Bloober Team‘s latest cinematic horror The Medium has a brand new trailer for the Tokyo Game Show to scare us with. The first two focused heavily on introducing Marianne. They were meant to show us her ability to cross between the worlds of the living and the dead. But this trailer, it has something else more important to share. It is the debut of the creature known as The Maw. We caught a glimpse of him in the last few moments of the second trailer and were treated to some behind the scenes footage of Troy Baker delivering some chilling voice lines.

The new trailer for The Medium kicks off with Marianne sharing how she has always seen more than others. Things that would bring grown men to their knees. But there is something she wasn’t expecting. Something she didn’t know existed. The trailer shifts to the Niwa Hotel and we see Marianne navigating a haunting hallway where she comes face to face with The Maw. We learn from the girl she comes across in the hallway that The Maw is the creation of shame, helplessness and rage.

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The trailer never tells us exactly what this girl is, but we can make the educated guess that she resides in the world of the dead and her name is Sadness. During the trailer, we see Marianne from both worlds. In the real world we see her interacting with no one, but in the dead world we see her with Sadness. Sadness continues to explain that The Maw ate the others and that she is the only one left. Marianne tries to comfort her and asks why she brought her here, but Sadness runs away instead.

The Medium trailer comes to a end as The Maw begins to close in on Marianne. What makes it more terrifying is that our view is from the world of the living. The only way we know what is happening is from the disembodied footsteps in small puddles of water. Of the three trailers we have seen, this is by far my favorite. It really shows just how terrifying this game is going to be. And I can’t forget to mention just how well Baker does when it comes to voicing horrifying creatures.

The Medium will stalk onto PC through Steam and the Xbox Series X this holiday season.



Julia Roth
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