For close to a decade, gaming is now a paying profession. Its current value is $159 billion. However, experts estimate it to reach $200 billion by 2023. These numbers reflect the industry’s evolution to allow more access to audiences such as yourself. Besides in-store arcade machines, you can also log on to platforms with various games and online casino recommended options. 

Gaming has taken an extraordinary journey of strife and setbacks. However, it now stands tall as one of the most lucrative in the world. To better understand its intricacies, there is no better place to review than the Japanese gaming culture. Below are some of the ways that the locals get their gaming fix.

Classic still reigns.

You may struggle to find an arcade machine at your local deli. Most gaming now happens in private homes, courtesy of consoles and computers. However, the situation is very different in the Land of The Rising Sun. Arcade games are still a big hit among the locals. Gaming giant SEGA still operates many arcade parlours across Japan. 

Millennials may struggle to understand Japan’s significance to gaming culture. You will be glad to know that the first arcade machines were invented in Japan. Furthermore, the world’s best developers and console builders have their headquarters in Japan. The Sony PlayStation 5 is from a Japanese company. Some of the arcade games you can sample at a Japanese arcade parlour are UFO catchers and Maimai. You can also strike lucky and find some pachinko machines in the setup.

Mobile is big.

According to the Digital 2021: Japan report by DataReportal, Japan has a mobile connectivity rate of 159%. Ideally, every resident has more than one phone in their possession. Gaming developers are also taking note of the high penetration rate. Each year, hundreds of new games launch to the different platforms. Consequently, its mobile gaming industry is worth over 1.5 trillion yen. 

Gaming is available as single, or multiplayer and access to the internet allows you to collaborate with enthusiasts from all over. Additionally, Japanese gamers are some of the highest spending gamers in the world. Microtransactions in mobile Gaming account for about 60% of all revenue that game developers generate.

It is super competitive.

It is not uncommon to find specific gaming communities across neighbourhoods in Japan. Such is the buzz that teams form to compete in local tourneys. For example, Final Fantasy is a staple in many online multiplayer gaming tournaments. Despite games such as DOTA and Counterstrike also firm favourites globally, they are not quite as popular in Japan. Keeping this in mind, here is the next item on the agenda.

Furthermore, you can now find many locals live streaming their gameplay across several platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. So lucrative is this venture, that individuals are doing it full-time.

They have exclusive titles.

Your dream as a game developer is to have your game playing in homes globally. However, that may prove quite the challenge in Japan. Most of the titles available are rooted in local customs and


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