FX’s The Strain‘s final season is off to a great start!  The strigoi Master controls the world.  He used nuclear weapons to block out the sun and destroy the world’s food supply.  What will it take for Setrakian’s team to defeat the strigoi?

Ephraim Goodweather hit the Master…hard! Using rat poison, Eph and his new friends were able to kill thousands of strigoi in Philadelphia. Their efforts have not gone unnoticed.  The Master has sent Eichorst to retaliate this attack.  He believes Setrakian is behind the attack.  


Gus Elizande and Alonso Creem have been busy stealing from the strigoi.  They have been providing food, medicine, and supplies to humans and undermining the new world order.  In the next episode, Gus has found a jackpot.  It won’t be an easy score, though.

Dutch is living at a breeding home for B-positive women.  She planned an escape, but was caught when too many people were involved.  What will Dr. Desai do with her now?  He asked her to be his voice with the other women and she declined.  In the trailer, Dutch continues to find a way to escape the home.

Seriously, why are they breeding B-positive humans?  What is it about B-positive that the strigoi like so much?

Noetta Harjo
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