staples up Mike’s wound. 


Eve and Kevin are in the living room, and he asks who Alex’s bio-dad is. She says she thought he didn’t want to know and that it didn’t matter, and he concedes. They agree that Alex can never know that Kevin is not her bio-dad. Then, little Alex runs in, escorted by Natalie’s husband from next door. The two put Alex to bed in her balloon-filled room, and Kevin assures Eve that she won’t be seeing Mike again, and that he would do anything for her. 


Mike is spitting up blood as Kevin wheels him through the halls. Kevin tries to reassure him, but as he’s running, he slips on a pool of blood and flips his brother off the gurney (classic Kevin). Leeches begin falling from the ceiling, covering Mike and crawling into his wound. He begs for help, but more leeches cover him, and he tells Kevin to go, he has to get to Eve. Reluctantly, Kevin shoots his leech-covered brother in the head, and makes it out of the mist infested hallway.

Ewwww, leeches. The Mist

Ewwww, leeches.


“Anything,” Kevin adds one last time.

And that’s this week’s The Mist. I found Kevin’s final “Anything” to be a little ominous, and the reveal that he’s not Alex’s biological father is an interesting wrinkle. So is the two Bryans situation, but I of course prefer Our Bryan.

Questions for Next Week:

  • Where did Mia run off to?
  • Which one’s the real Bryan?!
  • Does the jerk football player know what happened to Alex? 
  • Who is Eve’s baby daddy?
  • And just how wild is her past?
  • How’s everybody at the church doing?

Points of Interest

  • New Mist Power: Making it rain leeches from a ceiling. Yuck. 
  • Nice reference to The Shining with Room 237. Nothing good happens in rooms with that number!
  • I’m still shipping Mia and Our Bryan.
  • It’s not just because I find Kevin as a character to be dumb, but it is unrealistic that he would pull off that surgery that fast and effectively. No one really could, without decent medical training. 
  • Also, I gotta say, that relationship with Mike and Kevin was rushed, and it feels like something we’re not really going to back to now that Mike’s dead.
  • Slight correction from last week: I left out the fact that Kevin wrote the owl book Alex reads with the doomed Lilah in the bookstore because it went by so fast I couldn’t be sure it was official. This episode confirms that he is indeed the author.
  • Mike may be the only character who was named in an earlier episode and then died, rather than the show’s usual habit of showing us who they are first, and then killing them.
  • Kevin gets points for actually holding on to a gun, but Adrian loses points for not keeping better track of those keys.

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