Variety has brought Star Wars fans more exciting news! They recently spoke with executive producer and showrunner Jon Favreau about The Mandalorian season three. He shared that they are on track to start filming the third season by the end of this year. They have decided to operate as if all will be well. They finished filming season two right before Covid-19 shut down production on every film and tv show. Right now they are just waiting for Pedro Pascal to finish filming The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent.

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Favreau also shared that because of their innovative production techniques, they are well equiped to adjust based on any Covid-19 related protocols going forward. It is also important to point out that almost every character wears a mask. So they already have that covered! It’s these same methods that have allowed them to bring fans a series that has the same quality as the films, but for less money.

The Variety interview with Favreau also touched on the possibility of The Mandalorian eventually making its way to the big screen. While this idea does excite him, it isn’t something that they are planning at this time. However, there is always a possibility it could happen sometime in the future. If you ask me, a full length film featuring The Child and his rag tag team of babysitters is right up my alley!

If you haven’t gotten a chance to check out The Mandalorian, what are you waiting for! Season two is set to release on October 30, 2020, so that gives you a chance to catch up! You can stream it now on Disney Plus!



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